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Cross country


Great Edinburgh Cross Country 2017 - Men's 8km

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Realities Of A Cross Country Team On The US-Mexico Border

Exploring the bonds between a cross country team on the US-Mexico border and the town it’s defined by.
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Cross Country Running Tips

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Cross Country Running Tips from

Here are seven great tips to help you have a great Cross Country season in either High School or Middle School. These tips are pretty basic, but I guess they could help even some collegiate athletes.

Anyways, the first tip is to train in the preseason. Make sure you are running in the summer months so you come into the cross country season in good shape. It will make for a much more enjoyable and successful season.

Next up, you need to eat healthy and get your sleep. You can be in great shape, but if you don't eat right, its like putting sand into the gas tank of a high performance machine. Stay away from highly processed foods and go for the good stuff like whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Sleep is also very important because that is when your body recovers from all the running that you are doing. You have to rest and recover so your ready for the school day and for the training and racing.

Don't forget to set great goals. Pick a goal time that you want to accomplish for each race, and set goals for your training every week. If you don't have a goal, maybe you should talk to your coach and see what he/she thinks you could achieve.

Cross Country running involves a lot of running on the hills. Go smooth and steady up hills but make sure to pick up the pace at the top of them. Go fast but in control on the downhills.

Running with your teammates in the preseason is a great way to ensure success. Also, pack it up and help each other train and race.

Pacing is vital to cross country running. Make sure you figure out what pace you should be running at. Don't go out too fast in a race, and really try to push the pace later in the race.

Being mentally tough is my next cross country running tip. You have to stay positive and tell yourself that you can do it. Running is tough, so you have to be equally mentally tough to stick with it and finish strong in workouts and races.

The last tip is to have fun. Cross country is very rewarding if you work hard and work together with teammates to get better each week. You'll feel great and get fit running cross country.

Ingrid Klimke's leading cross country round #MMBHT 2017

German rider Ingrid Klimke's storming round with Andreas Busacker's Horseware Hale Bob OLD today put them in first place at the end of a testing day of cross country here at the 2017 Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials.

Cross Country Running: Racing Tips & Tricks

Whether it's a 5K or a 10K, these tips should help you out on your next race!




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Elite Eventing | Blenheim Horse Trials 2013 Cross Country Head Cam with Georgie Spence

Its Cross Country day at Blenheim Palace. Georgie Spence will be wearing the Head Cam on the tricky Blenheim Course. We also have fence by fence highlights with all the top riders.

Best action from the Cairns Mountain Bike Cross Country Eliminator

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The Cairns event of the 2014 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup brought together top mountain bikers from around the world for a muddy eliminator match. Riders were faced with big rocks, thick roots, and steep terrain along with a series of step-downs and drops which demanded some seriously technical riding. Check out some of the top clips from the event!

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All the highlights of the Vallnord Cross-Country stop. | UCI MTB 2018

►Watch the full replay of the UCI MTB World Cup 2018 Cross-Country race here: 
Catch up on the results, watch the replays and read what went down on an incident-packed day at the Mercedes-Benz UCI MTB Cross-Country World Cup in Italy.

Generations old and new sparkle at the XCO World Cup in Vallnord. Air was at a premium for the finals at Round 5 of the UCI XCO World Cup in Vallnord, Andorra. Physically one of the toughest races of the year, the 3.8km course sits at 2000m altitude and new changes for 2018 saw the course favour climbers even more than in previous years. With a hot, sunny race day on the cards, the exposed, oxygen-deficient climbs would be a challenge to all.


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MTB Cross Country 2017 in Bad Säckingen. Elite Men

GOLD Trophy Sabine Spitz. MTB XCO in Bad Säckingen.
1. Mathias Flückiger
2. Maxime Marotte
3. Jordan Sarrou
4. Gregor Raggl
5. Anton Sintsov
Music by Zeropage Cloud Horizon


Fellas! First of all, I apologize for the wind noise! Second of all, I appreciate all of your support this entire cross country season. It truly has been a great experience and I am so happy to have placed 5th with an awesome group of ladies at my last NCAA Championships!!! Now time for a good break, and then on to indoor season! Stay tuned for many more videos to come (don’t worry, the vlog is not ending!!!), and don’t forget to subscribe! xoxo love you fellas.

