Mainline Baits TV How To Make Cork Ball Pop-Ups

Using our Freshly Frozen Paste or making your own from scratch, find out just how easy it is to roll your own corkball pop-ups that will match your boilies perfectly!

Rolling Your Own Cork Ball Pop Ups & Balanced Bottom Baits

Here's a great step by step guide on how to roll your own cork ball pop ups and balanced bottom baits.

Making of Cricket Ball

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how to choose a cricket ball
Aj ke CRICKET HOW TO video me hum dekhenge ki match ke pehle ball kaise choose karte hai.

Alag type ke balls, aur weights ke bare me bhi baat karenge.

CRICKET HOW TO is a series where I share cricket tips with you. From April to June 2017, I will post three videos a month in Hindi and English.
On the 1st of the month: batting
10th of the month : bowling
20th of the month: fielding

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What's Inside SG Cricket Ball | Cut open a Cricket Ball | SG Ball | Cork Ball | Red Ball | Hindi

Aj ke #CricketHowTo episode me hum 3 alag cricket balls cut karke unhe compare karenge.
Today, we will cut open three different cricket balls to see what is inside, and compare them.

CRICKET HOW TO is a series where I share cricket tips with you. From April to June 2017, I will post three videos a month in Hindi and English.
On the 1st of the month: Batting
10th of the month : Bowling
20th of the month: Fielding

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Red VS White Cricket Ball | Which one is Better? PrayogShala | Hindi

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Hello Guys, In this video you are going to see the Main Differences Between Red and White Cricket ball, and also a quick comparison.

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How To Swing A Ball - Inswing - Part 1 - By Rushi

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Kookaburra Cricket Ball Manufacture Video

Ever wanted to know how the worlds best cricket ball is made? Check out the official video from Kookaburra Cricket!

What's inside a Kookaburra Cricket Ball?

What's the difference between Cricket balls? Two American's travel to Australia to learn for themselves.

Thanks to How Ridiculous for the hospitality and knowledge! Check them out here!

Watch our original cricket ball video here:

Thanks for watching our channel. It has been a magical ride the past couple of years!

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Why Don't Cricketers Play with Tennis Ball | Difference between Leather Ball and Tennis Ball | Hindi

In this video I will tell you that Why don't Cricketers Play with Tennis Ball. What is the reason behind this. And What is the Difference between Leather Ball and Tennis Ball.

In the Video is have given main points why Leather Ball is used in Professional Cricket, but looks like you want to know more? So here it is!

Swing: Tennis ball cannot offer swing or reverse swing becuase it doesn't have a seam splitting the two halves. If you cannot maintain different levels of smoothness on the two halves, the ball won't swing (intentionally at least).

Weight : A tennis ball is around 58 g. It means it is more prone to movement in air and sudden directional changes than a regular cricket ball. It also means that to cover the same distance on a day when the breeze is against the ball, you need much more power on a tennis ball than a cricket ball.

Rough surface : A tennis ball surface is much rougher than a cricket ball which practically makes swinging deliveries impossible. They would stop easily on the outfield for the same reason.

Colour and shape : While it’s true that you can get these balls in any colour, tennis balls will lose their colour much quicker than a cricket ball. So, a white tennis ball, I reckon can last only 15–20 overs while a white cricket ball can easily last 38 overs (mandatory change after that). Similarly, a red tennis ball will not hold its shape or colour for 30 overs, let alone 80.

Pitch : If tennis balls are used, the balls will grip much more on the pitch because of the surface which increases reaction time of the batsmen. Bowlers would have a hard job taking wickets once batsmen get used to more reaction time.

It's the Ground - Not only the pitch had certain specifications but also the ground has minimum size and grass length to certified internationally. Tennis ball will work fine and swing on pitch but when it will hit on the ground by any batsman, the speed with which it will travel on grass will reduce it drastically. So many boundaries will be stopped even if there is no fielder out there. Same happens when ball is in air, it do slowed down drastically based on the air speed at that moment. On a spectator point of view, when you had paid money or invested time to watch any match, it will be of no fun seeing balls slowed down compared to the power its been hit. Same is the case of over boundaries too. As a spectator its much more fun seeing the ball travelling maximum distance than it just manager to cross the boundary. Forget about boundaries at ground as big as Lords and MCC with tennis balls. So hypothetically the matches in those grounds could have either boundary less or those grounds will not host crickets at all.

