Danish longball

Some basic errors in Danish Longball (5am)

A young person's guide to Danish Longball, showcasing basic errors in play alongside exemplary drunken conduct. The game was abandoned under rule 17b (also known as 'Jessica's Rule') where play is rendered impossible due to an excess of laughter amongst the participants.

kuk Longball


Softballs at the park

Can't Do A Long Football Pass? Just Do This!

Hi guys,
This video shows you how you can improve and learn to make some long passes. I give you an exercise, which never gets boring!
I love to do it and I bet you will love it as well!


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Tobu - Mesmerize [NCS Release]

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Learn to Play Angleball in 20 Seconds

Vigoro Game

A vigoro game (similar to cricket) held on October 20, 2001, in Sydney, Australia. One team is a group of La Perouse Koori women, joined by Dr. Katherine Lambert-Pennington.

Playing Long Ball

Playing Long Ball



Underhanded longball

Austin2006vsLansing LongBall

Lee longball


where's my tee

Team Bootcamp TV | Swedish Long Ball at Bootcamp

A few clips of the activities from as the camp super stars prepare for the summer.

fitness boot camp
fat camp
team boot camp

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J. P. Gauna Long Ball

Homerun Swing by J.P. Gauna using Worth Duo 2

Christmas Day Longball

New GoPro for the 29 year old, new wiffle bat set for the 4 year old...lets play!

Syd Daley @ Line dr. & Longball.....

Fastball up.... Fastball out......!

2011 hitting lesson at JP Longball

justin's hitting lesson at Jp longball

Longball shot in air

Ryan Fontenette @ JP Longball W/ Marcus Endo

He's a great hitting coach, very helpful and doesn't try to change you natural swing.

The Longball Lifestyle

This is what its all about.