Casting gabus with Buzzbait lure trip #7

Memancing ikan gabus dengan teknik casting harus mempunyai lure killer agar casting bisa strike. Buzzbait adalah salah satu lure buatan yang ampuh untuk strike.
Ikan gabus, toman, kerandang atau ikan jenis snakehead adalah predator yang sangat teritorial. Jika ada mangsa yang berlalu lalang di daerah kekuasaannya maka dengan sangat cepat dia menyambar.
Dari sifat itulah cara mancing ikan gabus dengan umpan palsu sangat menegangkan. Wildfishing, tentu saja kita tidak selalu mengetahui keberadaan ikan-ikan ini, maka dari itu jika melihat rawa, kolam, sungai, empang, embung atau apapun itu yang penting ada airnya, maka jangan ragu untuk cast disitu. Walaupun terkadang kita mengira kolam tidak ada ikannya, jika tiba-tiba ada sambaran, rasanya sangat mengagetkan. Seperti di acara mancing mania T7, kita lihat sangat menyenangkan.
Hanya kocolan yang saya dapat, tapi tetap saja menyenangkan.

Credit: Monte™
Angler : Monte™
Link video :
Link Channel :
Reel : Abu garcia blackmax
Rod : Abu Garcia ascalon
Lure : Buzzbait.
Kameramen : Tripod.
Kamera : Hp android milik saya.
Editor : saya sendiri.

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Casting an Egyptian bronze age dagger

In this video I will be casting a bronze age dagger. I will be modeling this dagger after an actual 4000 year old ancient Egyptian artifact.

First song:
Icy Vindur by A Himitsu
Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0

Second Song: Slow motion provided by

Third song:
Sappheiros - Aurora [chillstep]

Ketika casting gabus di spot banyak kangkung

Ketika casting gabus di spot banyak kangkung dan strike pula, maka itu adalah saat tersulit bagi castinger yang memancing dengan teknik casting. Memang jenis ikan gabus/ snakehead suka di spot-spot kolam yang sulit terjangkau dan di area sedikit tertutup seperti itu.
Maka dari itu ketija casting gabus di spot banyak kangkung kita harus memperlajari trik supaya tidak mudah tersangkut. Lurebyang saya gunakan adalah lure handmade soft froggy, dimana kita tau lure jenis ini tidak mudah menyangkut di area kangkung.

Credit: Monte™
Angler : Monte™
Link video :
Channel :
Lure : Kicking frog/ Soft frog handmade by haenan lure.
Special thx to haenan lure : fb :
Reel : Abu garcia blackmax
Rod : Abu Garcia ascalon

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Casting Techniques - 5 Styles and Methods of Casting with your Fishing Rod

Hello folks, this week I'd like to share with you 5 different casting techniques to help improve your casting range and accuracy.

We talk about the following casting techniques: flipping, pitching, over hand cast, side cast, and a bonus low cast.

As always good luck and good fishing'!

Surf Casting With A Break Away Cannon

The break away cannon is an excellent tool to help cast long distances without cutting your finger. Sergio Posadas from Catfish King demonstrates how the use the Break Away Cannon and does an amazing 150 yard cast!

Breakaway cannon on Ebay:

Checkout Sergio's channel:

Casting kerapu di kawasan Pantai Pasir Panjang, Pulau Betong, Balik Pulau

Video ini bermula dengan aksi tunggangan motorsikal ke Balik Pulau. Kemudian sarapan pagi sebelum aksi turun memancing. Pantai Pasir Panjang sepanjang 900 meter perlu di lalui sebelum sampai ke kawasan berbatu yang menjadi habitat ikan kerapu. Tak banyak hasil pada misi kali ini tapi cukup untuk menceritakan teknik dan suasana casting landbased.

How to Cast a Baitcaster

Detailed instruction on how to cast a baitcasting reel.

Shore Casting in the Maldives

Go Shore Casting in the Maldives with Luke Maow Bear of Outdoor Channel Channel Asia.

Learn how to change your rods up or down depending on the type of fish encountered.

Carry 2 shore casting rods to switch up when you need to.

Look how he hit s a Bluefin Trevally and Little Giant Trevally which are prime targets for light game shore casting.

Casting Kerapu 6.6Kg Pulau Tuba,Langkawi *Ofmer Drunken

Jumaat 8.01.2016
Lokasi : Batu Hampar,Pulau Tuba,Langkawi
Rekod Peribadi 6.6kg kerapu telah berjaya ditewaskan.

