Another week living the #hushlife!! This week Casey tests out his new fly rod and Eric is back out there looking for elk shed antlers...

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Kayak Fishing: Cutthroat Trout in Seattle | #FieldTrips Ep 11

In this episode, I'm meeting up with Brad Hole from the Hobie Fishing Team to chase my first cutthroat trout on Lake Sammamish near Seattle. These little fish may be small, but they put up a heck of a fight on light tackle. We also take a break from the cutties to try and knock yellow perch off my list.

Comment below and tell me about other fish I should target in Washington, or ask me any questions you have! I reply to every comment on my channel.

Watch to the end for a preview of the final episode of my west coast series!

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MMA Salaiman "Cutthroat Assassin" Ahmadyar VS Dominic Nichols

Salaiman Cutthroat Assassin Ahmadyar From team Alpha Male. This Is His 3rd Professional Fight Which took Place on Feb 25, 2017. AFGHAN MMA

"New Zealand Cutthroat"

This video somehow slipped through the cracks and never got shared on line.

Back in fall, 2009 (we think), we edited this video for a fly fishing film festival in Calgary spring 2010. It was from a day of fly fishing the back country of the S Island of New Zealand in 2009. While it starts off a little slow and certainly isn't how nor what we'd share today (and dives a little past the ankles in purple prose), it's a neat video that shares just how amazing life on a back country, beech forest river can be if or when you are lucky enough to time it right. Mouthful, that! But as the video and day got going, it was a little silly.

This share has something to offer - the simple warmth of a Canadian couple on vacation in New Zealand, enjoying the country, its fishing. It's neat to look back on this video for editing progression through the years... and to see a few casts AJ had that reflect her change from an open/high armed caster to her present style - which is considerably lower, tighter, and more controlled. It's when you look back at where you were that you see how much change has occurred when you don't notice the small, incremental steps. It's amazing how big change can be over time in life. That's encouraging. :)

Some of what we say, our perspectives, may be a little different as well, but that's ok. This was a snapshot in time, and sometimes it's best to share that, unfiltered, unaltered, for a snapshot of your perspectives in life. So, here it is without going all George Lucas and changing what was. :)

Lake Omak Cutthroat Trout Fishing

Fish one of the most unique fisheries in the Northwest with guide, Jeff Witkowski and Bob Loomis of Mack's Lure. The Colville Indians have created a spectacular fishery in highly alkaline Omak Lake by stocking it with Pyramid Lake stock Lohanton Cutthroat Trout. Learn exactly how to have huge days on this spectacular lake.

cutthroat trout fishing

decided to hit up hult reservoir after reading some good posts about it on oregon fishing forum. cutthroat trout fishing was good, although they are small. the biggest one we caught was around 11 inches. but being wild cutthroat trout, they were fighting pretty good - much harder compared to the stocked trout that I'm used to. all were caught and released.

I usually troll when I'm trout fishing, so I figured trolling for these cutthroats would be just as effective.

(rods): the rods I was using was a 6'6 medium light and a 7'6 light action rod. these wild cutthroat weren't that big so I didn't need to use heavy gear. usually a rod around 6 foot light action is perfectly fine for trout.

(hook size): I was using a #8 octopus hook.

(line size): my main line is braid which is 20# test - which I use for everything. for leader line, I sometimes use 6# test and 4# test.

(bait): I was using a crappie jig + powerbait honey worm.

the last time I fished for cutthroat trout was when I was living in alaska, which is almost 20 years ago. seeing and catching these cutthroat in oregon sure brings back a lot of good memories of my time fishing in alaska.

it was a fun trip.

feel free to share this video with other trout lovers.

A Game of Cutthroat with a GoPro

Attached my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition to my pool stick as we played a game of cutthroat

Song is Recess Time by STRFCKR

Paul Spencer's Salsa Cutthroat

Basketball Coach Brett Brown - Cutthroat Defense Drill

For more videos and news visit the website.

Boomers coach Brett Brown demonstrates through a clinic what the Cutthroat Defense Drill is.

Monster cutthroat trout on the fly. Fly fishing

Searching for the world record cutthroat trout out of pyramid lake. On my 6 weight sage one.

Fly Fishing Alberta: Cutthroat Mile

Here is the sequel to Cutthroat Frenzy! It was a year in the making! It's late buddy Don and I headed into the wilds and found a stretch of river neither one of us could believe...

Lake Sammamish Winter Cutthroat

Winter is usually steelhead fishing time, but for those in the know this under utilized fishery can offer some great winter-time fishing in the heart of Pugetopolus.

How to Play Darts : How to Play "Cut Throat" in Darts

The darts game of Cut Throat. Learn about playing darts, throwing darts, and darts games in this free video.

Expert: kevin Barrett
Bio: Kevin Barrett is an experienced outdoors man who has been honing his survival skills for many years.
Filmmaker: Nili Nathan


Spencer and Castro go head-to-head in the first edition of your new favorite series on YouTube, CUTTHROAT FIFA.

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Cutthroat Hopper Fishing | Idaho

The forks of the Snake River in Idaho is a fantastic fishery for Cutthroat, Rainbow and Brown Trout. In this episode we join the folks from South Fork Outfitters and use hopper to catch the trout. Join us for a drift down this river!

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Cutthroat Trout Fly Fishing 2014

My cutthroat trout, fly fishing, highlights video from August of 2014 in Wyoming's Yellowstone National Park.


If you are a fly fisherman you know how exciting it is to throw a big grass hopper on top and watch a fish absolutely crush it!!!! We had one of our best days EVER catching big Yellowstone Cutty's.

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Its Cutthroat out there!

Salsa Cutthroat build by Slam69.
Built for Paul Spencer.

S3 Archery - "Tip" of the Month: Cutthroat Broadheads

S3 Archery - Tip of the Month: Cutthroat Broadheads

Dan from S3 Archery gives an overview on the Cutthroat Broadheads, manufactured out of Colorado, USA. These broadheads are a single-bevel design, with a grain range of 160-250 grains! All Cutthroat broadheads come with a Lifetime Warranty, with a no-questions asked policy.



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