Chariot racing

Saratoga, Wyoming Chariot Races 2013

33rd Annual Donald E. Erickson Memorial Chariot Races in Saratoga, Wyoming. James Olguin vs. Jimmy Stoker.

Chariot Races 2012, Saratoga, WY

32nd Annual Donald E. Erickson Memorial Chariot Races. Saratoga, WY. This is 6 of the 10 Championship races on February 19, 2012.

Lesson on Ancient Chariot Races (#928 - August 7, 2016)

The Greeks and Romans took their chariot racing seriously! Get a little history lesson from Post Time!

All hail the World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing Championships

All hail the World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing Championship

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The village of Llanwrtyd Wells, in Wales turned Roman to celebrate the festival of Saturnalia.
The main event was the sixth World Mountain Bike Chariot Racing Championships.
15 teams arrive at the village, race through a 1.2 kilometres, with assorted pitfalls including speed bumps, potholes and plenty of mud.

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Chariot racing in Elizabeth settlement

My greys got beat by ten seconds.. Good day to train and race with all pro

Roman-X Chariot Racing May 2011 Track Test

Roman-X chariot racing track testing for an upcoming TV production May 15,2011

JW Winklepleck Wild Chariot Ride Elizabeth Stampede 2015

PRCA Rodeo Clown/Barrelman J.W. Winklepleck hooked a chariot up to a bull at the 2015 Elizabeth Stampede rodeo in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Chariot Race 2017!!!

Amazon ESU C team gopro footage of the race.

Red Bull Chariot Racing - Fast and Furious!

Filmed at Texas A&M in conjunction with Red Bull's 2015 Chariot Races.

Song: I'm Good -The Mowgli's. Check it out on iTunes:

Camera: Canon 5d Mark II
Lens: Canon 24-70 2.8 L
Gear: Glidecam HD4000

Pony Chariot Racing Rainmaker Rodeo 2000

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University of Idaho | Red Bull Chariot Race 2012

And lo, on this night, teams of three gladiators in their finest togas shall endeavor to attain eternal gory. Great minds will design and build their chariots, race them up and down the streets, creating a party that honors the gods of Mount Olympus.

This year's winners

Alpha Gamma Rho: Honorable Mention for parading their chariot in with two giant horses
Lambda Chi Alpha: Best in Show (just look for the giant metal wheel)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon: 2012 Chariot Race Champions!

Horseboarding: Modern Day Chariot Racing

Horseboarding is like modern day chariot racing. It is the most insane equestrian sport in which a horse tows a mountain boarder. It is a multi discipline sport, including the horseboard drag, a race over 100M between two teams. The arena horseboarding event is where teams must negotiate a series of gates. Riders must be in total control of the horse. Maintaining speed, balance, and position to keep the board stable. Are you ready to hold your horses?

Goat Chariot Race

Heat 1 of the Senior Division Goat Race at the International Goat Days Festival, Millington, TN

chariot races in Glendo, WY

A race from the finish line

Chariot Racing

I was told once, never to give up, well this is clear evidence of this, we nearly finished in 1st, basically we lost by at most one half of a head.

2014 Chariot Races

Watch The Eye coverage of the 2014 Saint Ignatius Chariot Races

Chariot races at onion lake

Two wapass boys in this heat b

Video: Chariot racing

Chariot drivers race at Marquis Downs on the last day of the Saskatoon Exhibition.

TTown Masters 500 M Chariot Race

Masters 500 M Chariot Race at Trexlertown Velodrome Aug 25, 2012

Chariot Racing 2

Now this is the 2nd heat, the chariot became, it seemed, much heavier, we lost but it was one heck of a lot of fun