Speed Thrills - Same ball which Shoaib Akhtar bowled with a speed of 161.3 kmph would have came down at least 25 to 50% based on the air friction on that ground. We like soccer because of the speed the game progress or movement happens. We like tennis because of the speed of the ball travels across the net. There will be many other factors for liking any sports but speed will definitely be one factor. If you take that part out, it may no longer be that popular.

Variations - Its true balls can be swing both ways using tennis balls but what about other variations like doosra or reverse swings. These kind of variations came to picture because there are scientific ways which can be explored to generate these kind of delivery. Which is not possible using Tennis, Rubber or Plastic ball.

Longevity - How the ball will work within the whole innings will also matter here. Like the picture I shown above if, cork ball is used and opener seen the ball as Red and last batsman find the same ball white is no fun. Same way, if you hit hard a tennis or plastic ball it breaks or change shapes. Leather balls do change shapes and colors too but not that frequently and drastically

Cork vs Leather - Except the longevity above all other cases do supported by Cork ball. Still its never been considered for professional level due to the hardness of that ball. It will cause more harm to the fielder than the leather ball, which is much safer when hit the bare hand or arms of fielders.

Conclusion:- Tennis ball and real cricket ball have different physical properties. As you know experience is the best teacher for every living being & that's what incorporated with skills of timing, placement makes cricket a treat to watch instead of ruthless slogging.

THat's why cricket is played with leather balls to show the fine line between the class and timing genius like SACHIN And power players like Shahid Afridi.

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How Cricket Ball is Made?

A cricket ball is made of cork covered by leather. Traditionally red balls are used in Test cricket while white balls are used in One Day International (ODI) matches. There are three types of cricket balls Kookaburra, Dukes and SG. India uses SG, England and the West Indies use Dukes, and all other countries use Kookaburra.
Pink balls were developed in the 2000s to enable Tests and first-class matches played at night.

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Cricket : How to Bowl an Off Spin Delivery in Cricket

An off spin delivery can be accomplished by gripping the ball in a very specific way. Bowl an off spin delivery in cricket with help from the President of the South Florida Cricket Alliance in this free video clip.

Expert: Melton Taylor
Bio: Melton Taylor is the President of the South Florida Cricket Alliance and the Director of the USA Cricket Association.
Filmmaker: Naqi Khawer

Series Description: Even the most experienced cricket players can still learn a thing or two to improve their game. Learn about the fundamentals of cricket with help from the President of the South Florida Cricket Alliance in this free video series.


Cork ball pop ups

top 5 cricket bats below 1000 rupee(20$)- best cricket bat deals-ft-dsc,ss,gm,sg

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Dukes Cricket Ball Production Film 2015

Managing Director of British Cricket Balls Ltd talks through the manufacturing process of the iconic hand made Dukes cricket balls.

Swing Bowling Grips | How to grip the Ball | Swing Bowling | Outswing grip | Inswing Grip

This is part II of a three part series. For part I, how to grip the ball for seam bowling, click here :

In this video, I show you the basic grip for swing bowling. This will help give you correct seam position while bowling. outswing and inswing.

In Part III, we will discuss spin bowling grips, so subscribe, and hit the bell icon for upload notifications.

CRICKET HOW TO is a series where I share FREE cricket tips with you. From August to October 2017, I will post three cricket tips videos a month, in Hindi and English.

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Hitting Sixes in Cricket Tips - Power Hitting

In this video I offer you a few coaching tips that focus on hitting sixes in cricket, which is often described as power hitting. I also demonstrate a few training exercises that will help you to improve your power hitting quickly. Good luck!

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I've created this channel because quite simply, I love cricket just like you do and want to help you to achieve your cricket goals. YouTube is a great platform that enables me to help more cricketers from around the world. I post a new cricket coaching video every Thursday and Saturday and I love to hear your feedback so that I can help as many people as I can. I hope you enjoy my videos and good luck with your cricket! Ben Williams

Shane Watson on how a bat is built

Australia allrounder Shane Watson took us for an inside look at the GM factory in Nottingham, where the cricket bats he uses are made

Make Your Own Cork Ball Pop-Ups

Jim Shelley shows you how to make the same deadly cork ball pop-ups that have accounted for so many big fish for him.

Corkball Pop Ups & Wafters

New Product release for 2016 Cork Ball Pop Ups & Wafters

 The ultimate buoyancy
 Needle and hair rig friendly
 Includes irresistible booster liquid in our shake & boost pot

Food Bait Cork Ball & Wafters: “The Source”, “The Crave”, “Monster Tiger Nut”, “Red-Amo”
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