Cowboy polo

Dominic Shelden Feature: Cowboy Polo

Feature story produced/voiced by Dominic Shelden, exploring the time-honored tradition of Cowboy Polo in Montana

Cowboy, Polo Pony for Your Consideration

2011 Stunning Polo Pony currently in Indio, CA, in training with Ernie Darquea.
At time of video (March '15) he was solid and stick and ball and had started playing chukkers. Currently, March 2016, he is playing regularly and just last month played 8 goal polo. At Will Rogers during the summer of 2015, he was a part of the string that earned Ernie MVP at the Iron Dog Polo Tournament.
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Cowboy Polo practice

Tina and Aubrey practice cowboy polo played with brooms and a beach ball on their very broke reiner and jumper. What a blast.

"Cowboy Cup" November 1, 2015

~First Annual, Andrew Kauai Jr. Memorial Cowboy Cup~
November 1, 2015 at Waiki'i Ranch
All proceeds/donations go directly to,
The Future Polo Player Fund
Filmed by: Misti Rae

Polo in India Jodhpur Carasil Cowboys vs 61st Cavalry

Jodhpur. India
H.H.Maharaja of Jodhpur Cup
Carasil Cowboys vs 61st Cavalry

Tri-County Gun Club Open House in Polo IL trying out cowboy action station with Ruger Vaqero.

Tri-County Gun Club Open House in Polo IL trying out cowboy action station with Ruger Vaquero. You can pick and choose what pistol, rifle or shotgun you want to try out.

DeMarco Polo Brewer OKC Cowboys of Color May 2016

DeMarco Polo Brewer Calf Roping Slack OKC Cowboys of Color 5/7/16

Saddle Bronc Riding | HRS Rodeo

Saddle Bronc Riding
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Fight Night Boston: Cowboy en Daytona

Fanático de las carreras de autos y peleador de peso ligero de UFC, Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone experimenta el 2014 Daytona 500 cortesía del conductor de NASCAR Kevin Harvick.


Out of TRIADORA, an Argentine mare that played high goal with the Heguys.

A Big-Wave Riding, Polo-Playing Hero From Maui - Need We Say More? | EpicTV Fresh Catch

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A beautiful short film by Royal Salute, exploring the exceptional life of polo-player and big-wave surfer, Nakoa Decoite. The film tells the unique story of Nakoa’s journey from the saddle of a polo horse to conquering the world’s most awe-inspiring wave – JAWS.

A Big-Wave Riding, Polo-Playing Hero From Maui - Need We Say More? | EpicTV Fresh Catch
Director: Royal Salute
Producer: Royal Salute
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Female Freestyle Football Skills SEXY GIRL Amazing Football Skills MUST WATCH

👍Amazing Football Skill

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GW Polo Practice GoPro

David Guetta-Glasgow, sound recording administered by:

dB Polo Kneepads by deBruné

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Polo Ponies Training | Argentine Polo Ponies

Polo Ponies training

Schooling a Polo Pony!

The Sport of Horse Polo: History and Tips

Canadian Polo Association (Polo Canada) President, Don Pennycook, provides a brief explanation of the history and rules for the international sport of horse polo.

Horse Illustrated Test Ride: Polo

Senior Associate Editor and dressage rider Kim Abbott takes her first polo lesson at the Bluegrass Polo Club.

“ALAZANAS BIRRA” (2016) – Documentary Film / Doña Sofía Polo

Doña Sofía Polo 2016 –

UFC Austin: Cowboy x Medeiros

Em 18 de fevereiro, o octógono desembarca na cidade de Austin, nos Estados Unidos, com a edição do UFC Austin, evento liderado pelo duelo entre Donald Cerrone e Yancy Medeiros. No co-main event, Derrick Lewis e Marcin Tybura duelam nos pesos-pesados.

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