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Dinghy sailing


Getting Started - Dinghy Sailing - with RYA's Graham Manchester - Sport Development

Boatshop24 - Learn to Sail : Sailing basics with Alex - Episode 2/6

Right, it is time for the second video in the series. This time out we see Team GB sailor Alex Mills Barton take his boat out onto the water for the first time.

He takes the guys from Mailspeed Marine and BoatShop24 through some basic sailing techniques, jibes and tacks and also some straight-line sailing.

On top of the sailing tips, the guys also chat to Alex about his weekly routine, his diet, and how he has to adapt when training.

How to tack (turning around) a two person sailing boat - Tacking is the technical name for turning

This video will show you how to tack a sailing boat. tacking is the term used to describe the process of how turn the boat across the wind. A series of tacks is called Beating and this allows you to sail to a destination upwind. We show you the steps one by one in a clear and concise manner. Tacking is one of the main maneouvres to learn to sail the boat. The other is called gybing and the subject of another video on this channel. Watch both and learn the steps of how to turn the boat around in any direction


Sailing on a 14 foot skiff Rebel and Laser. Filmed with a GoPro Hero 2.

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How to deal with a capsized small sailboat - sailing dinghy

What to do when your small boat capsizes. Capsizing is a common occurrence to any dinghy sailor. You must be familiar with the technique to pull the boat back up again. This video will take you through what to do to correct a capsized dinghy sailaboat. We show you where to go, what to do, and what happens when the boat is back upright.

Fast Europe dinghy sailing and crashing

The summer of 2015 brought some fast reaching including the occasional broach, crashgybe and nosedive.

Small Boat Sailing - Get Afloat with the RYA - Dinghy Cruising with the Shannon Family

We join David and Mary Shannon, and their children, Rory aged 9 and Molly aged 6, as they go camping on Roadford Lake.

David and Mary tell us why they enjoy camping, sailing, kayaking and cycling as a family to explore the local environment.

It's just about getting outdoors, spending time with your family and sometimes helming your own boat.

When we come sailing, we bring our picnic, pay our launching fee and we've got an exciting day out without spending any more money.

Olympics 2016 - Hannah Mills & Saskia Clark - 470 Women - British Sailing Team

12' Dinghy sailing is fun

Sailing for fun in a 12'dinghy /
Segeln im Land des Windes

enterprise dinghy sailing in light winds before new

trying an old enterprise dinghy in light winds. A great little boat and very fast.

Sailing Georgian Bay's Crystal Clear Waters Aboard THORN, a DIY 8' Dinghy

Colpoy's Bay has beautiful clear water and the Niagara Escarpment at the water's edge! Just one of the many beautiful places to visit on Georgian Bay! THORN is a versatile 8' dinghy anyone can build. Visit for Boat Plans. Best/Roy

How to Sail - Single Handed First Sail: Part 1 of 7: Introduction

This video introduces you to what you may like to aim at on your first sail. The video shows you how to start and stop, the principles of turning around, what the wind means and how to identify where it is blowing from. This is sailing at its most basic form. On the channel are many more specific videos about other aspects of sailing.

How to sail - What to Wear for Dinghy Sailing

An informative video on what to wear when participating in dinghy sailing.

Intro to sailing: Capsize Recovery

Do you need an intro to sailing? This vid (#1 of the Intro to Dinghy Sailing series) Will teach you how to recover a capsized dinghy. Please rate and subscribe, please check out the other videos in this series.

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SailFast, Live Slow

Intense PT 11 Dinghy Sailing

Russell took the PT 11 nesting dinghy sailing in a very gusty pocket on Merchison Island in Haida Gwaii. We are still trying to figure out camera placement but we hope you enjoy the ride.


Sailors need healthy food and a healthy business, so sign here:

because I got a lot positive feedback after the last video, I am now happy to present my new video. All the scenes are from this year, most of them from october. Only the last sailingscene is from Lake Garda like the first one on land.
I hope you like it.

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Check out my other videos of the Contender and the LIGHT SKIFF

An amusing sailing dinghy capsize.

An ISO dinghy crew get caught out between races at the Polaris Regatta at the Holy Loch Sailing Club, Sandbank, Argyll. Saturday 10th September 2016.

Argument for learning to sail on a dinghy

I'm a big believer in the value of small boat sailing.

OK Dinghy Training

Training video

Scary Windy Racing in RS200 Sailing Dinghy

Sailing an RS200 Dinghy, action caught on a GoPro 960 mounted on a boom extension.

A horrifically windy charity pursuit race in aid of the RNLI. RS200 dinghy racing at Hayling Island Sailing Club (HISC) in 25-35 knots.



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