Camping at the Cave - EP. #202

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After jumping on the bus at the border of Sweden and Finland, I travel for several hours back to the city of Umea, Sweden. Once there, I cycle a short distance out of town and end up spending the night camped out near the entrance of a small cave.

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Survival cooking stove. Renewable fuel camping stove - Kelly Kettle

I love my Kelly Kettle. Unlimited renewable fuel, super versatile, and portable. I use mine all the time for camping and fishing trips but in survival situations access to unlimited renewable fuel makes it far superior to traditional stoves.
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What You Need to Start Car Camping

Car camping trips are one of our favorite ways to enjoy the outdoors without sacrificing comfort. Columnist Bryan Rogala takes us through the essential gear you need for any trunk-based adventure.

3-week Solo Kayak Camping and Fishing in Alaska Heavy Rainfall Issues (part 8)

Part of a 3-week solo kayak camping and fishing trip thru south Alaska. An unusually strong summer storm stranded me for 3 days at this lake. The water level of the lake rose up about 7 feet (2 meters) during the storm and the only exit was down a slot canyon back to the sea. Normally a small creek runs down this slot canyon, but it was a white water river at the time of my exit. I made it out to the sea with all my gear and only hit one rock. Late I would find that this impact with the rock broke through all but one last layer of my fiberglass in my hull, but luckily the kayak did not leak.

Upon reaching the sea again, I catch a 10 pound halibut on my way back to Ketchikan to augment the last of me food stocks and begin the final days of my trip. That halibut was a welcome change from my boring food supply at that point, which consisted of some old tortillas, cheese, sausage and chocolate. Luckily the weather for the final days home are a lot better than most of the trip. In the last part of this video series I make fast progress back to the ferry in Ketchikan and catch a few salmon along the way.

3-week Solo Kayak Camping and Fishing in Alaska one last lake (part 7)

This is Part 7 of a series of videos from a 3-week solo kayak camping and fishing trip thru south Alaska. No extra supplies were available in this remote region on the southern end of Prince of Wales Island. My survival depended on everything that I could pack into a kayak including my food. I paddled from the port of Ketchikan for four days to reach this area. This trip was planned around bushcraft survival skills with fish providing the majority of my food. Although other people visit this area during the summer by boat and float plane at times I did not see another human being for days. The kayak allowed me to portage up into remote lakes with all my gear, and many of these lakes are only accessible by float plane or hiking.

In this video, I am leaving a camp at the Johnson River mouth where black bears feed on salmon day and night for the two days (see part 6). Often times these bears would walk past my tent, but they were interested in fish and not in bothering me or my gear. It made for some unforgettable camping conditions. After hiking for several hours inland to Johnson lake I realized that I would never be able to bring my kayak up to the lake and I pushed onward to the final lake on the trip.

At this point in the trip, I am running low on the food that and I am relying more on fish as my main food source. In this video (part 7) the camp that I leave has abundant salmon and trout, but the camp that I arrive at has almost no fish (part 8). The only fish I am able to catch at the second camp are pink salmon that have been in the fresh water for several weeks or longer. These are poor quality eating fish, and I primarily ate the eggs. Additionally, bad weather is coming in fast at this second camp and the conditions of the passage into this lake make it impossible to leave until after the storm has passed. In the next episode (Part 8) the heavy rainfall forces me to seek refuge in a hunters cabin until the storm passes and the water level of the lake falls.

Cold Snap Hacks for Camping

10 Tips in 10 Minutes if you're FYB while Camping.

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Winter wild camping on a snowy Glencoe mountain top

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Winter wild camping on a snowy Glencoe mountain top
A high pressure system was in charge for a few days and after the cold snap and snow fall, I decided to head out for a winter wild camp.
Forecasts said it was to be the coldest night of the year with temperatures as low as -10. Weather was great, got blue skies, sunsets, sunrises, above the clouds and also a shot of the northern lights ( aurora ).
Been wild camping up Beinn a' Chrulaiste before but this was first time in snow and freezing conditions.
Amazing experience and got some nice snaps an video sequences.

