Colorado Trout Fishing

Colorado Rainbow Trout | Rawah Ranch

Host Bill Spicer travels to beautiful Colorado to fly fish for brown and rainbow trout in the Mountain Rivers and Lakes. He learns some new nymphing techniques from the guides that are invaluable information for any angler.

Colorado Trout Fishing

It was almost 10am when the four wheels of our truck rolled into the dirt parking lot at Deep Lake, nearly 10,500 feet high in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. We’d missed the 8 a.m. morning bite two hunters that had put down their bows for a few hours in search of high country rainbows, lake trout and brooks told me.

“You guys might want to come back late this afternoon,” one of them, in his sixties, said. “The bite died about an hour ago. There’s too much sun now.”

“Where were you guys fishing?” I asked him.

“Right there,” he said, pointing to the shoreline adjacent to the parking area, 20 yards away.

There were a dozen other hunters fishing along the bank, most soaking bait and casting spinners. More important, fish were rising everywhere. A few buddies and I walked to where the man pointed, baited our rods with FireBait and Balls O Fire salmon eggs and had bites within 30 seconds, no exaggeration.

In the next 30 minutes we caught and released more than a dozen trout before we started to keep a few for dinner. The hunters were perplexed. We kept rolling balls of Rainbow, Chartreuse Garlic and Garlic Salmon Egg on treble hooks and cramming Gold Label, Premium, Orange Deluxe and Yellow Jacket salmon eggs other hooks.

Deep in the White River National Recreation Area, Deep Lake is a gem with trout that are hungry right now, presumably feeding in anticipation of the coming winter, even though it was almost 80 degrees this high up. Leaves were starting to change and trout wouldn’t stop biting.

We were in the neighborhood to film Pautzke Outdoors, our first episode in the Rockies, and more importantly to prove to an old friend that FireBait did work and rivaled any other dough bait on the market. Not surprising, after we caught the first few fish on FireBait, he wasn’t convinced.

“Do you know what this Feed Pellet Brown FireBait stuff looks like?” he said, laughing and poking fun. “I wouldn’t eat this, but let’s try it. If it works, I’m a believer.”

The camera was rolling, when I asked him on film why he didn’t like that color. Fortunately for us, within 15 seconds of hitting the water, a trout nearly pulled it out of his hand and the debate was over. He guarded the Feed Pellet Brown and Peach Garlic (another color he didn’t think worked) FireBait for the rest of the morning, continuing to catch rainbows on each cast.

The trout weren’t big. Most ranged between eight and nine inches, but with as short as the growing season up here is, we weren’t surprised. Meanwhile, they displayed wonderful, vibrant colors and spurts of energy. On four-and six-pound test they were a blast. We could have gone lighter, but due to extensive weed growth, we went with heavier line to avoid breaking off.

My other friend was already a believer in FireBait and is a huge fan of Gold Label salmon eggs, and Green Label, of course. He’d been using them more than 30 years, possibly longer.

“Watch this,” he said. “I’m going to catch one of those big brookies I was telling you about.”

After he told me he hadn’t fished here in seven years, I wasn’t sure there was anything larger than nine inches. He placed a Gold Label on the hook and then piled on another five to make sure there was enough for a big fish, he said. Within minutes he caught two brook trout, one in the size class he’d been bragging about for years, roughly 14 inches, maybe a tad longer.

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Colorado High Country Trout Fishing 2016

Grant Forney and Brady Forney along with the rest of their brothers and family take a vacation to Durango, Colorado. The guys do some trout fishing on the Animas River and on a small mountain stream called Cascade Creek. Rainbow and Brook trout are caught using nymphs, dry flies, and streamers.

Pennsylvania Outdoors Unlimited:

Fly Fishing "The Dream Stream" - South Platte River, Colorado

Fly Fishing the Dream Stream - South Platte River, Colorado March 18th 2017. Nick Adams and Brian Sanford spent a day at the Charlie Meyers Recreation Area hiking, fly fishing for huge trout, and flying the DJI Mavic Pro. The Dream Stream is located between the Spinney Mountain Reservoir and the Eleven Mile Reservoir. This is a Gold Star Fishery and one of the most famous trout fishing areas in the United States.

How to Fly Fish Colorado's Freestone Streams

New Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park Movie available at:

How to Fly Fish in Colorado with Confidence

Music by Danial Bachman

And James Beaudreau

Big Fish, Small Stream. Fly Fishing Colorado May 13, 2012

Skip to1:45 to see the hook up with the Big Guy
Fly Fishing Rocky Mountain National Park Available Movie available at:

I happened to be at the right place at the right time and hooked into a large trout hiding in a small stream.