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Great Edinburgh Cross Country 2018 - Men's 8km


Men's 8km Race - Great Edinburgh Cross Country 2018 (HD)

Senior Men's Race - Great Edinburgh Cross Country 2018 (HD)
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Runners' View of a Cross Country Race

This is a runners view of competing in a High School 3 mile cross country race at LeRoy Oakes Forest Preserve. The actual 17:01 minute race is edited to play in about 5 minutes. It gives you a little bit of a feel for running a cross country race. Enjoy!

2016 California State Cross Country Championships - Boys D1 Race

This video is about 2016 California State Meet - Boys D1 Race

European Cross Country Championships Chia 2016 - U20 Men

Team Results:

GoPro: Adrian Smith 2015 New Zealand Cross Country Series Round 3: Nelson

Take the first lap of the 2015 New Zealand Cross Country Motocross Series from Nelson on board with Adrian Smith as he puts his new YZ250FX into the lead and is closely followed by Paul Whibley (YZ450F) who is now back in New Zealand after a long time in the United States racing the Grand National Cross Country Series.

To see the full Nelson video click here:

Riding: Adrian Smith - Yamaha YZ250FX

Camera: GoPro HD Hero 3+ Black

Official Facebook page:

2012 Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event: Cross Country

William Fox-Pitt wins with Parklane Hawk (10:22) setting himself up for the Rolex Grand Slam now scheduled for Burleigh with Badminton flooded out. Allison Springer and Arthur (15:05) placed second and Boyd Martin and Otis Barbotiere (20:44) came in third. Karen O'Connor shows us she's still tougher than tough on Veronica (0:18) and later on Mr. Medicott (17:31) with whom she placed fourth. And Will Coleman with Twizzel (6:00) rounds out the top five, finishing on their dressage score of 51.3.

Some erratic cuts due to camera issues - my apologies for messing up some shots. And it's a CCI****, not a CIC****, late night editing will do that to you.

Thanks to the people who let me film their wonderful great dane, Farley (10:53).

Brasileiro de Cross Country - Sta Luzia ( Melhores Momentos )

*(Assista em HD)

4ª Etapa - Campeonato Brasileiro de Cross Country em Santa Luzia - MG.

Filmagem e Edição:
Jefferson Coelhinho /


Cross Country Race Strategy

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Here are five great tips for an effective Cross Country Race Strategy.

1. The first thing you need to do is start the race under control. Don't sprint out too fast right away and waste all that valuable energy. I always tell the runners I coach that they hand out the medals at the finish line, not at the first turn. You need to run relaxed and fast at the start, not fast and furious.

2. Know your pace and stick too it in the race. Let's say your goal time for the 5k is six minute mile pace or around a total time of 18:40. Don't run the first mile in 5:10! You will burn out and end up crawling in the rest of the race. Try and run that first mile under control at around 5:45 at the fastest and then make sure you try and assert yourself later on in the race. When I look at the mile splits of the best runners, there usually is only a 10 to 15 second difference at the maximum from there first, second, and third mile splits. If you are out in 5:50, you need to be at least at 6:05 or under for the second mile. Don't relax on the pace or else your last part of the race will be too slow.

3. Use the hills to your advantage. Don't sprint up hills. You waste too much energy and you don't get much bang for your buck. Instead, stay steady on the up hill, but once you reach the top while everyone who ran too fast up the hill is sucking wind, pick up the pace again and start passing people. It is a great strategy and works if you are mentally tough. Downhills you should run fast and in control, but at the end of the hill, when it flattens out, you need to try and hold onto that quicker pace for as long as you can. The momentum of the downhill will make it easier to hold onto this pace and you can pass people easily without spending a lot of precious energy.

4. Know the course. If you are the leader this helps you from getting lost. If you are simply following the other runners in front of you, be aware of sharp turns or other obstacles. Run curves smart by trying to keep as much momentum as you can kind of like a race car driver would take sharp turns. Start on the outside and cut in towards the flag and then round the corner smoothly and quickly.

5. Be physically and mentally tough. You will have to remind yourself often during a race that you can do it. Running isn't easy, so be prepared to deal with some fatigue. Tell yourself later in the race. It's okay that I am tired. So is everyone else. Just stick with it and focus on running fast and smooth. Push yourself all the way to the finish line.

Happy Trails - Coach Tief

RE-LIVE | Cross-Country | Strzegom (POL) | FEI Eventing Nations Cup™

Watch the Cross-Country event LIVE from the FEI Eventing Nations Cup™ in Strzegom (Poland) on the FEI YouTube channel.

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