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Eight-man football


2014 8-Man Football National Championship

2014 8-Man Football National Championship Panama City Florida

8 Man Football Single Wing Installation Video

This is one play from my 8 man footbal single wing installation video. If you are interested email me @

Michigan 8 Man Football State Championship

Part 1

Oklahoma 8-Man Football - #1 Garber vs. #2 Canton

OHSSE Highlights of Class B #1 Garber (the defending 8-man state champs) vs. #2 Canton. Both teams entered this game with a perfect 8-and-0 record. Garber won 38-6. The Oklahoma High School Sports Express airs on Sunday nights at 10:30 on FOX25 and replays during the week on local stations in Enid, Stillwater, Ponca City, Lawton and on Pioneer DTV. These highlights are NOT to be used by TV stations without permission.

3-5-3 Made Simple - 8-Man Football

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After getting this question several times I decided to make a quick overview on how I would adapt this defense to the 8 man game. Here are my thoughts. Highlights: 2017 8-Player Football Finals

Two MHSAA championships were awarded to Michigan high school 8-player football teams Nov. 18, as Central Lake and Crystal Falls Forest Park claimed titles. Both were broadcast by FOX Sports Detroit and are archived on for on-demand viewing.

2016 Extreme All-Star Game - 8-Man Football

Football Drills & Skills : 8 Man Football Defense Drills

Eight man football defense drills are a great way to get better as a single unit rather than as individual players. Learn about eight man football defense drills with help from a player and a coach in this free video clip.

Expert: David Oden
Bio: David Oden has been involved with football for more than 25 years as a player and a coach. He has been a head coach for 6th, 7th and 8th graders in Georgia for the past three years.
Filmmaker: Carl Millender

Series Description: Football drills are specifically designed to make sure that a player is physically and mentally prepared to take the field and win that big game. Find out about various types of football drills and the skills required to be that expert player with help from a player and a coach in this free video series.

Soccer Formations for 8v8

2-2-3 Basic
1-1-2-3 Alternate Basic (Front and back defenders)
3-1-3 Defensive (Winning, no need to run score up)
2-1-4 Offensive (Losing, we need a goal. Or tied and need a goal)
1-2-4 Aggressive Offense (Last few minutes of game, down by a goal. We have to score)

Section 3 Eight Man Football 2017

Section 3 2017 Eight Man Football helped schools with lower enrollment numbers an opportunity to field Varsity Football Squads for High School Athletes wishing to compete

Eight man football saves programs for CNY highschools

Several high schools this year like Bishop Grimes High School don't have enough players to form a proper football team, and have resorted to eight-man teams instead to stay on the field. Eight man usually gives up two lineman spots and a specialty spot on the field. If the field size isn't cut down–and it isn't for CNY like it is elswhere– this means a lot more area to cover and becomes a faster–and sometimes higher scoring game to watch.

8 Man Football Single Wing: Beast Formation

8 Man Football Single Wing: Beast Formation

2015 8-man Football Semi-final Highlights - MMC vs Glidden-Ralston

8 man football

frankie cota,from tj mahler

How 8-Man Football Dominates with Hudl

Howells High School, an 8-man football program in Howells, Nebr., dominates on the field and saves time with Hudl. Coach Luke Dobbins explains how they utilize Hudl to help their players improve and get recruited.

Missouri 8-man football

A little flavour of 8-man football in Missouri at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis. Eight players, 80-yard field. End zones begin at the 10. The sidelines taped.

Tomales tops Mendocino in 8-man football debut

In the opening game for both teams, Tomales topped Mendocino 46-16 at home Saturday afternoon. The contest marked the first game of eight-man football for Tomales. Read the full column in Sunday's Press Democrat. Follow me on Instagram @kerry.benefield and on Twitter @benefield

8 man Football Calvin Christian vs San Diego Jewish Academy

'71 8-Man Football (Part 1)

Regional championship
Miami vs. Gunter at Vernon, TX.

8 Man District 3 All Stars Football Game 2017

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