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Cowboy polo


Dominic Shelden Feature: Cowboy Polo

Feature story produced/voiced by Dominic Shelden, exploring the time-honored tradition of Cowboy Polo in Montana

Western Polo - Part 1: Introduction

A unique story about how Wyoming has played a role in the success of many top polo players. People may not believe it but this rural place is home to one of the oldest polo clubs in the US.

Cowboy, Polo Pony for Your Consideration

2011 Stunning Polo Pony currently in Indio, CA, in training with Ernie Darquea.
At time of video (March '15) he was solid and stick and ball and had started playing chukkers. Currently, March 2016, he is playing regularly and just last month played 8 goal polo. At Will Rogers during the summer of 2015, he was a part of the string that earned Ernie MVP at the Iron Dog Polo Tournament.
More at PoniesandPolo.Com

Cowboy Polo practice

Tina and Aubrey practice cowboy polo played with brooms and a beach ball on their very broke reiner and jumper. What a blast.

Western Polo: Part 4 - Controlled Chaos

Here's a look at how the chaos of taking a young horse to cattle brandings is the perfect training tool for polo.

"Make of" La Martina Pro Polo Boots

La Martina Pro Polo Boots are the best in their class. They are hand made from the best leather, and custom sized for the best fit and comfort of each player.


Out of TRIADORA, an Argentine mare that played high goal with the Heguys.

Budget the Bucking polo pony

Jason brings budget the polo pony back into work after a holiday, Bucking Budget!

Western Polo: Part 2 - Horses and History

Not many people may believe it, but some of North America's oldest polo resides in a small town in Wyoming. The history goes back over a century and is related to raising horses for the calvary. Watch part two of Western Polo to see a glimpse into the country where tens of thousands of military and polo horses have been raised.

Preparing Your Horses for Game Day Tournament Polo⎜Owen Rinehart

Be sure to check out for a complete video library and access to all your Polo Development online resources.


Take a trip with Monster Energy behind the scenes of the 2017 PBR Iron Cowboy in Dallas Texas

Professional Polo How to mark at the Knock in

This video teaches the player who makes the mark (usually number 1) to the player that he takes out(usually number 4), how he has to think and what he has to achieve. Easy examples to understand. Understand POLO to enjoy. Successful Polo. Let's see examples. Easy polo to play better. You can play better! Learn Polo easily.
Send us your questions and comments Participates in clinics and Polo classes.
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Polo in India Jodhpur Carasil Cowboys vs 61st Cavalry

Jodhpur. India
H.H.Maharaja of Jodhpur Cup
Carasil Cowboys vs 61st Cavalry

Polo Ponies Training | Argentine Polo Ponies

Polo Ponies training

Schooling a Polo Pony!


DeMarco Polo Brewer OKC Cowboys of Color May 2016

DeMarco Polo Brewer Calf Roping Slack OKC Cowboys of Color 5/7/16

"Cowboy Cup" November 1, 2015

~First Annual, Andrew Kauai Jr. Memorial Cowboy Cup~
November 1, 2015 at Waiki'i Ranch
All proceeds/donations go directly to,
The Future Polo Player Fund
Filmed by: Misti Rae

Eagles vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 11 Game Highlights

The Philadelphia Eagles take on the Dallas Cowboys in Week 11 of the 2017 NFL Season.

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Tri-County Gun Club Open House in Polo IL trying out cowboy action station with Ruger Vaqero.

Tri-County Gun Club Open House in Polo IL trying out cowboy action station with Ruger Vaquero. You can pick and choose what pistol, rifle or shotgun you want to try out.

DeMarco Polo Brewer Calf Roping OKC Cowboys of Color Performance May 2016

DeMarco Polo Brewer Calf Roping OKC Cowboys of Color Performance 5/7/16



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