Color guard

2014 CHS Color Guard Spring Show - Winter Guard Show

WGI 2018 Color Guard World Championships Are HERE!

The culmination of months of auditions, rehearsals, and shows have arrived. It is time for the 2018 WGI Color Guard World Championships. Over the course of three days, April 12-14, color guards from all over the country will perform over 650 times in search of the title: 2018 WGI World Champion.


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Upland Winter Guard Black Widow 2013

Upland Winter Guard at Arcadia WGASC show

Colorguard Radioactive FHS talent show

Colorguard routine to Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

Beyonce: Halo {Color Guard Routine}

My friend and I made a routine to Halo by beyonce
this is definitely not finished. just to show you all what we got so far. probably have to change some stuff, and finish the song, and perfect everything.

The finished video will be up soon hopefully
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Mason Color Guard Director: ‘Punch 'Em In The Face’

We follow Andrew Acheson and the Mason color guard from Ohio during their semifinals pre-show warmup. Andrew is not only a great teacher, but he is also so much fun to watch. Side note: the Pixy Stix tradition is the best!


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New Colorguard Tosses!!

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Song: #getitright by Miley Cyrus

Instagram: @colorguardonly

Vine: Colorguard Only

"Human" group color guard performance RBVHS 20140509

Human group color guard performance RBVHS 20140509
RoundUp show 2014

FHN Homecoming Pep Assembly: Color Guard

This year for the 2017 Homecoming pep assembly our FHN Color Guard performed a stunning routine including golden flags and wooden rifles.

"All Of Me" group color guard performance RBVHS 20140509

All Of Me group color guard performance RBVHS 20140509
RoundUp show 2014

Color Guard - For the Art

For the Art Drill Clothing's Color Guard Tee.

"Imagination" group color guard performance RBVHS 20140509

Imagination group color guard performance RBVHS 20140509
RoundUp show 2014 JV Winterguard

Cool ColorGuard Tosses!!!

This is Angela and Beverly, and these are some cool tosses that we have learned in the past year of being in ColorGuard at Aliso Niguel High School. Throughout that year, we, independently, practiced about an extra 45 minutes after school each day, 5 days a week. Guard rocks!!!

The song is now Hey Now by MK2. :)
~~~~~~~~~~ Written Explanation for 0:16 to 0:29 ~~~~~~~~~~
Please feel free to ask questions to clarify anything. :D

For the first toss:
It is a 45 (degree) toss over you, and for a lack of better names, we call it the 'Arrow Toss.' You will notice, as you read the steps, that our toss isn't perfect.
1) Set for the toss by holding the flag at mid-pole, where the flag and pole meet) with your right hand and the flag on the right. Place right hand (with the flag, of course ;p ) next to your left wrist. Your left arm should be extended straight in front of you, preferably at a low 45 degree angle.
2) Keeping the flag parallel to the ground, bring it over your head while raising your left arm to horizontal. According to the older member that taught us this toss, this is the bow and arrow status, and hence its name. :D
3) Place the flag behind your right shoulder, and use energy starting from the pinky side of your right hand to fling the flag around into a single 45 toss above your head. As you release the flag, your left hand should approach your right shoulder as your right hand approaches your left. Catch the flag as shown. :P

*It is pretty intimidating at first, so you could try it with less power in a type of slow motion (but don't go so slow that you can't toss it :P) into a high toss. As with any new toss, the key is to practice!!

If you're interested in the second toss, just shoot us a message!!! :) (It doesn't fit in the Description!)

Colorguard Rifle Routine

Just a little noodling around with Ole' Red.

Color Guard Vlog: Gloves, Review, + Giveaway! [Closed]

My opinion of gloves. Giveaway is now closed.

Park MS Color Guard 2014 Hunger Games!

this is our NCBA Championship performance for the 2014 season. we placed 2nd in our division (Advanced). Our Theme was Hunger Games.

Color guard solo and ensemble: I'll make a man out of you

Megan and Savannah doing their very first solo and ensemble performance to i'll make a man out of you from mulan. ENJOY :)

Fountain Valley Baron Color Guard 2016

Becky Vogen and her team doing what they do best! #becky #dancing #thebest #2016 #mybabydolphin

GBN Color Guard spring assembly 2015

GBN Color Guard spring assembly 2015
Song by Walk the Moon

CGN Finals Eindhoven | Cadet Class | IMPACT Colorguard Sneek | 25-03-2017

CGN Finals Eindhoven | Cadet Class | IMPACT Colorguard Sneek | 25-03-2017