Fly Fishing for Trout in the Mountains

Took a random trip to Colorado, targeting cold water rivers deep in the mountains. We had an awesome time fishing and caught some really nice fish.

Fly Fishing Colorado: Our Playground - 2017

Highlights from 2017 in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Thanks for taking a look!

Gunnison River Colorado - Fly Fishing Tailwater of the Blue Mesa Reservoir - McFly Angler Episode 26

The Gunnison River is a tailwater of the Blue Mesa Reservoir, and its really good fishing. Better known is the Black Canyon River section of the Gunnison which is further down stream, but it is still great fishing right near the dam. In fact, one of the trout I caught on my second day, was one of the prettiest rainbow's I've ever seen. Super colorful, just absolutely amazing! Also, there was something a bit surreal about this river. Being in the middle of a narrow canyon, with rocks on either side. There was an echo that made for some excellent noises when fighting fish. Every time they would jump, it sounded amplified.

The fish were hitting streamer, but on the 2nd day, I started getting some fish on dry fly and nymphs. It was a really really good day. Please stay tuned next week for an absolutely amazing day fishing!

I stayed at a camp ground overnight in a tent. The camp ground was called Blue Mesa Escape and I highly recommend staying there if you plan on camping around that area. If river fishing is not your thing, there is a large lake that have some record sized lake trout in them. Seriously, some are upwards of 50+ lbs! If you want to stay there, please make a reservation at the camp ground before showing up. They are booked up regularly because they are so nice and good prices. Book your trip here, at their website...

Also, many of you ask for what gear I use, so here is a list of the gear I used, and where I think are some good deals to get them.

------Camping Gear------
Tent: Kelty Salida 2 -
Backpack: 5.11 Tactical Rush 72 -
Knife: Tops B.O.B. -
Cooler: Yeti Tundra 45 -

------Fishing Gear------
Streamer Rod -------
Sage Method 9' 6wt -
Sage 3250 -
OPST Commando Head and Lazar Running Line - Head ( ) Running Line - ( )
Nymphing/dry fly rod --------
Custom made 10' 3wt by Midwest Custom Fly Rods -
Qualifly Maverick 4/5 wt. reel -
Rio Trout LT 4wt Double Taper Line -

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Colorado Fly Fishing | 2015 Edit

A lot can happen in a year. Seasons and opportunities are constantly changing. This video attempts to share a great variety of experiences that were had in 2015. Extreme weather, landscapes, aggressive trout behavior, natural settings, wildlife encounters, trophy shots and underwater scenes, this video has it all.
Created to build excitement for your upcoming adventures, enjoy!
Don't forget to practice proper fish handling if you plan to release!

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Watch my springtime fly fishing video, The Thaw:

Fly Fishing the Colorado High Country

Watch in HD for your viewing pleasure!

Instagram: @coloradofly

Footage from all over Colorado during the Summer months of 2013.
I wanted to share a video that was not solely focused on the fish, but focused more on all the things you can encounter and experience in the High Country. From the trout, to mountain goats and wildflowers, its hard to imagine a more fulfilling outdoor experience than a Summer's day in the High Country!

Wild Colorado Brown Trout: Float Rigging

Did the best I could handling these fish without a net or waders. It was an impromptu fishing trip while visiting my brother at school, next time I will come better prepared.

got a chance to briefly fish the Poudre River in Fort Collins, Colorado. Awesome river in a beautiful spot with great trout fishing.

Gear Used:
-Shakespeare 4'6 UL Telescopic rod
-4 lb Berkley Trilene XL
-2 lb Berkley Trilene XL
-1/64 oz. Pink Trout Magnet
-Trout Magnet EZ float
-Tiny Eagle Claw Split Shot
-Blue Fox #1 Vibrax

Music: [Osaka] and [Dead Cat In The Parking Lot] by @birocratic

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Fly Fishing Colorado - October - Mountain Whitefish

Fly fishing for native Mountain Whitefish on the White river near Meeker Colorado

Fly Fishing Colorado playlist:

Fly Fishing the Roaring Fork & Frying Pan Rivers, Colorado

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Backpacking and Trout Fishing in Colorado

Backpacking to Keener Lake to trout fish. Flat Tops Wilderness, Colorado.
- Filmed/Produced by Kory Carpenter
- CAMERA: Canon 5d mkii


Trout Fishing in Denver!!!

