How To 0Play Bowlliards

billiard (bowlliards)

me playing bowlliards with my left hand as a practice. originally I'm right-hander.

222 Bowlliards Score

Me in (drunken) practice scoring a 222 in a game of Bowlliards.
Score is: X - X - 9/ - X - X - X - 09 - X - X - X 5 / :(

May 19th practice time lapse re-camera

1 fps re-camera Bowliards score 98% 118/120

Bowliards Pool Practice at Fred Matzke's (fredm4315)

One rack bowliards runnout during practice session. Bowliards is scored similar to bowling. 10 frames/racks per game. Runnout in 1 inning = strike. Runnout in 2 innings = spare ect.. Ref BCA rulebook. Shooter is Fred Matzke.

Draw Drill

Power Draw Shot

The Crucifix

Sports Fest 2008 - UPEC

Sports Fest 2008
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The Small Grid Drill


Ein Spare in der Trainingsdisziplin Bowliard


I tried but I fail...

Raw Pool 261. Bowlard. 1 of 12


Who is "Buzzy"? Part 2 with Jaclyn Rosato

Pool consistency practice

Raw Pool 263. Bowlard. 3 of 12



ein Strike in der Trainingsdisziplin Bowliard


Strike beim Bowliard

9-ball run-out workout to 11. 60 ball run shooting balls in rotation.

I am running these out in ascending order (lowest ball first) as the rules intend in 7/9/10-balI. I accidentally did 5 balls twice, lol. No this is not a true 60 ball run because of the (fucking) wall in my house. Yes, I know it is completely my fault that I ended up on it but there was no way I would have gotten that shit leave on 9, or missed the 9 that easy shot if the walls didn't force me to jack way up, so I counted it. A few sloppy outs; but outs nonetheless. Thanks for watching.