Coastal and ocean rowing

Rowing a TS515 training scull on the sea

Rowing on the sea is a rare pleasure. Steve Walker, founder of Sculling Academy, shows how the TS515 Training Scull, built in Australia by EDON Industries, and available in Europe from Ahoy-Boats, performs in coastal situations and advises on simple precautions to take.

Welcome to Sea Rowing

Coastal Rowing Boats in action in the rivers, bays and ocean in Queensland, Australia. These boats go out several times a week all year round. If you enjoy this video checkout more on

RowingChat with Nikos Gkountoulas, Coastal Rowing Coach

RowingChat with Nikos Gkountoulas. Read the full blog post

Timestamps to the interview

01:00 Introduction and background in rowing
04:00 The recent history of rowing in Greece
08:00 FISA support for Greek rowing
11:00 Rowing with your twin brother - the fights and the friendship
13:00 Twins with identical erg scores
15:00 Moving to Ocean rowing - who was the New Zealander girls coastal 2x Nikos met at Istanbul Airport in 2011?
16:00 Coastal Rowing boats and oars
22:00 Steering an ocean rowing boat
24:00 Goal for Greek coastal rowing
26:00 World Championships provide boats for competitors
31:00 Beach Sprint Rowing - new format for racing started by Guin Batten
34:00 Asian Beach Games includes beach rowing races
41: Bronze medal in World Coastal Rowing Championships
45:00 Rowing camp in Vietnam
51:00 Thessaloniki Rowing Club adds ocean rowing training group
54:00 How can a rowing club add coastal rowing boats?

Rowing Boat Building

Our first time lapse effort, just playing with lens angles and timings. This video has 2 coastal boats in the foreground and an Ocean rowing boat being moulded at the back. This video is around 5 hours in the morning.

Coastal Rowing training in Torrevieja Lars Gumprecht 6000 mts

Training for the 2014 World Championship in Thessaloniki Greece

Coastal Rowing

Coastal Rowing - World Championships Marseilles

Extreme surfboat rowing in lifesaver relay Kurrawa Beach 2011

Kurrawa surfboat crew coming home in big surf at Kurrawa Beach 2011 Aussie Titles.

Regata de exibición coastal rowing 3000 mts Torrevieja

Coastal rowing exhibition race 3000 mts in Torrevieja

Coastal Rowing


First Liteboat rowing camp in Barneville-Carteret - 3 to 7 april 2017

For our first rowing camp, we choose wisely to bring you a perfect experience of coastal rowing. This all-inclusive camp will take place in the beautiful city of Barneville-Carteret in Normandy, just in front of the ocean with a protected area nearby is weather gets windy. A professional coach and Pierrick Ledard, from Liteboat team, France vice-champion in solo coastal rowing, and 6th at the Monaco World Championships, will help you to improve your level and get pleasure on water. It will be possible to rent some of our latest LiteRace 1X, and we'll take care of you with outdoor activities, indoor rowing,accommodation and meals. This is going to be a powerful experience for all of you who enjoy, or want to discover coastal rowing!

Contact us at

Peter Berg is testing Leo Coastal Rowing C1X Single in Öresund/Helsingborg

Peter Berg did a hardtest of LeoCoastalrowing Single, C1X, in a very wavy sunny Öresund, it was wonderful waves and perfect conditions for coastal rowing, C1X was performing excellent!

Ocean Rowing

Rowing 3000 miles across the Atlantic from Spain to Antigua. Solo and Unsupported

Rower Vs Mexico - Rowing On The Baja Coast


In this episode, we head to Baja Mexico for a coastal workout with some of the prettiest views of the Pacific Ocean for some rowing on our Concept2 (C2) machine combined with some cross training to create a great workout. How did you do?

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Euro Diffusion's is a coastal rowing boat builder since 1977.
EURO DIFFUSION'S is a French Rowing boat builder. We export our product all over the world.: CANADA, USA, AUSTRALIE, QATAR, DUBAI...and all the European country. Visit our website

Salani Coastal Rowing - 1X Orionis

First daily test session on the sea at Tigullo gulf neat Genova. The boat seems speed and stable on the waves. Moreover the waves behind the stern of the boats are clear : that means the new design of the hull reduces the draft, so that the rower can save the energies and can go faster.

VolansCOASTAL in Scheveningen

Zo ga vaar je met de VolansCOASTAL vanaf het strand, en lekker surfend in de branding.

This is FISA Class Sea Rowing 2013

Coastal Rowing is an exciting boat class that loves the beach and the big deep ocean waves. The boat class started in France in the late 80's and has spread around the world. Each year World Rowing runs a World Rowing Coastal Championships for solo (C1x), doubles (C2x) and quads (C4x+) off the beach and around a 6km course. Racing is only half the fun - watch the video to see more.

Coastal Rowing

Servizio TG3 Liguria

World Rowing Coastal Championships TUR 2010

Lenka Wech and Guin Batten from Thames Rowing Club, London. Race and win the 2010 World Rowing Coastal Championships for clubs. Racing from the line to win in a great race in calm conditions in Turkey. It made a difference to the conditions that were encountered in Plymouth the year before. Both Lenka and Guin are former Olympians.