Boffer fighting

Epic Boffer Combat - July 4th 2011 *HD*

July 4th, 2011

Dust? Check. Action? Check. Slow-mo melodramatic death charge? Double check. Complete with score curated from among Hollywood's finest with an effect calculated to convince the most hard-boiled critic that this is a SERIOUSLY EPIC BATTLE.

Believe it.

WiTH Boffer Fighting

Wargames in Twisted History, family-oriented boffering group here in Keizer, OR

This was this latest battle and swords tournament. My video camera is malfunctioning right now so it's just a set of stills set to an over-the-top tune. Enjoy! Video coming soon, I hope!

Boffer Fighting

This is me fighting someone (his names Tony)

All skills seen in video are because of WillGray42, check out his vids.

Boffer Fight | Epic Nerd Camp 2017

At ENC 2017, many of our campers participated in boffer battles (read: fighting with foam swords).

Don't know how, but curious to learn? Come to Epic Nerd Camp. We provide a safe space for adult geeks to explore their passions. Choose your own camp adventure!

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Team Boffer Fighting

Two teams take each other on at an Order of the Roc sparring session.

WiTH Boffer Fighting to Python

Finally got my video camera to upload the 5 minutes of video I got before it died, and decided to set it to the Black Knight scene from Monty Python. Enjoy!

Magnus' Fighting Tutorials Episode 1: Equipment and Stance

Basic stances for sword & shield fighting; overview of equipment options.

Mont Royal Tam Tam Boffer Fight

Me getting owned by serious sword fighters

(A Tastefully Edited) Boffer Fight, 06/03/2016

Attention, future peanut gallery: the camera can hear you :D

TGS: Boffer Fight 7

David vs Markus (white helmet).

Boffer Fights

This is me much fighting WillGray42 's former second in command.

Check out WillGray42 for awesome swordfighting videos!

Boffer sword fighting 10/15/08

fight with boffer swords

Boffer fight, skirmish line

Quite a few people in a rather typical disorganized skirmish

Boffer fight solid lines

Two lines, and no holds barred.

Kids Boffer Fighting at Gamestorm 2011

Boffer fight 8

Kate and Ryan fight

Boffer fights # 67,89037457934

Sparring with padded weapons.

NW Boffer League ~ group fighting

A compilation of group fighting during NW Boffer League.

Boffer Fighting

Keeping in fighting shape with the help of Steve.

Boffer fight 10

Cameron and Kate fight