World Blackball Pool Championships - Perth 2014 - Day 2 - Oct 31st

TR6 2012-2013 Bretagne Blackball - Sébastien Ramier vs Yannick Geay

Finale de la 6ème étape du championnat de Bretagne de Billard Blackball le 24 mars 2013 à Pluzunet (22) opposant Yannick Geay (Quimper) à Sébastien Ramier (Noyal-Pontivy).

Blackball Rules

Brief explanation on the Blackball Pool Rules

BLACKBALL - Iouri Podladtchikov | TransWorld SNOWboarding

Whether sending massive, tweaked out methods, tickling the lip with a slash, or sending doubles to the moon, there’s a unique beauty to riding transition. Iouri Podladtchikov has spent years perfecting his moves in the U-tube and has an arsenal of stylish tricks that range from mega difficult to fun and full of flare. Last year, Iouri spent a bit of time at his home resort in Laax, Switzerland and filmed this artful edit in and around the pipe. Without any overbearing contest pressure, Iouri let loose, slayed the pipe and had a hell of a time doing it. Fellow Swiss rider, Christian Haller joined Iouri for next-level artistic shredding in the pipe.

Filmed at: Laax

Edited by: Kris Ludi

Filmed by: Kris Ludi, Tobias Bonfanti, David Bertschinger Karg, Christoph Thoresen



17_18 Finale de la Coupe de Bretagne BlackBall à Cavan

17_18 Finale de la Coupe de Bretagne BlackBall à Cavan de la Ligue de Bretagne de Billard

1998 Masters Final Hendry v Wiliams - Re-Spotted Black

1998 Masters Final Hendry v Wiliams - Re-Spotted Black

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FINAL: IPA Tour: European Open 2016 Dunster v McAllister

Join the IPA in Warwick for the best in Blackball Pool

Locals Steal the Wedge Blackball Flag in Heavy Surf - The Inertia

The bodysurfers vs. nearly everyone else (bodyboarders, surfers, skimboarders) drama at the Wedge in Newport Beach, CA is alive and well. This Sunday, May 1st marked the start of the year’s blackballing of all boardriders from the Wedge. Not everyone was happy about that.

As usual the Wedge Preservation Society (a group of longtime Wedge bodysurfers) planted their oversized, ceremonial blackball flag at 10am exactly, when blackball officially began. When everyone was watching a set wave roll in a bodyboarder wrapped his shirt around his face, grabbed the flag, and bolted down the beach. Most everyone seems to be getting a good-humored laugh over it!

The Inertia: Surfing's Definitive Community //

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Black Ball Science ᴴᴰ (Vol.2)

Music by Johnny Jewel - Home (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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O'Sullivan v Murphy Dramatic Black Ball Game {HD1080p}

2017 World Snooker

Black Ball Drama

Music by Perturbator The Price of Failure
From the album 'I Am the Night' (2012)

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Potting Practice Routine - Black ball from it's spot

Potting the black ball from the spot is a common shot in snooker, especially during break building. Here Barry demonstrates a little repetitive practice routine to pot the black from the spot using pace. This will examine a players cue action and consistency.

Shaun Chipperfield v Craig Lakin (8ball, blackball, money match)

8 Ball money match at The Court Club, Peterborough, UK between Shaun Chipperfield and Craig Lakin. First to 25, played to Blackball rules. May 2016.

Jason Shaw - Cristian Ramier. World blackball 2010 Final. Rus comments

genipool14 youtube channel

EPIC BLACK BALL CURSE!!! Ding Junhui vs Marco Fu - 2016 China Championship

A series of EPIC BLACK BALL misses between Ding Junhui and Marco Fu at the 2016 China Championship. Neither player could break the curse so easily!

This one was a surprising end to a great match between two world class players who simply couldn't pot an easy Black Ball just waiting to be potted.

It happened at the Round 1 match of the new big-money Guangzhou tournament i.e., the 2016 China Championship.

During the 9th frame of the 11-frame Round 1 match between Ding Junhui and Marco Fu, neither Ding nor Fu could pot the final black ball - at least for a while!

A total of 7 misses were encountered before Ding's long pot attempt on the black ball took a different turn to wound up the black ball right near the bottom left corner pocket.

This one's is simply entertaining to watch!

With Fu's frame victory turning to wrap up the game, he stunned mainland rival Ding with a terrific 6-3 victory.

Fu lost 6-2 to Shaun Murphy in the Quarterfinals of the Championship. John Higgins became the inaugural winner by beating Stuart Bingham 10-7 in the final.

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Blackball Master 2017 champ. de France à Albi THEBEAULT VS DUMORTIER

Blackball Master 2017 champ. de France à Albi THEBEAULT VS DUMORTIER

Mark Williams vs Stephen Hendry Black Ball Game (2010 UK Championship)

Mark Williams beats his good friend Stephen Hendry 9-6 to go through to the quarter-finals in a black ball game which Stephen Hendry should have easily won. Later in the day, seven-time world champion Hendry revealed in an interview that he had been suffering from 'yips' for the last ten years.

BlackBall Exercise #13 - Double Potting - Pool & Billiard Training Lesson

This is an exercise to practice double potting when one ball is hanging in a pocket
Objective of this exercise is to determine what kind of shot , follow or draw, is needed to achieve the double potting.
Venez découvrir Le Billard Club Castanet-Tolosan à coté de Toulouse en Midi-Pyrénées.

Ecole De Billard du Billard Club Castanet-Tolosan
Les cours ont lieu le mardi de 19h00 à 20h30.
Enfants (- 18 ans) :
Les cours ont lieu le mercredi de 17h00 à 18h30.

Une production Vidéo de Michel Le Neillon - Toulouse - France
Montage avec Premiere Elements 12 Adobe.
Musique de Youtube Creator Studio.

Visitez le site de la FFB Fédération Française de Billard ou FFSB Fédération Française Sport Billard :

et aussi LBEI :