SSX Cheer Extreme Raleigh Showcase SHARK BITE

Watch SSX do their thing at SHOWCASE!! If you think you hear Abby Lee in this.. you do! This was her at our event.


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Cheerleading Competition

Here is video I shot while testing out my new Canon 5D mark II. The footage might come in and out of focus because I am still getting used to the camera and I recorded it with the on camera mic so the audio is raw. The teams in the competition are West Springfield High School, Annadale High School, T.C. Williams High School, W.T. Woodson High School, West Potomac High School, Lee High School, Lake Braddock High School, and South County Secondary. I did not film South County but captured the rest of the teams. I broke the video up into two parts because it was too long for YouTube as one long video. I hope you cheer fans enjoy it.

Cheerleaders Ep. 1 - Meet the SMOED Squad

love to cheer? join AwesomenessTV and the California All Stars Cheer Squad as they cheer their way to the top and fight to stay there. join in on all of the drama, sweat, and tears all season long. do you have what it takes to keep up with the CHEERLEADERS?



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Executive Producer: Autumn deVitry
Director of Photography: Sam Kim
Editor: Nick Suitt
Production Assistant: Sydney Kim

music courtesy


love to cheer? join AwesomenessTV and the California All Stars Cheer Squad as they cheer their way to the top and fight to stay here. keep up with all the drama, sweat, and tears all season long. do you have what it takes to keep up with the CHEERLEADERS?


Patriots Cheerleaders: Chasing the Dream

Follow along through auditions and tryouts as the Patriots 2017 Cheerleading Squad is made.

Central High Cheerleaders dance at pep rally

Central High Varsity Cheerleading Squad perform a cheer dance at pep rally before last football game of 2014
(A cheer dance or *home pom* routine has specific rules for scoring points in competition - synchronization, lines, ripples, level changes, formations, transitions, sharp precise movements, etc - so it's not like a regular dance performance. Squad created this themselves, with no choreographer, and were really happy with how it turned out!)

The music used was:
### Dum Dee Dum - Keys n Krates, No Flex Zone - Rae Sremmurd, Smoke W**d Everyday (Hold Up twerkit remix) - DJ Now, Don't Tell Em - Jeremih Feat YG (Daahype Trap Remix), No Mediocre - T.I. ###

A downloadable version of the mix is on Google Drive:

David Pakhnyuk had made a duplicate version of the music mix & offered it to anyone who would like a copy but I don't think the link is active any more:


Another great cheer dance choreographed by the squad:

Central Cheerleaders are National Champions in Game Day Competition!

Central's Top 10 stunt routine at Nationals!

2015 UCA National High School Cheerleading Championship


This is the winning performance for TEAM USA COED CHEER 2016! This is a flawless amazing performance! This team is absolutely beyond talented!! CONGRATULATIONS TEAM USA CHEER.... You made it look effortless and SOOO much fun!! GO USA! If you are a cheer fan share this video!! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel!!

Mehr als nur ein Hobby - Cheerleading in Hannover

Die meisten kennen Sie nur aus amerikanischen Highscoolfilmen. Die Cheerleader. Sie stehen oft an der Seite der coolen Footballspieler und sind meist die Beliebtesten auf der ganzen Schule. Seit den 1980er Jahren wird der Sport auch in Deutschland praktiziert. Wie Cheerleading bei uns aussieht und welche Rolle es im Leben der Akteurinnen spielt, sieht man in diesem Video am Beispiel des 1. Hannoverschen Cheerleadingvereins.

Kamera: Lasse Gebauer
Schnitt: Simon Fellenberg
Redaktion: Janna Remmers

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Simone Biles Crushes Texans Cheerleading Debut | TMZ Sports

Olympic Gold Medalist Simone Biles wanted to be a Houston Texans cheerleader and once the Texans caught wind of it, they offered her a role! The Texans hosted the San Francisco 49ers and all eyes were on Biles as she nailed her part with the cheerleaders.


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Haylee Grace 9 year old cheerleader

I don't own anything!

Brave, 2013, Sara Bareilles, All Rights Reserved

How to Tumble | Cheerleading

Like these Cheerleader Lessons !!! Check out the official app

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Watch more How to Be a Cheerleader videos:

Learn cheer tumbling basics and drills from UCA instructor Ashley Cowan of in this Howcast video.

Tumbling is an athletic component of cheerleading. It creates excitement and adds athleticism on the sidelines during performances and routines. Tumbling should be learned in a safe environment with a trained and experienced instructor. You can contact your local All-Star Cheerleading or Gymnastics facility to see if they offer classes. First up is the body awareness drill. This drill tests your core strength.

Next up is the sit drill. This drill gets you ready for a back handspring. Now we'll move on to the sit and throw drill. This drill is designed to help you with the sitting and jumping timing of going for a back handspring. And the last drill is the safety roll. This drill teaches you the appropriate action if you ever fall backwards while tumbling. Be sure to follow correct tumbling progressions and master lower-level skills before moving on to more advanced skills. This will increase safety and improve technique.

Schleswig-Holsteinerinnen trainieren für Cheerleading-WM in Florida

Mehr Videos auf

Cheerleader sind vor allem aus den USA vom American Football bekannt. Junge Frauen und auch Männer, die die eigene Mannschaft anfeuern und das Publikum animieren sollen. Aber das ist nicht alles – das Cheerleading ist auch eine eigene Wettkampfsportart. Jedes Jahr findet in Orlando, Florida sogar eine Weltmeisterschaft statt und für genau die haben sich zwei Schleswig-Holsteinerinnen qualifiziert: Joanna Buczynski und Jana Schöttke der Kieler East Coast Cheerleader. Beide trainieren schon seit mehr als zehn Jahren.

Am kommenden Samstag zeigen die East Coast Cheerleader aber erst einmal bei der Meisterschaft in Braunschweig, was sie drauf haben. Die deutsche Nationalmannschaft mit Jana und Joanna kann man ab dem 28. April erleben. Und die Cheerleading-WM vom 26. bis 28. April aus Orlando wird im Internet übertragen.


Cheer Extreme coach Brandon Hale and amazing all star cheerleader Maddie put together a stunt sequence that includes a JUMP ROPE! MUST SEE!!

Team Germany Coed Premier | Platz 4. ICU World Cheerleading Championships 2017

ICU World Cheerleading Championships

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Western Mustangs Co-ed Cheerleading Team wins 32nd National Championship

Round 2 Final Routine

Dolphins Allstars Cheerleader Krefeld - Season 2013 - Can't hold us

Gymnasts Try CHEERLEADING! Ft. TheCheernastics2

Today the Flippin Out gymnasts get a cheer lesson from Ciera, Megan, and Maggie from TheCheernastics2! They see how much different cheer is from gymnastics and decide whether they'll stick with their own sport or try out for cheer.

Check out TheCheernastics2!:

Flippin Out is a channel about a team of Gymnasts from Washington Academy of Gymnastics!


Payton amazing cheerleader!

I don' t own anything

Somebody That I Used To Know, 2011, Gotye, All Rights Reserved

Hunters Cheerleading Junior Level 3 Group Stunt

Future Cheer Jungle Fever 2013 Hunters Cheerleading Junior Level 3 Group Stunt


Utech Cheerleading