Chinese handball

Garff vs Edwin playing Chinese Handball using the whole Court, same rules as 1Wall

@ Central Park NY, 8/2012. Enjoy, Click Like, Comment & Subscribe!
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A game of chinese handball

Chinese handball is a game that is played with a handball and a wall. The way it is played is everyone stands in a line and they all hit the ball in order down the line. After you hit the ball, it has to bounce before hitting the wall. If it bounces twice or doesn't hit the wall at all, then you have an out and you go to the back of the line, or you just get out if you have no more outs. When it is your turn to hit the ball, it can only bounce once before you hit it. If it bounces twice, you may still hit it, but it has to be through your legs. The only time you may hit the ball after 3 bounces is if it hit some kind of crease or obstruction on the wall. If that's the case you may hit it after the third bounce, but it still has to be through the legs. Once you successfully make the shot, it is the next person in lines turn to hit it. The first person in line is called the ace, and that person is responsible for serving the ball. The person who won the last game usually becomes the ace for the next game.

1 round of chinese handball

Chinese Handball

ace king queen jack 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

China 27-34 Iran | Asian Handball Championship 2014

China 27-34 Iran | Goals and Highlights
Asian Senior Men's Handball Championship - Day 5
Wednesday - 29/1/2014

Algeria v China Group B Women's World Handball 2013

Poland vs China - Men's Handball - Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games

Poland are up against the might of their Chinese hosts in this group game of the men's handball competition at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games.



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Chinese Handball - Full Game to 10

David Z in White
Sam O in Green
Ryan W in Red
Matt W in Blue

Group D. Japan - China

Serbia v China Group B Women's World Handball 2013

Chinese Footwork/Fast Feet

Here is a video I made of me doing various fast feet excercises. These are ment to train your muscles to be explosive and quick when moving around the court.

30 seconds work followed by 30 seconds active rest (keep moving)

1. Side to Side
-Small Quick Hops
-Balls of Feet

2. Forward and Backwards
-Small Quick Hops on Balls of Feet

3. Staggered Switch
-Staggered feet, switch back and forth

4. Forward, Forward, Back, Back
-Small Quick Steps, LOOK UP!

5. In and Outs
-In just to shoulder width and back out

6. Square Jump
-Balls of Feet, Land and Push Off

7. Side to Side Lunges
-Lunge, Hop in Center, Lunge

8. Lunge Jumps
-Lunge, Jump & Switch Feet, Lunge

9. 180° Squat Jumps
-Squat, Jump Up & Spin, Squat
-Don't spin in a complete circle, alternate direction

10. Tuck Jumps
-Knees Up
-Land quietly on balls of feet

And You're Done!

Germany vs China - FULL MATCH - Women IHF World Cup 2017 Germany

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Japan:China -National anthem singing- AG-UX180 HD/60P Women's Asian Handball Championship

Japan:China -1- AG-UX180 HD/60P 2017 HANDBALL
第16回女子アジア選手権(제16회 아시아여자선수권대회)
2017年3月13日(月)~22日(水) 韓国水原

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The 17th Women's Junior Handball World Championship highlight video.
(Croatia VS China)

Chinese Handball

chinese handball fun game. basketball videos will be posted soon

Great Chinese Handball Game

A game to 10.
David Z in White
Sam O in Green
Ryan W in Red
Matt W in Blue

a good time was had by all. except sam

Greatest Chinese Handball Victory Ever! Epic Shots

the destruction

China defeat Serbia to win Women's Volleyball gold | Rio 2016 Olympic Games

China defeat Serbia to win Women's Volleyball gold

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