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Demolition derby


Demolition Derby Hit of a Lifetime!!!

DerbyIcons Bluegrass Bash 3-28-17!! This is the hit that EVERYONE is talking about!!!

Thrill Show & Demolition Derby

Wall Stadium Speedway Thrill Show and Demolition Derby.

Australia's Largest Demolition Derby - World Record Attempt

World Record Attempt
Murray Bridge Speedway, South Australia
21st April 2018

Team Demo Derby-Intro's & Heats @ Dirt Oval Route 66 Raceway

July 22 2017 Joliet,ILL.

Jim Falls Demolition Derby 2012 Vans & SUVs

Vans and SUVs. Good hits with a nice V8 tone mixed in.

Lawn Mower Demo Derby Alexandria, Ky. Fairgrounds 9-17-2011

The Alexandria, Kentucky Fairgrounds Back To Back Promotions Lawn Mower Demolition Derby which was held September 17, 2011. Video by freetickeys. Producer/ Editor Paul Turner; Videographers John Jennings, Dan Clemons, Billy Moher, Paul Turner.

Irwindale Speedway Demolition Derby August 4th

Demolition Derby out at the Irwindale Speedway on August 4th, 2007. Another great event with two of the finest going at it in the end with a brutal showdown of wit and aggression! This destruction derby had first timers, BMW 's, fires, and the metal crunching, car bashing we all love!


June 24, 2017 Stark County Ohio Fairgrounds demolition derby. A red flag and at the 44 second mark a driver starts to get out and another car hits him.

2018 Calaveras County Fair - Demolition Derby Brandon Barron #37 1974 Pontiac Bonneville

** To view in-the-car GoPro footage, fast forward to 10:58

This video is a timeline of the derby car build.
Brandon Barron with his 1974 Pontiac Bonneville running a 455ci. This is his 3rd year derbying and placed 4th in this derby.

**The moment between his shifter breaking and him pulling his stick was much longer, he didn't give up that fast but I edited the gap for time reasons.

I do not own or claim any of the music in this video. The artists have been credited.

2018 DEMOLITION DERBY at the San Diego County Fair

The annual Demolition Derby happens the first Saturday of June every year at the SAN Diego County Fair in Del Mar. In addition to building the cars, teams collect sponsors to raise money for the Burn Institute which helps burn victims in all aspects of recovery. The opening ceremonies begin at noon and heat one begins at 2pm.

It's super family friendly and a total blast. Watch the automotive mayhem as cars battle it out in the arena in front of grandstands packed with people. With each round there are less and less cars, in worse and worse shape, getting more and more desperate. It's hard to believe the amount of damage that can be done, and the way teams are able to patch things together again to go another round!

This year the theme of the fair is how sweet it is and the 39 car from the Imperial Beach Fire Department is called the #candycrusher #because our fireman driver John is unashamedly OBSESSED with the game. For reals, go ahead and send him as many Candy Crush invites as you like.

We've had podium finishes the last 4 years and hope to take first again this year. Come cheer us on or make plans for next year!

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Greatest Hits - Demolition Derby

Demolition Derby Shirts!

Compilation from 2003. OH, PA, IN, NE

Melanie Janzen 2017 Kane county powder puffs demolition derby

2nd place Melanie Janzen number 49J

Dakota County Fair Demolition Derby 2013 Mighty Minis Saturday

Dakota County Fair Demolition Derby 2013 Mighty Minis Saturday August 10th minivan and SUV derby

May 7th Lewiston Demolition Derby

Highlight video of the Demolition Derby hosted by EC Enterprises and filmed by StepITupMichalsproductions

Train Race and Demolition Derby at Toyota Speedway

Chain up 3 cars run them on a watered down figure 8 track and call it a race!

kenosha county fair combine demolition derby 2013 wednesday 1st place gopro

kenosha county demo 2013, 1st place 1 vs 6 wednesday nite

ERX Demo Derby 2018

Stenhouse Demolition Derby | 2018 NASCAR Coke Zero 400 At Daytona Post Race Review

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Weber County Demolition Derby 2010

Weber County Demolition Derby 2010. Demolition derby, bad crash. Man gets hurt. Fight breaks out in the stands. Police are called in to get it under control. Two people arrested. KUTV news spots at the end. Music by the Hard Hearted.

Demolition Derby - Irwindale Speedway - April 6, 2013

10 cars, Irwindale Speedway Opening Night. Full size.



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