Athletes: Warren Verboom (SUI), Luca and Anna Nizzola (SUI), David Tresaco Lobera (ESP)
Olaf Obsommer
Ben Jung
Niclas Löffler
Production: Planet Talk

Canyoning Extrem Auerklamm - Österreich Tirol Ötztal!

Canyoning Extrem Auerklamm in Tirol Österreich mit Outdoorplanet! Die Canyoning Tour für Adrenalin Junkies im Ötzal in Tirol. Hohe Sprünge, Atemberaubende Rutschen & Abseilpassagen bietet die Extrem Canyoning Tour Auerklamm in Österreich. Canyoning pur bei Imst, Haiming in Tirol. Eine Actionreiche Canyoning Tour für Erfahrene Haudegen & sportliche Einsteiger im Ötztal. Canyoningtouren für Einsteiger & Erfahrene Canyonauten bietet Outdoorplanet in Österreich Tirol! Unser Outdoorplanet Rafting & Canyoning Center befindet sich in Haiming bei Imst entfernt im Ötztal. Abenteuer, Action und Spaß mit einem unvergesslichen Naturerlebnis - das ist Canyoning in Österreich mit Outdoorplanet Tirol!

Freestyle Canyoning in Corsica | DEAP Canyoning

The Swiss guys from Deap Canyoning went to Corsica, a rocky french island in the mediterranean sea, during the summer of 2015. They ended up filming some of the most incredible freestyle canyoning footage. The water there is immaculate and the jumps more technical than ever!
Music : Summer Strummin - Kieran Jones - UPPM France
Filmed and edited by Deap Canyoning
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Canyoning - Blue Mountains, Australia

It's called Canyoning

A short movie about Canyoning.

A video produced by Mirko & Stefano Tulli
Written & directed by Mirko Tulli

Music - Marc Teichert - Tides
Voice over - Carl Fanini
Starring - Stefano Tulli, Patrizio Piermartiri, Saul Grannò
Aerial Shots - Maurizio Alfieri
Special thanks to Maurizio Tiburtini

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Spit Sport outdoor di Giacomo Berliocchi

Giglio Rosso Rifugio Rubbiano

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Chamjé Khola - Extreme canyoning in Himalaya (V7-A7-EX)

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Original soundtrack by Zikali:

The story about opening one of the biggest canyon in the world. The Chamjé Khola canyon is located right in the heart of Nepalese Himalaya, between the Annapurnas (8091m) and Manaslu (8163m) mountains. The himalayan canyon Team, a French association, opened there more than 30 canyons since 2004, but they had to wait until 2011 to be ready to face the monster whom is Chamjé Khola. Its final exploration required 5 days of effort, with a delicate and snowy access at high altitude, for a 7km total length of canyon and 2300m of elevation! Led by Rodolphe Sturm, we can appreciate perfectly how the team prepared the challenge, faced the severe problems they had to confront, and how the alchemy between these strong personalities, left place to an unwavering common energy! The longest and most committed canyon ever done.

Gear and techniques for canyoning on:

What is Canyoning?

Here at Vertical Descents we are often asked, what is canyoning and what it involves? So we've put this little movie together to tell you just that! Many of our clients get hooked on this most amazing sport, we hope it inspires them to do it again and hope it inspires you if you haven't already done it to immerse yourself in nature's watery wonderland...

Canyoning in New Zealand (2017)

First canyoning trip in South Island, NZ : breathtaking landcapes and amazing canyons !

Music : Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Original mix).

Techniques de débrayables en canyoning

Comment faire un débrayable en canyoning ? Voici trois techniques possibles. Les deux premières utilisent un huit en butée, la troisième utilise un mousqueton et un demi-cabestan.

Fluo Fun Canyoning

Voici encore un moyen de bomber le torse sur les réseaux sociaux. Avec un peu de courage et des bouées, voici le canyoning fluo fun !
Histoire de mettre en image ce magnifique sport qu'est le canyoning !

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Musiques :

The Black Flowers
The origine Onions

Canyoning La Maglia Juin 2015

HD 1080p ProTune

La Maglia est certes le canyon le plus parcouru de notre département car En il fait parti des 10 plus beaux canyons Européens. De réputation mondiale, cette descente unique offre un nombre impressionnant de sauts et toboggans dans un cadres sauvages et majestueux. Le canyon s'encaisse tout au long du parcours pour nous mener au premier point d'orgue, une Grotte où s'engouffre l'eau dans une partie sombre et envoûtante. la suite du parcours nous plonge de nouveau dans des dédales ponctuer de sauts et nages dans étroit profond et sombre qui constitue le deuxième passage crucial.

Canyoning extreme - France

Voici une vidéo de nos plus belles images de canyoning extreme dans du gros débit. Bien sur, ceci n'est pas à faire sans une parfaite connaissance des lieux et une connaissance des mouvements d'eau.



Canyoning - fall

Canyoning or canyoning is a combination of several activities and adrenaline sports such as mountaineering, climbing, abseiling and swimming. The young man had in this case a blessing in disguise, and the incident escaped only with embossed breath. Canyoning can sometimes be really dangerous.

Canyoning in Ticino - Film

Canyoning, la parola magica per esperienze intense. Una frizzante, vivace avventura che vi lascerà mozzafiato! Un' esperienza di gruppo che vi porterà a scoprire valli discoste, dove l'acqua per millenni ha modellato la natura.

In Ticino è possibile praticare il torrentismo in vari siti sparsi in tutta la regione, se quello che cercate è l'avventura e l'adrenalina lasciatevi trasportare dalle onde dei nostri fiumi.

by Casper Boermans,

Canyoning Interlaken

Adventure and spirit: Welcome to our world. bali canyoning team

All you need to know about Adventure and Spirit, and Canyoning Indonesian and Bali team

Extrem Canyoning - Warren Verboom "Rohschnitt"

Extrem Canyoning mit Warren Verboom in der Schweiz.
Kamera: Red EPIC, Canon 7d, Canon 60d + Unterwassergehäuse, Panasonic GH2
Kameramänner: Ben Jung, Niclas Löffler, Olaf Obsommer



Follow me, my girlfriend and the PurElements Team canyoning a pro line in Austria and exploring the beautiful canyons (Dornbirn)

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Snapchat: @MichiLeber

Directed, Filmed, Edited by Michi Leber.
• Camera: GoPro HERO4 Black
• Editing: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects (CC)
• Main Track: Hellberg - The Girl (Color Source Remix)
• Outro Track: Hellberg - The Girl (Color Source Remix)

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I upload stunts performed either by trained athletes or under the supervision of professionals. Michi Leber insists that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in the video.

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Canyoning - Sierra de Guara 2015

Mai 2015- Canyoning - Espagne - Sierra de Guara - Peonera inférieur - Rio véro.

Canyoning en Isère

Canyoning dans le massif du Vercors, avec les guides de haute montagne Alp'escapade.
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