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Ultimate Frisbee Dog | Brodie Smith

I go on a search for the Ultimate Frisbee Dog!
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Frisbee Freestyle, Throws and Tricks

two Border Collies, one Australian Shepherd(Aussie) and one Russell Terrier mix present disc dog tricks :) Dog Frisbee tricks and frisbee throws

100% disc dog freestyle

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Grand Island - Oh, you know me well
Oedipussy - Less Girl More Friend

Title photo: Tomasz Mońko

Frisbee Dogs Go Airborne During Sunday's Halftime

During halftime of Sunday's game vs. the Bears, the always popular Frisbee dogs put on a show as only they can.

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Swiss Discdog Challenge Champions 2016 Eva Zwicker & Enya

Swiss Discdog Challenge Final 2016 in St.Gallen...
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DOG, DISC & LADDER. Water Skiing Tricks

Forget the flipping humans, here comes Jack the water skiing Dog! Doug is an expert at skiing with dogs, and he rides many different things with up to three dogs at a time. Jack loves to ride and comes out for his ride whenever Doug calls!

VIDEO: by MarcusBrown.net for FlowPoint TV

“Dubstep 2” & “Actionable” by BenSounds.com

WATER SKI SHORTS PLAYLIST: Bite Sized (15-20 second) videos of unique rides and tricks.

WET & WILD Playlist (My best skiing spanning 30 years)

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Sports Central - 2012 UFO Dog & Disc World Cup

This segment of Sports Central highlights the 2012 UFO Dog and Disk World Cup that took place at the Lake Myrtle Sports Park on November 2nd 2012. For more information about this and more events taking place in Central Florida please visit

Puppy Disc Dog Training/ Safira 3 months

Alldogs Centro de Treino Canino/Algarve

Colorado Canine Challenge 2011 Ethan Wilhelm and Power the Belgian Malinois Disc Dog UFO Major

Ethan Wilhelm and Power the Belgian Malinois competing at the 2011 Colorado Canine Challenge August 6th in Littleton, Colorado. They ended up placing 16th overall.

Dog scooter Yedoo Mezeq disc

Dog scooter Yedoo Mezeq disc
Dog scootering, urban mushing with dog attack:



2008~2009 kazunori chiba&gaia team

music by DJ WARP

Yedoo Mezeq new disc dog scooter unboxing, overview and test.

Yedoo Mezeq scooter new disc brakes dog scooter insight and overview.

Detailed description

The flagship of the Yedoo fleet has been thoroughly redesigned. 85% of the parts and components have been improved. The new Mezeq Disc has a more compact frame construction (it is shorter but still has the same amount of space for the rider);

The aluminium handlebars have a greater range for setting height; the disc brakes are extremely effective even in difficult conditions like wet or muddy ground or on cobblestones; and many other details. Thanks to ideal ratio of wheel size (20”/16”) and track width this scooter gives a smooth, fast and safe ride. Suitable for use in the city, rough terrain and for long distances. Weight limit: up to 150 kg.

From Ultimate to Disc Dog - World Champion Andrea Rigler

Meet Andrea Rigler, the 2012 UFO Freestyle World Champion and a former ultimate player turned disc dogger.

Andrea used to throw to her dog during halftimes and after games and the more she did, the m

Disc Dog AWI 2014 Distance Joy

Piverone (TO) Disc Dog AWI 2014 Distance Joy

1, 2, 3 Disc Dog in Forli - Amazing Frisbee Dogs Catching Discs On Classical Music Rhythm

1, 2, 3 May 2015 Disc Dog in Forlì

Three amazing days of Fun!

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Comune di Forli

Thanks to all the judges, helpers, partecipants and all the dogs!

Music Credit:
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - La Gazza ladra: Overture
Justin Hinds - Jordan River

Disc Dog Team Austria

in the Hungarian agility winter cup.

Purina Incredible Dog Challenge 2010 Mark Muir Disc Frisbee Dog

This is my six year old Border Collie Rocket in his first Purina Event. Rocket lost by I believe One Point and came in third overall to 1st Place Donna Schoech and Diva and Preston Dean and Sienna were in Second.

Campionati europei di Disc Dog UFO 2017

Laika the Frisbee dog

One of the most incredible frisbee dogs ever, seen here in some of her early years. Laika is from Colorado.