Big game hunting

Hunting dangerous game in Mozambique

So, you've hunted deer, elk, moose and other big game. Perhaps you've even done a few plains game safaris. But do you think you're ready for the hunting safari adventure of a lifetime, in what is still truly wild Africa, where you're still very much part of the food chain? Here's what's in store for you at Mahimba, Mozambique. Full hunt videos coming soon to Team Wild TV

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We reverse the roles as Andro gets behind the Weatherby and we run the cameras.

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Lion charge on bow hunter! Deadly close call at 3 meters. HUNTING IN AFRICA

Big game bow hunter is charged by a lion, the situation quickly escalates into a deadly one! HUNTING IN AFRICA

Hunting Giant Wild Boar in Hungary

Ian Harford is after a big keiler in the forests of North-West Hungary with outfitter Wonderhart Hunting. The forest is a bursting with game. Will he connect? Watch this film to find out...

Big Game Himalayan Tahr hunt, Mountain Goat, upper landsborough

freerange wild Tahr mountain goat hunt in New Zealands Southerns Alps, upper Landsborough wilderness area, 6th period ballot. 12 inch bull, long range shooting, Josh James and Smiddy


web -
Dangerous Game Down Under is a 60 Min Bowhunting movie.
See hunting Buffalo and wild Boar and some spectacular scenery and wildlife.
from Tusker Productions

Big Game hunting in the Northwest Territories of Canada Part 1

Part Two of Jordan Goza's and Kevin Meacham's trek to the Northwest Territories of Canada. Join the guys as they continue to go after Dall Sheep, Mountain Caribou, and Canadian Moose.


Ben heads to the Central North island in search for his first animal with the bow.

Big Bore Airgun Hunting - Red Hartebeest with the Benjamin Rogue .357

In the stunning surroundings of South African's East Cape we take to the hill with the Benjamin .357 Rogue Air Rifle to stalk one of Africa's larger species of Antelope, the Red Hartebeest. The wind is in our favour, but is the Rogue ready to perform...

GLOCK Hunting - Big Game with a GLOCK. - Keith Warren

Highlights of Keith Warren and his buddy Chad Mathis in the field hunting with GLOCKs.

African Lion Charge

See the trailer of the exciting DVD movie Dream or Nightmare as a big game hunter is in for than he bargained for on this Lion hunt! Is this your dream or nightmare?

Big game hunting rifles 2014

Savage Axis, 223
Tikka T3, 308
Ruger Mark 77, 243
Savage 99, 300 Savage
Marlin 30A, 30-30
Winchester 70, 30-06
Browning Madalion, 375 H&H Magnum

Up Close with Big Game - Fieldsports Africa, episode 5

Go bowhunting and you need to get close to animals. In Africa that means many times the excitement. Go bowhunting and you also need to be sure of your shot. That means practice and the best quality bow tech. Richard Leonard goes behind the scenes of a buffalo and lechwe bow hunt to find out the latest tech available for big game bowhunters. Plus there is Fieldsports Africa News, with all the stories making waves in African hunting circles.

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Dogo hunting big game Wild Boar,Puma

In the 1928, Antonio Nores Martinez. a medical doctor, professor and surgeon, set out to breed a big game hunting dog that was also capable of being a loyal pet and guard dog. Antonio Martinez picked the Cordoba Fighting Dog to be the base for the breed. This breed is extinct today but was described as a large and ferocious dog that was a great hunter. He crossed it with the Great Dane, Boxer, Spanish Mastiff, Old English Bulldog, Bull Terrier, Great Pyrenees, Pointer, Irish Wolfhound and Dogue de Bordeaux. Nores Martinez continued to develop the breed via selective breeding to introduce the desired traits.

The Dogo Argentino is a large white short-coated dog with a smooth muscular body that rarely has any markings (any type of marking or spot on the coat is considered a flaw).

