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Dodge disc


Dodge Disc

Fredonia Ultimate team playing Dodge Disc 2006

Steve Dodge of the Disc Golf Pro Tour - Podcast #173

Steve Dodge of the Disc Golf Pro Tour - Podcast #173

Disc Dodge!

Throw, hit and catch all in one short video.

The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #34 - Steve Dodge - Vibram Disc Golf

Vibram Disc Golf exists only because of one man with a vision. Steve Dodge and I talk about how Vibram got involved with disc golf as well the latest products they've come out with. Steve also runs an event which many people in the country rave about, The Vibram Open. Can you catch where Steve's witty sense of humor catches me off guard. I'll be more prepared for that next time The Disc Golf Guy interviews him.

Ride your Viper bike with disc brakes

This video explain how you can ride your Viper bike with disc brakes.

Vibram Disc Golf - Driver Durability Testing

We put Vibram's X-Link Lace up against two competitors' drivers in their premium plastics. We run these discs through our vaunted concrete wall test. Lets see who comes out on top. With Vibram's X-Link Rubber, you don't need to compromise - you get great grip AND durability.

The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #174 - How Vibram Disc Golf Discs Are Made

Shortly after the Vibram Open concluded I was fortunate enough to visit the factory with the man himself, Steve Dodge.

Steve graciously introduced me to a handful of people at the headquarters and then gave me a tour where I filmed each step of the unique disc making process. Many people know that all other discs are done by injection molding and this process is very different from that.

A huge thank you to Steve and the rest of the amazing people at Vibram for showing me around and letting me document this experience to share it with others.

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Easy way how to tell what kind of clutch you have (Cummins/NV5600)

Blow your truck up big time edition

Bought a truck a while back from a guy that had no clue if any parts had been replaced on it. I was curious as to if the stock clutch was in it; it always felt real grabby. Im too lazy to pull the trans, so what did I do? Load up a 170hp tune (Smarty level 9) and power shift through gears 4-5-6. The 4-5 gear tire chirp on the shift tells me dual disc...

*inb4 someone tells me i don't know how to drive, or the truck isn't designed for this, or that I'm gonna damage my transmission*

Dec 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly Old #5 Lissaman Bros,Dodge,Williams 4 Birds

December 8, 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly on Old Hole #5 Geoff Lissaman, Bob Dodge, & Mike Williams playing old hole #5 second round 1st group, Deuces all around.

GURU disc trailer

Guru disc trailer 2013
Song: No Church in the Wild - Kanye West.
Loosely based on Dodge Dart commercial.

The Disc Golf Guy - Vlog #301 - 2015 Maple Hill Open - McBeth, Wysocki, Barsby, Wiggins R3F9

The Maple Hill Open is headed into moving day and we have Paul McBeth with a slim lead over Ricky Wysocki. Just behind them is Gregg Barsby and David Wiggins.

AJ Risley provided the camera coverage while The Disc Golf Guy does solo commentating in post production.

This is a Professional Disc Golf Association National Tour Event taking place near Leicester, MA at the Maple Hill Disc Golf Course. Tournament Director is Steve Dodge.

Final event standings can be found here:

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Round Four 2018 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft | Lizotte, McMahon, Sexton, & Conrad

The Disc Golf Pro Tour presents the final round of The 2018 Memorial Championship presented by Discraft. Simon Lizotte leads the event by two strokes with Eagle McMahon, Nate Sexton, and James Conrad close behind.

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Dec 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly Old #17 Lissaman Bros,Dodge,Mike Williams

December 8, 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly on Old Hole #17 Geoff Lissaman Bros, Bob Dodge, & Mike Williams.

nv4500 hard shifting after dual disk clutch installation

1998 Dodge 12v Cummins
Rebuilt nv4500, Southbend Dual Disc Clutch, Southbend Uprgaded Hydro's

When Sitting still I have to jiggle the shifter into second before going into first or reverse. When shifting, it seems to go half way into gear, stop for a second, and then engage fully. Any suggestions?

Pro Tour Talk: 3/7/18

Guest: AJ Risley.
Setting Tee Times Conversation
2 Players Vs the field
Festival Changes
Fan Vote Results

Vibram Disc Golf - Durability Testing

Vibram Disc Golf - Durability Testing. We take an X-Link Ridge and throw it against a cement wall 10 times. Then we do the same with plastic discs that are comparably grippy. Grip vs Durability. With X-Link, you don't need to compromise. View Part 2 to see X-Link vs. Premium Plastic:

Pro Tour Talk - 3/28/18

Fantasy Results:

DGPT Patreon:

Dave Feldberg joins us. We discuss his life growing up and then move on to talk about the Pro Masters division. Steve Dodge and guests discuss the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

Dawson Dodge 4 years old riding his Yamaha pw 50 after disc

Dawson Dodge riding his Yamaha pw 50 after disconnecting the rev limiter. It really makes a difference when the bike is dialed in too.

Dec 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly Old #12 Lissaman Bros Dodge Williams

December 8, 1990 Huntington Beach Disc Golf Monthly on Old Hole #18 Geoff Lissaman, Bob Dodge, & Mike Williams play old hole #12, 2nd round 1st group

VDG Video Blog 1 - Getting Sponsors - March 19, 2014

In addition to all the VDG Video Blog standards (TD, Haiku, Broken Disc of the Week and Things that Mattered), this week we discuss how to get sponsors for your tournament. And yes, these tricks will even work on me.



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