Kings Vs. Queens - Selecting the Chess 960 Starting position

Arbiter Chris Bird and GM Yasser Seirawan chose the final Chess 960 position in St. Louis.

Wesley So beat Giri Chess 960 in Speed Chess

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Funny Game Alexander Grischuk Beats Magnus Carlsen in 7 moves " Chess 960 "

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Kosteniuk and Lahno to meet in FiNet Chess960 Final

The second half of the 2. FiNet Chess 960 Rapid World Championship turned out to be a rather one-sided affair. Alexandra Kosteniuk and Kateryna Lahno, who were leading after the first half, had a simple recipe to qualify for the final: They both won in rounds four and five to safely qualify. While Natalia Zhukova still had trouble with the clock she also seemed to be a bit shaken after her disastrous start into the tournament. Viktorija Cmylite tried hard but without success.

Kosteniuk leads in FiNet World Women Chess960 Rapid

The first half of the 2. FiNet Chess960 Rapid World Championship produced entertaining though not perfect chess. It also showed that Alexandra Kosteniuk was able to handle the challenge of the limited time and the uncommon opening position best. After three rounds she leads with 2.5 points, followed by Kateryna Lahno with 2 points. Victorija Cmilyte scored 1.5 points while Natalia Zhukova had three promising positions and spoiled them all in time trouble to still remain on zero. Playing with a time limit of 20 minutes plus 5 seconds increment per move time proved to a crucial factor in all games. Having no theory to rely on, the players had to think right from the start and very often had only minutes left to realize possible advantages gained before. But judging from their relaxed and animated chat after the games, they all seemed to have a good time in Mainz

Турнир на Шахматной планете ! CHESS 960 (Шахматы Фишера)

Такой турнирчик пойдет ?? )


let´s play Chess960 2017/02 in HD - Eröffnungstheorie nicht vorhanden

Entschuldigug, dass es diesmal relativ leise ist. Das wird die Ausnahme bleiben


Chess960- (GM) Andrey Deviatkin vs. Tiago P Rodrigues, Blitz in Sao Jose dos Campos,03/05/2013

Blitz em São José dos Campos com Dr. Celestino, Alberto Q. , e Carlos Kerber.

Chess 960 Basic principles to defeat an International Master

Here is how I defeated an International using strong chess principles and ideas. (Spanish audio)

He aquí mi victoria contra un maestro internacional haciendo uso de principios ajedrecísticos básicos, pero poderosos.

Monthly Chess960 Arena.

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let´s play Chess960 2017/01 in HD - falsche Aufstellung?


Chess: ChickenBrad thrashes the "copycat defense" in 8 moves + chess 960! (Live commentary)

ChickenBrad plays 3+2 blitz chess and 5+3 Chess 960 with live commentary designed to help beginning and intermediate players.
Learn positional concepts for analyzing an unknown opening position in Chess 960 as well as how to capitalize on a strong lead in development!

Family friendly

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zz99zzxz chess 960 -5

Test competitiveness Chess 960

Zz99zzxz chess 960 23

zz99zzxz chess 960 23

Zz99zzxz chess 960 z27

Zz99zzxz chess 960 zz30

Zz99zzxz chess 960 zz30

Chess 960 games (Fischer chess) 4-game stretch

ChessCube chess 960 games. Great 4-game stretch.

lets play Schach- 1 mal Blitzschach - Chess960

Heure mal eine Partie aus dem Schachgebiet chess960

Zz99zzxz chess 960 zz28z

Zz99zzxz chess 960 zz28z

zz99zzxz chess 960

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chess 960