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Board track racing


1920s & 1930s Board Track Racing

A misc. collection of board track racing from the 1920s and 1930s.

First Ever Recorded Motor Racing Accident (1919)

First Ever Recorded Motor Racing Accident (1919). This is rare footage of Louis Chevrolet (co-founder of Chevrolet Motor Car Company) racing at Coney Island, NY in September of 1919. Louis is driving the number 7 Frontenac. The images have been reversed, and the footage shows the cars racing clockwise around the track, instead of counter-clockwise.Louis is seated on the infield side of his machine, with his riding mechanic seated on the outside of the car. This was one of the last races he ever competed in. He dropped out when his car caught on fire. The movie has been edited, and we see the start of the race, Louie taking the early lead, the fire, and then Louis racing side by side.

1920's Auto Racing on Altoona Raceway Wooden Track (16mm 1080i ProRes)

16mm film transferred at CinePost in Marietta, GA. Features cars racing on at Altoona Raceway's wooden track.

Skateboarding Meets Four-Cross Racing - Red Bull Feel the Wheel

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Specialized skateboarding with a nod to four-cross racing, that's Red Bull Feel the Wheel in a nutshell. Four riders on longboards go head to head on a BMX-style racetrack to see who can pump their way to the finish line first. The unique track features both dirt, wood, and asphalt terrain, keeping riders on their toes as they crank around the track. Czech out the best action from Red Bull Feel the Wheel from the Czech Republic.

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28-Year-Old Honda CR 500 Races Iconic Track vs Modern MX Bikes

Nev Bradshaw was looking for the ultimate buzz and decided to race a 1989 CR500 at the iconic Foxhills track for the last round of the British 2 stroke championship!
Watch the final episode of 'For the Love of 2 Strokes' now -

Pusherman Racing ~ Boardtrack Insider

Boardtrack Insider takes you inside the oval at Davenport 2010


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Onboard with Josh Brookes, RD7 Oulton Park race two

Onboard in MCE BSB race two with Josh Brookes at Oulton Park - round seven.

Filmed on the Drift HD Ghost -- Official on board camera for the 2013 MCE BSB Series
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Sled-Works Board Track Racer - First Run

First run of a scratch built board track motorcycle.

On board with Max Verstappen for a 360 lap of Zandvoort

Now you can feel like you're right onboard with Formula One! Join Max Verstappen for spin as he rips a lap of Zandvoort in our title winning RB8.

Filmed in association with GoPro

Indian Board Track Movie.wmv

Indian motorcycle board track racing

On Board High Speed Motorcycle Racing GoproHD Colorado Arizona Fast Bikes

IG: wabisabi_cycles

High Plains Raceway

Another Board Track Racer ...slideshow

I put together a slideshow of pictures that were taken during the building of this bike.

More photos on FLICKR

Zakopane Board racing

Snowboard Racing by sitting on the boards.


Vintage footage of the board track in Tipton, Pennsylvania, during the 1920's.

Davenport 2010 Boardtracker Crash

Watch Pusherman Racing's coverage of the 22nd Annual Half Mile Flat Track Antique Motorcycle Races. Pusherman Racing runs in the Boardtrack Class (no clutch, no brakes, push start) with a 1929 Harley-Davidson JD engine on a team built chassis representative of designs from back in the day. Cheer on the Pusherman, our man in Green, as he takes on the treacherous Davenport Speedway.

Sled-Works Run to Third Thursday at Blue Cat Motors, Sept 19 2013

Third Thursday at Blue Cat Motors, Sled-Works, Board Track Racer

Dave Fusiak starting his Harley-Davidson board tracker

Video taken 9-26-09 in Kent, CT of this 8-valve 1000cc four-piper.

Crazy street racing! Peel Kart Race - On Board

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Motorized Bicycle Board Track Racer Part 1

Hi Folks,

This is My Hommage to old school Boardtrackers like the INDIANS - EXCELSIORS - HARLEYS - and others for example.

I built this Bike within one week only - but with many emotions and preparings to make this Project succsessful.

Anyway, here ist the Pic and Vid.

Video Quality is poor (320P), sorry for that - HD Video also a running mode of the bike are following soon as possible.

Please take a look to the Pics also - because they can give you a lot more details of the bike.

Today in very hot temperatures outside, the bike starts after 10m of pedaling and unlock the clutch immediately and runs very well.
My heart beats like a drum, but this is normal in this situation.
The Maiden run was very impressive for me!

Some short Carburetor idling tuning, and all is OK! - Thank God ;o) !!!

Some Information-Specs:

Frame: KCP Aloah-Cruiser Frame
Tires: KENDA
Engine: 80cc (or 66cc US/EU real measure) Stock 2-Stroke Kit
Lights: Front 9 Volts-5xSMD Bulb - rear 3 Volts Cree LED)
Dual right Brake Lever
Brakes: 2x V-Brake with Ceramic Pads
Engine Chain: DID Japanese high Quality 415 STD
Cycle Transmission: Shimano 6-Speed Revo & KMC Chain
Pedals: UNION Classic / german Fabrication
Bike Stand: Original HEBIE/Germany for heavy (E)-Bikes
Gasoline: A special mixture of SHELL 95 Octane and very high Quality 2-T Full Synth Oil. Ratio is 1:30

If anyone have a question, post it down below - i will answer you.

Greets and happy engineering ;o)




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