World Championshi Blitz Buzhynski - Georgiev

World Championshi Blitz Buzhynski - Georgiev
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Best Draughts Shots 2

2012 World Mind Games Beijing Day 1 - Blitz Draughts

SportAccord World Mind Games Beijing 2012 Draughts, Draughts, Alexander Georgiev, Alexander Schwarzman, Guntis Valneris, Jean Marc Ndjofang, Jeu de Dames, Dammen, Juego de Damas, Shashki

Best Draughts Shots!

Best Combinations Ever!

Ufa 2017 draughts lesson

World Title Match Draughts 2013 Match Day 6

World Champion Alexander Georgiev upset the match by beating Alexander Georgiev in the rapid game.

Checkers and Draughts (classic) By A. Gaspar - Jogos Lúdicos

Jogos Lúdicos 2014
Damas Classicas por Armindo Gaspar
Pé de Galo Lagos

Women's World Draughts Championship - round 7

Karpacz, 02-09.09.2016

Checkers and Draughts Segredo nº. 1 Lei da qualidade..MPG

Checkers and Draughts by Armindo Gaspar
Lei da qualidade Segredo nº. 1
Pé de Galo Lagos

First day of Draughts competitions at 2011 World Mind Games

Women's World Draughts Championship - round 7 (rapid & blitz)

Karpacz, 02-09.09.2016

World Title Match Draughts Match Day 5

Alexander Schwarzman wins in the Lehmann - Georgiev Tiebreak.

Brilliant draughts combination!

Draughts opening combination shown on antique wooden rolling draughts board from 19th Century, made by Jaques of London around 1880

2017 Draughts Blitz Final @ Haarlemse Dam Club since 1907

#Draughts Blitz Final @ Haarlemse Dam Club since 1907. Mark Deurloo - Stefan Stolwijk 12-8 (10 games, three wins by Mark, one by Stefan). 2017 Blitz Champion of Haarlemse Dam Club since 1907: Mark Deurloo!

Live stream Frisian Draughts - Open European championship Frisian Draughts

19 oktober 2017: Opening evening at the Artemis, NDSM-pier Amsterdam of the first European championship Frisian Draughts

Women's World Draughts Championship - round 2 (rapid and blitz)

Karpacz, 02-09.09.2016

Jan Groenendijk - Roel Boomstra (World Title Draughts Match 2016)

This video shows an impression of the great match that was played by Jan Groenendijk and Roel Boomstra in December 2016. It is a compilation of all kinds of media material.
NOTE: I do not own any of copyright of the material (music nor video).

2012 - World Mind Games Draughts - Day 7

Turkish draughts during the World Championship

Giant Teak Chess & Draughts

Uber Games - Giant Chess & Draughts - Teak - 60cm