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Bungee jumping


World's Highest Bungee Jump ᴴᴰ (Backwards!)

Officially the world's highest commercial bungee jump at 233 m/764 ft.

Jumping happened 5th Jan 2012 from Macau Tower, Macau; China. It was wet, it was windy and my God was it scary.

Bungee Jumping Kraków - Walka ze strachem i ciekawa reakcja :)

Każdy moment jest dobry, żeby przywitać się z oglądającymi filmik! ;-)

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Bungee Kraków - boisz się matury?

Boisz się matury? Prawdziwy strach czeka cię gdy staniesz nad przepaścią przed decyzją o skoku!

Sprawdź siebie i swoje możliwości, zrobimy wszystko by Ci pomóc :)

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Dream Jump - Dubai 4K

What sounds like a nightmare for most is still a dream for others; to BASE jump off the world's second highest residential structure with the most qualified athletes in the world.

SkydiveDubai and XDubai have partnered with DreamJump to bring dreams to extreme reality when they opened the opportunity for limited people from the public to jump using the DreamJump System.

In addition to the dream jumps, a total of 558 BASE Jumps occurred in a matter of just a few days off the Princess Tower in the heart of the Dubai Marina.

Dubai Film has partnered alongside SkydiveDubai and XDubai to bring the fear, adrenaline, laughter, excitement, and joy for you to enjoy.

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Ninja Tracks: Collider
Ninja Tracks: Eon

Jak można skoczyć w Bungee Jumping Kraków?

Poznajcie kilka z opcji na pierwsze skoki, zróżnicowane tak, aby każdy z nich był wyjątkowym przeżyciem!

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Bungee Jumping Kraków - Skok w wannie

Film z okazji 4 urodzin Bungee Jumping Kraków ;-)

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Brave girl Sanu, bungee jumping in Nepal | 3rd highest jump in the world | 160m/525f

Sanu Thapa I always wanted to do something different then general woman. When i heard my male friends are going to do Bungy jumping, i could not stop going with them. First, there was a question, does this lady have a courage to jump ? i said why not ? if you can do it, i of course can do it . I loved the experience of being myself while jumping.
Trip booked with

Bungee Jumping Ibagué - Viaducto El Tigre

Colombia Bungee Jumping | Descarga De Adrenalina Extrema | - El mejor salto Bungee del país a 130 Metros de Altura. ¡Una experiencia única e inolvidable!

Bungee Jumping Kraków - zakończenie sezonu 2017r.

Zapraszamy ponownie do skoków od kwietnia 2018r. !

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Bungee Pokhara by HighGround Adventures

Bungee pokhara is the newest and the hottest adventure attraction to hit Nepal in 2014. It is located 25 mins away from the scenic town from Pokhara. Visit for more information

TOP 10 most EXTREME jump, Bungee Jumping from the HIGHEST Places in the WORLD

TOP 10 most EXTREME jump, dangerous jumps, Bungee Jumping from the HIGHEST Places in the WORLD:
Dangerous jumps, extreme Bungee jumps from The Royal Gorge Bridge, USA Colorado - Height 291 m
EXTREME Bungee jump from Bloukrans Bridge, Western Cape, South Africa - Height 216m
EXTREMAL Bungee jumping from Macau Tower, Macau, China - Height 338 m - Height for jumping- 233m
Dangerous extremal jumps, EXTREME Bungee, jumps from, Bhote Koshi River, Nepal, Kathmandu - Height 238m
EXTREME Bungee jumping from Verzasca Dam,Ticino, Switzerland - Height 220m
Dangerous jumps, EXTREME Bungee jump from AJ Hackett, steve hackett, Skypark Sochi, Russia - Height 248m
Dangerous jumps, EXTREMAL Bungee jumping from Kölnbrein Dam, Carinthia, Austria - Height 220m
EXTREME Bungee jump from Taupo Bungee Lake Taupo, North Island of New Zealand - Height 235m
Dangerous jumps, EXTREME Bungee jumping from Sky Breakers, Finland - Height 210m






Bungee Jumping Kraków 2016

Ach te emocje.. ;-)

Bungee Jumping India - Della Bungee - Kunwar Amar - 31 Dec 2013

Bungee Jumping Hamburg Hafenkran 1.7.2012

GoPro:Bridge bungee jumping

Bungee jumping off the Young's High Bridge in Anderson Co. Video by Mark Cornelison

525 Feet Thrilling Bungee Jumping in Nepal, The 3rd Highest Natural Jump in World!

The Last Resort, Nepal -- 525 ft (160 m)
It gives you a scope to look and jump off from the longest Nepalese suspension bridge across one of the scariest tropical gorges, with the Bhote Kosi River rumbling below. You can remain in air for a long time during your free fall amid the charming valley sights.
More at -


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Bungee Jumping Kraków - Walka ze śmiechem

Opis jest zbędny, ten film po prostu trzeba zobaczyć w całości!

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First Time Bungee Jumping!!!

Alex took me up to Amboy, WA which is home of the USA's tallest bungee jumping location and we jumped off twice! It was 200 feet tall and super scary/exciting!

Bungee Jumping Kraków 2016

Bungee Jumping Kraków 2016



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