Height: From 23.6 to 25.6 inches (60--65 cm), measured at the withers. Weight: From 88.2 to 99.2 pounds (40--45 kg). The length of the body is just slightly longer than the height, but female dogs may be somewhat longer in body than male dogs. The length of the front leg (measured from point of elbow to the ground) is approximately equal to one-half of the dog's height at the withers. The head has a broad, slightly domed skull and the muzzle is slightly higher at the nose than the stop, when viewed in profile. The tail is set low, thick at the base and tapers to a point. It has been described as looking similar to an American Bulldog or a tall, solid white American Pit Bull Terrier.

As in the Dalmatian, white Boxer, and the white Bull Terrier, the dogo may experience pigment-related deafness. There is possibility of an approximate 10% deafness rate overall with some dogos afflicted unilaterally (one deaf ear) and some bilaterally (deaf in both ears). Studies have shown that the incidence of deafness is drastically reduced when the only breeding stock used is that with bilaterally normal hearing. Hip dysplasia is also a possibility in this breed.

Dogos are big-game hunters and are sometimes trained for search and rescue, police assistance, and military work.

The Dogo Argentino was specifically bred to be fierce hunters, but then to go home to the hunters families and be gentle with the family.

Dogo Argentinos are protective of what they perceive as their territory and will guard it against any intruder. They get along with other dogs as long as they have been properly socialized, but will usually not tolerate another dog trying to assert dominance over them, therefore they might not coexist peacefully with another dominant breed of dog. The dogo has a life expectancy of nine to fifteen years.

While the Dogo Argentino was bred primarily from the extinct Cordoba Fighting Dog, it was bred to be a cooperative hunter; to accompany other catch dogs and bay dogs on the hunt without fighting with the other dogs. Aggressive traits inherent in the Cordoban Dog were specifically bred out; to enable a stable cooperative nature in a pack. However, in particular areas where dog fighting continues, Dogos Argentinos have been used for fighting although rarely due to their non aggresive nature.

In the United Kingdom, it is illegal to own Dogos Argentinos without specific exemption from a court per the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991, and dogs of the breed may be seized by the police. The maximum fine for illegal possession of a Dogo Argentino is £5,000 and/or up to six months' imprisonment. Breed-specific legislation varies in the United States, with bans on the breed enacted in Aurora, Colorado and New York City public housing. The Australian government has banned the importation of this dog. The dog is also illegal in New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, and Ukraine. The ban in the UK has received criticism with a spokesperson from the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals stating that the law must focus back on the real problem... the owner


Atom Broadhead Safari Test Giraffe - Bowhunting Big Game

How do you demonstrate the lethal effectiveness of such a radical design even when illegal in some countries, or states? Keep killing animals and in the case of such large game...immediately after they are shot with rifle. Confidence after testing clearly results in the pursuit of elephant with no worries of broadhead penetration/performance! With other lesser critters shot during the same safari with Chacma Safaris by Terry Hartcraft of Hartcraft Hunting Adventures. Arrowdynamic Solutions is the creator of the Atom Broadhead and is known now as Veteran Innovative Products.

Awesome Black Bear taken with a bow caution very graphic

Casey Blum from Big Game Tree Stands travels with John Bean to hunt Black Bear in Northern Minnesota with their good friends Jon (Drex) Drechsel and Zach Byfuglien. Casey makes a perfect shot on this Black Bear and it only goes 30 yards! Way to go Casey another great Trophy for you!

Springfield Trapdoor .45-70 Big Game hunt

I know I told you I do not hunt, but I'm making a big exception in this video! :-)
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Out West For Big Game Hunting

For Hunting and Fishing Tips check out Thanks for watching!

Eye Of The Hunter™ - Tom Opre in Sweden Big Game Hunting with Aimpoint

EOH Host Tom Opre heads to sweden to hunt red stag and moose with the folks from Aimpoint.

Awesome Must Watch! African Big Game Hunting with Nhoro Safaris

Join Nhoro Safaris for the ultimate hunting safari in Africa, Big 5, Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino.