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Capture the flag


Capture The Flag Trailer. KiteSurfing

Paintball Sniper Assassin's Capture the Flag 160 PLAYERS! Crazy Huge game!

Opening Day at Paintball Junkeez in Cincinnati Ohio! Over 160 players for this game, and they put the players that had 5 years experience on the attack team (my team) vs everyone else. I think we had around 50 players on our side, so we split in half, 25 attacked the left, and 25 attacked the right. I was on the Right side attack group.

Super fun game! I was using my Factory Realtree Tippmann A-5 with my custom MonsterSpin barrel, and my Custom ZoomCam. Paint was Valken Crusade, I was shooting 270fps.

Capture the Flag at Lehigh Valley Paintball

-Watch on computer for fully annotated video
-Go to 2:00 to skip walking and go to about 6:30 to get to the action

Capture the flag with my bro Quinn and Nick Libutti at LVP. First time testing the new equipment.
Gun - Planet Eclipse Etha
Hopper - Halo Too Empire
Tank - Ninja Grey Ghost 68/4500
Mask - Empire E-Flex
Pod Belt - NXE 4 Pod Harness

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Paintball - Shotgun Capture The Flag [Part 2]

A quick round of CTF at Vaughan Paintball. All gun types allowed.

Part 1:

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Airsoft War Capture The Flag, PDW, Echo 1 AK47, Odyssey Airsoft

Camp Pendleton 4/6/13 I am also aware that in the end of the video, I wrote Gasme instead of GAME

Capture the flag! So many ways to play it! Pevs Paintball

Playing Capture the Flag at Pevs Paintball Park in Aldie Virginia. I get do a lot of front line adrenaline based antics and just love playing the sport! I can't wait to play more small and big games with new people and help grow paintball! Thank you so much for watching guys see you next time and until then always remember to savethepaint

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Paintball Capture the Flag Respawn - Flag Victory

Long Live Paintball New Location - Walk-On GUN Hits didn't count

Camera: Contour +
Marker: Planet Eclipse Geo 2.0
Barrel: Planet Eclipse Shaft 4
Loader: Dye Rotor
Tank: Ninja 68ci 4500psi
Mask: Empire Event
Pack: Valken Redemption Brand Pack
Other: Valken Pants Multicam / Empire Knee Pads / Planet Eclipse Elbow Pads

Byron Saxton competes in a capture the flag contest: NXT, Dec. 7, 2010 (WWE Network Exclusive)

NXT Rookie Byron Saxton is put to the test in a game of capture the flag: Courtesy of the award-winning WWE Network.
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Capture the flag - Sniper Gameplay

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### CAMERAS ###
Scopecam: Canon Legria HF G25
Selfie cam: Mobiüs Action Cam
Head cam: GoPro hero 4 silver

### GUNS ###
My Sniper: Upgraded Tokyo Marui VSR10 Pro Sniper
My Secondary: WE Glock 18C

Zombie Tag & Capture the Flag: Parkour Edition

If you liked this, check out the rest of my uploads! I have tons of parkour jams from Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Las Vegas!

Watch the jam video we shot earlier that day!

Location: Centennial Hills Park aka Butterfly Park in Las Vegas

Canon t2i
Sigma 8-16mm
Glidecam HD-4000

Capture the Flag match - Battalion Airsoft Arena, Jacksonville, FL (01/11/2014)

Capture the flag, we won this match with gathering all three flags, I was using my KWA Kriss Vector. Mammoth, Darkhawk and Rob represent!

Capture the Flag at CQB Paintball - Pistol Play

InBlack from Modern Intel heads down to CQB Paintball in Toronto, Ontario for some capture the flag using his Tiberius 8.1 pistol.
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Modern Intel is YouTube's premier mag-fed paintball channel. Your source for everything from detailed tests and reviews. To hilarious in-game videos and story episodes!

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Capture the Flag w/ pbPanda

Capture the flag with pbPanda on Code Black @ Paintball Explosion. This was at the Assassin Alliance games the day before the World at War Event. The goal was to grab the flags near the sides of of the field and bring them back to your base to get points. Each team gets 1 flashbang stick, which is used to get gain points when thrown into the enemy's base.

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Ultimate Capture the Flag vs POLICE (PARKOUR)

Thanks for raising £500 guys! - The next race is at 1000 subscribers, lets GOOOO!
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All 10,000 miles of this journey will be filmed, cycled and homeless. Due to this, I am raising £10,000 for homelessness, if you'd like to help, please see below!

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How to Play Paintball : How to Play Capture the Flag in Paintball

Learn how to play capture the flag in paintball and the rules and players involved in this game in this free instructional video on paintballing.

Expert: Dan Foss
Bio: Dan Foss is the owner of Paintball Adventures in Cottonwood az. Call Paintball Adventures to book a paintball party in the Sedona Arizona area.
Filmmaker: Chuck Tyler

Crazy Japanese Capture the flag

Cool crazy sport.

Apparently this sport exists since the 1950 :s lol

Parkour and Freerunning 2017 (capture the flag tag!!)

this video includes 3 rounds of capture the flag tag and a few flips hope you enjoy make sure to turn notifications on so you dont miss our next video thank you everyone for the support follow us on twitter @h0rizonparkour

Capture the Flag in Real Life! | Wasteland Ops Capture the Flag Airsoft Gameplay

This is a little bonus game that we played on our first trip to Wasteland Ops located near Ocala Florida. Inspired by the popular FPS game type Capture the Flag we battle it out over several short skirmishes in order to shoot the enemy players, grab the flag, and win the game! Easier said than done right?

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Team - @RWMilSimGC
Matt D - @RWM_No.37
Nick B - @RWM_No._11
Daniel R - @RWM_No54
Christian M - @Christian4mac
Joey T - @RWM_No76
Tyler R - @Tyler_Romines
Joe O - @Joethemedic

BB gun pistol fight - capture the flag

BB gun ware in my back yard its capture the flag

Airsoft: Desert CTF, (Capture The Flag)

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A long Capture the flag video, it took ages to put together, then there was the new intro Tom put together :D I had to reupload over 10 times :L
It was fun to film, but obviously i couldnt film everything at one time, there were 5 skirmishes going on everywhere :/
It came together well in the end though :)
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Its appreciated more than you know :)
I dont own any of this Bf3 music, all rights go to the maker. somewhere in EA ;P



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