Caught a handful of fish with my buddy Callum! Can't wait to get some more trout videos up!

Fly Fishing Colorado - Summer 2016

My summer in review!

GoPro Ice Fishing - Huge Trophy Colorado Trout

I played hookey from work on Monday, 3/25/13, and I'm thankful I did. I was able to get my hands on the biggest Rainbows and Cutbows I've ever seen! My Personal Best jumped from 18 to 28. All the big fish were photographed and released (minus the one that was hit by the big Pike on the way up). Biggest Trout of the day were 28, 28, and 27. Awesome!!!

Com Truise - Glawio 0:01 - 4:53
Minnesota - Shotgun Radio (remix) 5:11 - 9:13

Huge Colorado Lakers!!! (C&R fish over 18") GoPro Ice Fishing

Check out our Website:
***Folks watching this: Release the Lake Trout you catch over 18. Fish over 30 can be over 25 years old!!! Let the Trophies swim***

On January 11th, 2014 me, Clint, and Darv headed west to target some Lakers. We spent most of the day marking fish in deep water but we couldn't get them to commit. After a few hours of this behavior something changed - all of these lookers turned into biters. We wound up catching 30+ in an hour or two. The highlight was definitely when Clint pulled up a 9lb Lake Trout and then on the very next drop hooked up with a 36 17.25lb Laker.

Huge WILD BROWN Trout on the Animas River, Durango Colorado - Mcfly Angler Episode 6

One of the last free-flowing rivers in the state of Colorado, the Animas River is a unique and rare treasure. With the newest and one of the best Gold Medal Water fly-fishing sections in Colorado, the Animas is a river that should be on your list of places to fish.

When Juan Rivera passed through this corner of Colorado in 1765, he named the river El Rio de las Animas Perdidas en Purgatorio, “The River of the Lost Souls in Hell.” To Rivera and his Spanish compatriots, the valley was remote, bleak, and had little to offer them in the way of riches.

The Animas River is the major stream draining the high alpine terrain of the Needle Mountains. It heads in small meadows on the flanks of Cinnamon Mountain north of Silverton, then plunges through wild canyons as it carves a route between the Needle and West Needle Mountains. By the time it reaches Durango, the Animas has grown to a large river. Out of the mountains the Animas meanders through a shallow depression across broad plains. South of the New Mexico border at Farmington the Animas joins the San Juan River.

Fortunately, public access to the Animas River within the city of Durango is plentiful with almost 7 miles of river from 32nd Street Bridge to the Rivera Bridge south of town. Two parcels of private land are found in this stretch, but they are well marked. Foot and bike trails parallel the river through much of town, providing abundant easy access.

The Animas is big water. In Durango the river is almost 100 feet wide, filled with huge rocks and deep holes. The river offers extensive riffles, freestone conditions, and stretches of pocket water. The bottom consists of gravel and cobbles. The rocks are as slick as those in any river in the West, and anglers must always be very cautious when wading. Wet wading is popular in summer, but waders are called for in the early season and in the fall.

A year or so back, the EPA spilled about 3 million gallons of toxic chemicals into the river. These chemicals included heavy metals like lead, arsenic, zink and iron. For a week the river turned bright orange and many thought the river was done for. However after cleanup, and time, the river has seemed to turn back to what it originally was. Fish show no signs of poisoning, and supposedly the river water is safe to drink.

This trip started (and almost ended) very frustrating. I didnt see a single fish all day, and didn't even get one bite on the line. At the end of the day when I was further down stream, I fell in the water which pretty much made me quit fishing. As I walked back to the car, I decided to try one last spot. The spot where I hooked a big trout my last trip. I ended up hooking a very good sized brown trout, one of the largest Ive ever caught. It had to have been 24-25 at least. It was a beautiful fish, with hooked jaws.

Here is a list of the gear I used, and also links to where you can buy them.
9' 6wt Sage Method -
Sage 3250 Reel -
Rio Outbound Short WF6/S1 -
Rio 3x Tapered Leader -
Simms G3 Waders -
Simms Freestone Vest -

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More music: Sneaky snitch kevin macleod (
licensed under creative commons: by attribution 3.0 license

Some of the above info about the animas was gotten from the Duranglers website. You can see more info about the Animas River and other local rivers on their website