Reel : Shimano Stardic Ci4+ 3000
Rod : Storm Discovery 8-17lb
Line : PowerPro 15lb
Leader : Yozuri 25lb
Lure : Ofmer Drunken
Camera : SJCam M10 wifi dan Iphone 5S
Spisies : Kerapu , Kerapu Harimau ,Tiger Grouper ,Grouper

Shore Fishing Casting Tips - Fishing TV

In another episode of our series Beachcasting Masterclass Presenter Peter Thain shows you how to perfect the 'off the ground' cast. For more great videos like this visit

Spinning Reel Casting Tips - Using Correct Hand

How to use the correct hand positioning when casting a spinning reel. Many anglers let go with the hand holding the reel when making a cast causing them to end up in a position where they have no control of the reel. This simple casting tip will help you catch more fish.

Saltwater fly fishing charters near Orlando and Disney

How to Fly Fish- Beginner Fly Casting

How to fly cast for beginners. Capt. Chris Myers explains and demonstrates the basic fly fishing cast.

To begin the basic fly cast, start the flyrod down at the water and the line straight. (To learn how to straighten the line, watch my roll cast video) Begin lifting the line off the water slowly and smoothly. As soon as the fly line is out of the water (the leader and fly will still be in the water) increase your acceleration and come to a sudden stop causing the fly line to travel behind you and unroll off the tip of the rod in a candy cane shaped loop. zPause and do not move the rod while this loop unrolls. As soon as it is unrolled, begin moving the tip of the rod forward in a straight line with constant accelration to a sudden stop that is travelling out towards your target. As soon as the loop begins to form off the tip of the fly rod travelling forward, follow through by lowering the rod tip back to the starting position.

This cast should be made with about 20-25 feet of fly line outside the tip of the rod. Your elbow will remain close to your body and you wrist should remain firm and not bend to move the rod.

Capt. Chris Myers teaches fly casting and fishing in the Orlando area. You can also get your fly fishing cast analyzed online at

Saltwater fishing charters near Orlando & Disney

Long distance casting by Danny Fairbrass

Danny Fairbrass shows you how to cast long distance

River Casting the Pelian Of Ranau, Sabah (featuring Rapala CountDown Abachi)

Fred Goh goes on a land-based, river fishing adventure with Rapala fishing team member Fiq Emmet at Ranau in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. The fast-flowing, shallow rivers are home to the Pelian or Mahseer. These fish are easily spooked and very finicky to what they eat. Will the new Rapala CountDown Abachi lures work for the Pelian?

Sountrack Credits:
'So Bueno' by The 126ers
'Move Out' by MK2
'Butchers' by Silent Partner
'Detour' by Gunnar Olsen
'Cut Trance Cephelopod' by Kevin Macleod
'Killing Time' by Kevin Macleod
'Bathed In The Light' by Kevin Macleod

4 Simple Tricks for Better Fly Casting How to Grip and Cast a Fly Rod

Proper grip on a fly rod is an easy way to improve your fly cast. The thumb over grip is the most common grip among great casters. There are times when you might vary your grip and there are even a few tips for handling your fly line more effectively.

TFTMA Show 2014 - Toshinari Namiki Casting Demo

O.S.P's Toshinari Namiki demonstrating advanced casting techniques such flipping, pitching, skipping as well as roll cast, side cast, back cast and more at the 2014 Thailand International Fishing Show.

Le CASTING c'est facile

Nouvelle vidéo tuto, cette fois ci j’essaie de vous guider dans le choix de votre matos casting pour débuter. on parle de la canne, du moulinet et des réglages.

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- major craft benkei 7/28 - abu garcia revo sx

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Ian Gordon's Spey Casting Masterclass

Hardy Pro, Ian Gordon on basic double handed casting fundamentals.


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Pour savoir comment préparer un casting, regardez cette vidéo où Sarah Pérahim comédienne au Studio International des Arts de la Scène ( vous donne tous ses bons conseils pour réussir votre casting.

Si vous ne faites pas partie d'une agence, vous devez postuler des annonces de castings.

Beaucoup de personnes nous demandent comment réussir un casting pour un film, pour un rôle divers voire même pour participer à une émission de télévision comme secret story, money drop ou n'importe quelle émission de télé-réalité.

Dans cette vidéo nous verrons comment se préparer pour devenir comédien ou comédienne dans le cadre d'un film court ou long métrage et non pas pour un casting pompom girl ou cheerleders ;-)

Pour préparer un casting il faut avoir toutes les informations en main. Où a lieu ce casting, quand a t-il lieu.

Lisez bien le texte pour comprendre les enjeux de la scène.
Il faut connaitre son texte par cœur, pour éviter de sortir du personnage. Vous pourrez ensuite improviser.

Arrivez en avance au casting, à l'audition pour discutez éventuellement avec le réalisateur. Le physique va jouer un rôle important, comment vous vous tenez. Parlez sans tabou.

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Carp Casting World Record - 222.34mt

CarpTR Casting 2016 - Sponsored By ShimanoTR

Ludmil Dimov - BULGARİA

Rod - Free Spirit LRS Spod
Reel - Daiwa Wincast
Mono - Sufix Supreme 25mm
Lead - 133gr