Winter wild camping on a snowy cold Glencoe mountain top

NB -The content within is strictly only reports from my trips out detailing the days we have had. They are not intended as guides or routes to be used by others - rather memories of my trips. Take care and be responsible for your activities. Be safe and prepared and have a great time in the Great Outdoors :)


Fishing and Camping Adventure | TAFishing

I went off on a Fishing and Camping trip with Emmy and her sister Beth. We went rock fishing and camped out in my new bell tent! I used a dropshot rig with ragworm for bait. The target species was some early spring Wrasse and we hooked into some Totally Awesome action!! A slightly different approach to this episode, it was a competition between myself, Emmy and Beth as to who caught the longest fish. Guess who wins?! Hope you enjoy the video guys! - Mike
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How to Make Camping More Comfortable

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You can enjoy nature while taking advantage of some old camping tricks and new comforts.

Step 1: Pack clothing and protection
Pack extra clothing for all sorts of weather, including rain gear and extra boots. Remember to pack sunscreen, bug sprays, and a first-aid kit. Nothing is less comfortable than suffering burns, bites, and injuries.

Drink a tablespoon of white vinegar three times daily for the week before your trip, as well as during the trip, to keep the mosquitoes away.

Step 2: Stash food
Stash food in tin canisters to keep it safe and fresh. Use coffee cans to keep toilet paper dry and store matches and money in screw-top jars.

Step 3: Set up tents
Set up a compartmentalized tent, which can zipper to a storage tent or other tents. Quarantine a bug-free tent exclusively for meals.

Step 4: Make a bed
Fold bubble wrap for a cushy mat. Be thrifty and use the wrap as a mattress as well, or bring along a foam or air mattress.

Step 5: Use aluminum foil
Use aluminum foil to cover drinks, layer it to use as cookware, or use it as a cooking workspace.

Consider getting cooking stations with sinks, cupboards, counter tops, and lighting.

Step 6: Get more light
Construct a foil or pie pan reflector to duct tape around lights and brighten things around the camp. String LED lights to illuminate the campground for natural nocturnal emergencies. Now enjoy your comfortable camping trip with friends or family.

Did You Know?
More than 275 million visits were recorded in America's national park system in 2007 -- 3 million more than in 2006.

Guide to Camping Beds and Mats

In this video Sally shows us the different options for beds to take camping. It looks the pros and cons of roll-mats, air beds , self inflating mats and campbeds to help you find the best one to suit your style of camping

Pro Tips: Deal With Your Period While Camping

That time of the month is never fun, but it can feel extra annoying to deal with your period in the backcountry. Nine expert ladies share their best tips.

Top 5 Best Portable Camping Shower Reviews

Today we are showing you Top 5 Best Portable Camping Shower. Please check the article Best pressure camping shower reviews at our website.

1. Rinsekit.
2. Eccotemp L5 Portable Tankless Water Heater.
3. Nemo’s Helio Pressure Shower.
4. EasyGo Products
5. Ivation battery-powered handheld portable shower.

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Six days winter camping... solo

I spend six days in mid January 2016 winter camping hot tenting in the Adirondacks. Two days were devoted to travel; getting to and setting up camp then breaking camp and returning home. The other four days I ice fish, bushwhack/ski, process wood, and hunt; mostly I just enjoy the solitude that only winter can provide.

Alpine Lake Camping and Fishing Trip - McFly Angler Episode 20

This was a blast of a time hanging with Carter and camping overnight at the small alpine lake by my house. Its so beautiful up there, and its nice being away and out in nature. Building a fire is soothing and relaxing, and its just so enjoyable to go up there.

Not only did we get to camp out overnight, but we got to do some fishing for small rainbow trout, cutthroat trout, and brook trout.

Honestly I was pleasantly surprised at our mountain house breakfast meal. Unfortunately our backpackers pantry meal we had at night was not too great. But that mountain house was awesome! Tasted just like an omelet!

