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Coastal and ocean rowing


Nordic Explorer Stable Coastal/Recreational Rowing Boat

NEW sliding seat single sculling boat (rowboat). Although built for comfort rather than speed you can nevertheless row all day at 4 knots and sprint at 5kn.
Safe - Seaworthy - Smooooooth

Rowing a TS515 training scull on the sea

Rowing on the sea is a rare pleasure. Steve Walker, founder of Sculling Academy, shows how the TS515 Training Scull, built in Australia by EDON Industries, and available in Europe from Ahoy-Boats, performs in coastal situations and advises on simple precautions to take.

13/07/17: Day 41 - The frustrations of ocean rowing

This is FISA Class Sea Rowing 2013

Coastal Rowing is an exciting boat class that loves the beach and the big deep ocean waves. The boat class started in France in the late 80's and has spread around the world. Each year World Rowing runs a World Rowing Coastal Championships for solo (C1x), doubles (C2x) and quads (C4x+) off the beach and around a 6km course. Racing is only half the fun - watch the video to see more.

Extreme surfboat rowing in lifesaver relay Kurrawa Beach 2011

Kurrawa surfboat crew coming home in big surf at Kurrawa Beach 2011 Aussie Titles.

Four Mums in a Boat - Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge Documentary

When four middle aged working British mums announced they wanted to row the Atlantic Ocean, their families thought they had lost their minds. With an average age of 47 and two children each, the women had no ocean rowing experience when they decided to follow their dreams and attempt the unthinkable.

Three years later they were lining up with some of the world’s strongest ocean adventurers at the starting line of the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. Considered one of the toughest ocean endurance challenges known to mankind the odds were stacked against the mums from the start.

This is the story of four ordinary women who dared to dream of becoming world record breakers as the oldest women to ever row an ocean. Four Mums in a Boat is a journey of determination, personal discovery and hope.

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44min Documentary
Produced by: Atomized/Bow River Films
Distributed by: Precious
© Diageo

Welcome to Sea Rowing

Coastal Rowing Boats in action in the rivers, bays and ocean in Queensland, Australia. These boats go out several times a week all year round. If you enjoy this video checkout more on

#0009 - Tim Crockett - Rowing Across The Atlantic Ocean Alone

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Tim Crockett has a strong Military background. As a UK Soldier who served in the Special Boat Service (SBS), he has spent most of his life on, under or near the water. He is going to draw heavily on this experience when he takes on his next challenge, the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. This race is a 3000+ mile crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a rowboat. Tim will not only take this challenge on, but he will do it alone.

Tom Rowland met up with Tim at his gym in Atlanta, GA to share a workout in preparation for this challenge. Afterward, the two sat and talked about the race, the challenges, the preparation and the reason why Tim is choosing to take on this challenge. From how he thinks he will be able to eat 12-14,000 calories a day for over 50 days or how he plans to drink 2-3 gallons of water to why he may choose to row naked, Tom and Tim discuss all the potential issues he may encounter. Eventually Tim discusses the main reason behind the endeavor. As a UK Special Operations Soldier, Tim has seen both UK and US soldiers wrestle with PTSD after war. Tim has chosen to raise money and awareness for this issue by making it across the Atlantic Ocean in a 20 foot boat. The boat is called Tame the Kraken which has a much deeper meaning of overcoming fear and the unknown as soldiers are having to do every day after returning from combat.

Tim can be contacted through his website and you can follow him on IG, FB and Twitter. All are tamethekraken except twitter which is @rowatlantic.




Ocean rowing boat for sale

Our four person carbon fiber ocean rowing boat is available to buy! With 2 successful Atlantic Ocean crossings and not a single capsize, this boat is in excellent shape.

Having been painted, cleaned and anti-fouled she's ready to go again.

For more info and to get in touch head over to

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New York - Paris, 2015 - Trans-Atlantic Rowing Expedition

No sail. No Engine. Exclusively Human Powered !

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Ocean Rowing Boat Avalon self righting test

Ocean rowing boat Avalon built by Rossiter Rowing Boats for Ocean Row Events having a successful inversion test.

Rowing at sea with C-row

Rowing at sea in Belgium on the North sea

Rowing Boat Building

Our first time lapse effort, just playing with lens angles and timings. This video has 2 coastal boats in the foreground and an Ocean rowing boat being moulded at the back. This video is around 5 hours in the morning.

GoPro rowing coastal

#canottaggiobarion #rowing

Liteboat - a new concept of rowing boat

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The Liteboat is a new concept of rowing boat, designed by Mathieu Bonnier and Sam Manuard. The boat is light, safe and easy to handle for all the family members. It is fast and secure.

Lagos - Portugal ;Team Essence - The Rogue of Ocean Rowing Departure

Team Essence - The Rogue of Ocean Rowing Departure
Lagos marina - Portugal
07,Feb.2016 - 13:30 UTC

RowingChat with Nikos Gkountoulas, Coastal Rowing Coach

RowingChat with Nikos Gkountoulas. Read the full blog post

Timestamps to the interview

01:00 Introduction and background in rowing
04:00 The recent history of rowing in Greece
08:00 FISA support for Greek rowing
11:00 Rowing with your twin brother - the fights and the friendship
13:00 Twins with identical erg scores
15:00 Moving to Ocean rowing - who was the New Zealander girls coastal 2x Nikos met at Istanbul Airport in 2011?
16:00 Coastal Rowing boats and oars
22:00 Steering an ocean rowing boat
24:00 Goal for Greek coastal rowing
26:00 World Championships provide boats for competitors
31:00 Beach Sprint Rowing - new format for racing started by Guin Batten
34:00 Asian Beach Games includes beach rowing races
41: Bronze medal in World Coastal Rowing Championships
45:00 Rowing camp in Vietnam
51:00 Thessaloniki Rowing Club adds ocean rowing training group
54:00 How can a rowing club add coastal rowing boats?

Rowing for Tuna 2106

56 mile open-ocean row for tuna in 14 ft wherry

Offshore rowing early morning training in Guernsey

16 August 2014 - a beautiful early morning training row in Guernsey

Exmouth Speed Trials Sept 2010 Coastal Rowing

Guin, Rach, Ali and Elise go wave chasing off Exmouth in September 2010. The crew we training for the Zero Degree Channel Crossing in the Maldives. A massive thankyou to the rowers from Exmouth RC who hosted the girls yet again. Thanks Al, Marc, Anna and Les.



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