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New 2017 Funny Football Vines #30: Goals l Skills l Fails

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Catch and Cook on this Life Threatening Cliff

I'm on a mission to catch and cook another Lingcod from shore and make a meal out of it! Conditions were rough today. The water was murky and the waves were big. Still ended up catching a couple nice fish. Took out my butter, grill, and cooked one of them up. I'm coming for that lingcod...items listed below!

Stove I used:
Propane burner is like this one:
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Top 7 Most Humiliating Defeats in Champions League ● Great Teams Embarrass Each Other

Top 7 Most Humiliating Defeats in Champions League ● Great Teams Embarrassing Each Other
Top 10 Most Humiliating Defeats in Football

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EPIC Salmon Fishing

Yes, I know. I spelled always incorrectly...smh Jon b..smh

Rob, Peric and I set out on the on the Skagit River in upper Washington for our first official Coho Salmon mission. I can't say I've ever experienced fishing like this. Being that I a mostly a bass angler this was an eye opening experience for myself and the rest of the goons. Thanks for watching and I hope you guys enjoyed!
--Young Plugg

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Editing software —
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Best of Drake during 2017 NBA Awards!!! (Hilarious!!)

Best of Drake during 2017 NBA Awards!!!
Drake was hilarious during the first ever nba awards. He made me laugh ever time he came up to speak. Make sure to leave a like if you enjoyed!

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She Loves TUNA Catch and COOK! She ate the Heart!

New Youtuber Cheyenne Lee slayed with myself and LEGENDARY CAPTAIN @Captmattbudd of @jupiterfishingacademy for a delicious Catch and cook!!

BOOK A TRIP LIKE THIS with instagram's @Captmattbudd (you will see much more in parts 2 and 3 of this trip)! OR DO ALL THIS IN HIS KIDS FISHING CAMP @jupiterfishingacademy by following these links or calling this number!!!
Jupiter Inlet, Florida, FL 33458
(561) 262-1056

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UEFA Champions League 2016/17 - Top 10 goals

Mario Mandžukić’s stunning acrobatic strike in the final features in a selection of the top goals from this season’s competition, as chosen by an expert panel featuring Sir Alex Ferguson. See what else made the shortlist.



James Rodríguez ● LA DESPEDIDA ● Mejores Momentos/Best Moments en el Real Madrid ● 2014-2017


Síguenos en nuestras Redes sociales, para estar al tanto de as novedades del Real Madrid:




Cricket:Top 6 Last Ball Sixes to win the game

Cricket: An incredible game.
I bring you the latest compilation video of the sixes hit on the last ball of the match to win the game.

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Funny Soccer Football Vines 2017 - Fails, Goals, Skills | #18

Funny Soccer Football Vines 2017 - Fails, Goals, Skills | #18

In this video: funny football vines with beat drops. Football and soccer fails with amazing skills, fotball celebration.

James Rodriguez shows Theo Hernandez how its done!

James Rodriguez's kick up display was a lot better than Real Madrid's new signing Theo Hernandez.

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Best 25 Solo Goals Of 2016/17

Best 25 Solo Goals Of 2016/17

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Football Skills Gone Wrong ● Funny Football Fails

Football Skills Gone Wrong ● Funny Fails

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Song : Gioni-Trigger


Courtesy :- BCCI,ICC,Star Sports.
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18 Clubs - 18 Goals – The Best Goal From Every Bundesliga Club in 2016/17

We were treated to a whopping 877 goals during the 2016/17 Bundesliga campaign.
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Every club scored a few beauties, but which was their best? We've gone through them all and picked out the star strike for each team. Sit back and enjoy 18 goals from 18 clubs, and be sure to let us know your favourite in the comments!

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Funniest Moments Of The Season 2016/17 ● All in One ● La Liga, Premier League, BUNDESLIGA

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Best Goals of the Season 2016/2017

The Best Goal of the Current Season ( 2016 2017 ) Enjoy!

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Credits: Anfield Legend, EFASklls

Beautiful and Exciting Moments Of Football - RESPECT!

Football is not just a game, there are another feelings to get from this great sport. FOOTBALL IS ALL ABOUT RESPECT ! FOOTBALL IS NOTHING WITHOUT RESPECT AND FEELINGS !

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Manchester United will Make Lukaku World Class - Danny Murphy

Former Liverpool player Danny Murphy believes Romelu Lukaku will score even more goals with Manchester United.

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