Incase any of you wanted to know where I got my gear for this trip, you can get all of it for a few hundred dollars. The best deal is the backpack which worked way better than I expected, and it was only $69.99 at the time of purchase.

Camping Gear
Teton Sports Scout 3400 Backpack -
Kelty Salida 2 Tent -
Kelty Salida 2 Tent Footprint -
Tops B.O.B. Knife -
Tops Mini Scandi Knife -
Laplander Folding Saw -
Mountain House Breakfast Skillet - (you can find them at walmart for a bit better price, so get it at walmart if you can)

Fishing Gear
TFO Lefty Kreh Series II - 5wt Fly Rod -
Sage 2250 Fly Reel -
Rio Mainstream Fly Line - Only $25 for the WF5F!!! Awesome Deal! -

If there was anything you saw me use that you have questions about, just use the comment section to ask. I am happy to try and elaborate on my gear. Also, if I didnt list it above, just ask, and I will try to get you the best info to where you can get it.

Snow Camping with Griffin Post

Snow camping is a creative act. With snow as your cement, you get to customize everything: your kitchen, your living space, your very rad home away from home. See how Griffin Post sets up his camp. ‪#LetsCamp.

Learn more at:

Camping and Fishing in WV/Vlog#11

I went camping with some friends for a weekend in West Virginia

Bushmen pt. 2 - Camping, Trapping and Shovel Throwing!

Koala Grylls and I are picked up by Lamb and we head down south for some camping and trapping. We set some traps and the next day we find some interesting animals in them...
You can buy the recurve we use here -
Some Duke #3 traps that we used to catch the fox are sold here -
Camcorder I used -

Bicycle Camping in Spain - Campsite Tour

Learn to conduct your own incredible cycling adventures anywhere in the world with my best-selling book, The Bicycle Touring Blueprint ►

Here's a quick video tour of my bicycle campsite in northern Spain. In this video I show you how I set up my tent, where I place my panniers, how I use my front bike light as an interior light for my tent at night, plus a whole lot more.

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How to Warm Up Fast in the Morning after Camping in the Cold

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Camping in cold weather doesn't have to mean being cold all day. Prepare the night before to get your body toasty fast in the morning.

Step 1: Set up early
Set up your sleeping area early so it can absorb heat during the day. You should bring a foam pad to sleep on, a sleeping bag designed for temperatures colder than you expect, and a tent that has proper ventilation to prevent condensation building up inside.

Choose synthetic fibers for both your clothes and sleeping bag. Cotton traps moisture and is difficult to dry once it has gotten wet.

Step 2: Eat and drink
Drink extra water and consume extra calories during winter backpacking. Food and water are necessary for your body to generate heat.

Step 3: Do pre-bed exercise
Do a few jumping jacks or run in place before getting into your sleeping bag. This will heat up your body, which in turn heats up the sleeping bag. Heat the bag; the bag heats you.

Go to the bathroom before you go to bed. Your body needs to use up energy to keep that extra fluid warm, so get rid of it!

Step 4: Sleep
Put a warm, tightly sealed water bottle inside your sleeping bag at your feet to help hold in heat. Never sleep with your face inside the bag, as that will trap moisture. Instead, wear a hat and scarf to keep warm.

Put tomorrow's clothes in between your bag and your sleeping pad, and bring your boot insoles or socks into the sleeping bag, to warm them before morning.

Step 5: Layer up
Layer up your clothes in the morning. Your body temperature is at its lowest right when you wake up, so you will need these layers until you become more active.

Step 6: Eat
Eat a full but short meal in the morning. This could include oatmeal, hot chocolate, or anything that is warm. Eat quickly so you don't lose body heat sitting still.

Step 7: Get moving
Get moving! The longer your body sits without activity, the longer it has to lose heat. So get out and get active.

Did You Know?
As of 2010, the coldest temperature ever recorded in the United States was minus 80 degrees Fahrenheit in Prospect Creek, Alaska, on January 23, 1971.