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Bumper pool


Bumper Pool 101

Bumper Pool Shots at the lake

How to play bumper pool


Bumper Pool (Game 3): Matt vs. Will

It seems as if there's some really bad allergies in the air! Haha, don't forget to subscribe for all the latest bumper pool videos!

Bumper Pool (Game 1): Embarrassing Excuse For a Game

First game of bumper pool that we're uploading of me losing from the come from behind victory. Not to mention the terrible shots on mainly my part. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy and please subscribe!

bumper pool

white-Joe red-Johnny

Jesse Engel plays some bumper pool with Sheedz 2013-09-21

The next Bonus Ball? Maybe, but the 21 year-old Jesse Engel had better sharpen up his game.

Bumper Pool Trick Shots (Episode 1)

This is a short first video that we couldn't wait to upload since we just got the table this week. Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe to see all our new videos as soon as they come out. Thanks. -Matt

Bumper Pool Trick Shots 4 | Next Level

Novuss - Tournament: LAT - UKR

Novuss - Tournament; Germany, 17.01.2009

glass pool table is beyond awesome

Ten film powstał przy użyciu Edytora wideo YouTube (

bumper pool shots vol. 1

Created on February 21, 2010 using FlipShare.

Bumper Pool (Game 2): Matt vs. Will

First posted win I had. Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe for more!

Billard hexagonal

Billard hexagonal

Bumper Pool game

Bumper pool game

round pool table rotapool


Bumper Pool Trick Shots! | Next Level

Bumper Pool Trick Shots 3 | Next Level

Something big will be happening, stay tuned!

Bumper Pool Trick Shots 2 | Next Level

Pool Table Installation: Step 4 - The Rails

- Click below for the complete Step-By-Step YouTube Playlist! -

While the leveling process is happening, one installer will begin to prepare the cloth to put on the rails. This is done by making a small rip in the fabric and tearing it straight down.

The felt goes on over the rail and a long, thin piece of wood called the Feather Strip is placed over it. Our installers next mark the center of the feather strip so they can match it up perfectly later.

Once the cloth is in place and Feather Strip is on top, our installer pounds the feather stip in to secure the felt. He then removes the excess felt and continues pounding so that it is level with the surface of the rail. This is an easy process for an amateur to make a mistake during because if the wood is pounded too hard, it can accidental ally crush the finish of the rail.

Next our installers staple the felt on and stretch it to ensure that it is taught and wrinkle free.

Our installer then cuts the excess cloth again.

The stapling is done at 1/2 to 1 intervals all the way around the rails. The installer is careful to keep it taught all the way around as he works. If a wrinkle somehow occurs, he must undo the stapling to that point and redo the section to fix the wrinkle. No wrinkles are ever permitted because they can affect play.

Once more, they remove excess cloth so that it doesn't get trapped under the table which could change the trajectory of the ball.

bumper pool (2-on-1)

white-Joe red-Nicole and Johnny
they take two shots for my one shot



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