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Sabong TV: Tips on training Cocks

In Vet ni Juan, Dr. Nilo Magtibay training and preparing cocks before getting into a fight.

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Guam Cockfighting 🐓💢💢


Volcanic eruptions no match for cockfighting, Bali-style

A volcano may be rumbling off in the distance, but for a group of Balinese men and their fighting roosters it's the roar of the crowd that says the show must go on.

Kodi Pandalu Video | cockfighting #India | WEST GODAWARI| Pepper Telugu

Kaaki—is a cock with black feathers
Setu—is a cock with white feathers
Nallamachala Setu—is a cock with black spots on white feathers
Parla—is a cock with black and white feathers on its neck in equal ratio
Savala—is a cock with black feathers over its neck
Nalla Savala—is a cock with black spots over its wings or over its back
Kokkirayi (Kodi) -- is a cock with black skin and combination 2 or 3 colors of feathers
Daega—is a cock with red colored feathers
Nemali—is a cock with yellow feathers on wings or back
Kowju—is a cock with black, red and yellow feathers
Myla—is a cock with red and ash colors of feathers
Poola—is a cock with a mixture of black, white and red colors on each feather
Telupu Gowdu—is a cock with black and white feathers
Aerupu Gowdu—is a cock with black and red feathers
Pingali—is a cock with feather color uncertain
Nallabora—a type of cock
Yerrapoda—a type of cock
Kaaki, Daega and Naemali cocks are very popular for cockfights.....

CARBOHYDRATES - For Cockfighting

[Cockfigh] HCV thứ 6 của Tía KỀU

[Cockfigh] Tía kều giật HCV thứ 6 sau 3 hồ (môi hồ 5ph)
[Cockfight] Vietnam cockfighting

cockfighting steve

da ga in vietnam 416 647 764 2277

K-FARM Cockfighting Part 2

Kfarm is the Number One Cockfighting Team in Siquijor.

bantam cockfight - paulie vs bento rd 2

Rooster training fight|khmer cock fighting|aseel fighting first time at Cambodai

Hi everyone this videos i want to show you about Bird spot ( rooster fighting in Cambodia country ) it is very popular in my country .it is good videos for watch it look so happy to watch.
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cockfighting in vigan...entry name...miguel

white win

Cockfighting Bangladesh 2017||cockfighting competition||BAU cockfighting competition

this is cockfighting competition at Bangladesh Agricultural University,2017

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Cock fighting


cock Fighting so fast

Natural style of animal fighting

Cock fighting


Mike Swick says he would rather be a cockfighting chicken than a regular chicken

Mike Swick says he would rather be a cockfighting chicken than a regular chicken

cockfighting in vigan...entry name...miguel...

dalusapi win

cockfighting steve

mrstevedu da ga in vietnam 647 764 2277

Thai cock fighting ‘isaan style'

chicken sparring for training in Thailand, its known to be legal there but gambleing is illegal.

Cock fighting

Best Cock Fighting



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