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World Bike Polo Championships

This common-man's version of the Sport of Kings allegedly originated in Ireland as the brain-child of one Richard Mecredi in 1891, where it was played on The Scalp, outside Dublin. Bicycle Polo quickly spread to England, and the continent, and in 1897, the first club was started in the United States. In 1908 it was included in the Olympic games held in Shepherds Bush, London. The sport all but died out during the First World War, but enjoyed a rebirth during the 30s. It remains a popular sport in some areas.

The game of Bike Polo is a variation of the equestrian game with a bicycle being substituted for the polo pony.

Although not as glamorous as the equine variety, Bike Polo offers as much challenge and fun without the prohibitive price tag. Like horse polo, two teams contest the bicycle version. The simple objective for each team is to score a greater number of goals than its opponent within a specified amount of time. A game or match is made up of four ten-minute chukkars (a holdover from the equestrian game, it is the same as a quarter). There is a two-minute break between the first and second chukkar, and third and fourth chukkar and a ten-minute half time.

In this World Championships India beat Canada in the final with a score 8 to 7.

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2010 // BROOKS ENGLAND

The Beaver Boys from Milwaukee won the second World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships (WHBPC) on August 15th in Berlin. Here are the highlights from three days of Bike Polo, Berlin and Beer.

WHBPC 2017 - Call Me Daddy vs. Judgement (Friday)

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2017
Lexington, Kentucky
October 3rd - 7th, 2016

Bike Polo 180 Front Wheel Scoop Turn Attempts

Solo polo can be frustrating at times, but you just gotta jump back on the bike and keep trying.

Here I'm attempting a 180 scoop turn bringing the ball around my front wheel as well as turning on my non-chocolate side. Not much luck so far, but I'll nail it soon!


Documentaire sur l'asso perpignanaise de bike polo, PERPIGNON FIXE.

Réalisation : Lucille Descazaux.

Freak Scene Bike Polo Part 1: The Gear

Get Off Your High Horse. Bike Polo is Here.
Deep in the trenches of Austin, TX, there's a mob of bike fanatics turning the classic bourgeoisie sport of polo into a fresh new urban sport. The big difference is that you don't need a steed and saddle to participate -- you just need a bike.

2015 Melbourne Spring Bike Polo Tournament ~ Final Game.

2015 Spring Bike Polo Tournament ~ Final Game

Big Thanks to all the Polo Players.
Great End to a Great Day.

2016 Poloandbike CMNDR Bike - Walkaround - 2015 Eurobike

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WHBPC 2017 - Bob Ross vs. Super Polo (Friday)

World Hardcourt Bike Polo Championship 2017
Lexington, Kentucky
October 3rd - 7th, 2016

Bike Polo 50/50 Pivot-Turn Practice

Not sure what the name of this pivot turn is, but it's a half-frontwheel, half-backwheel turn. This move is great for sudden directional turns when playing defensively behind goals or even when playing offensively. I feel it has some distinct advantages over a full 180 pivot turn, namely in that it feels faster, and you require less space to perform the move, also easier to do so less chance of dabbing whilst doing the move.

In this video you can see me practicing the turn without a ball quite comfortably. Following that I have started practicing the turn with a ball, it is a little bit harder as you have to juggle both bike and ball handling at the same time. So a bit of restricted practice on these turns has helped but I have a long way to go.

Things I can work on: I feel this turn can be done without using my mallet to tap the ball mid turn, it requires turning the front wheel in front of the ball, bringing the rear wheel around then pulling the front wheel low enough to push the ball back in front of me using my wheel. Hopefully I can show this in my next video. Thanks for watching :)

Urban Bicycle Polo | The New York Times On asphalt courts and in empty parking lots, bicyclists are gathering to play bicycle polo.

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Bike Polo in Paris

Bicycle Polo, Dallas Style

Beater bikes, broom sticks and balls. Throw in an in-line skate rink and you have bicycle polo. BYOB.

Miami Bike Polo

Video produced for senior multimedia project class, FIU, Spring 2013 •
Miami Bike Polo is a community-based event in Miami to promote bicycle safety and mobility

Bike Polo is Awesome!

Nearly a week after the end of the prestigious London Olympics, bike enthusiasts from all over the planet are meeting far from media spotlight in Geneva to compete in the 4th edition of the World Championship of Polo - on bikes.

The rules are borrowed from well-known sports like polo and hockey, crossed with souped up handmade bikes.

[Marc Sich, French Bike Polo Player]:
We're here in Geneva for the World Championships of Bike Polo. It's a competition that's been entirely organized by the participants themselves - the participants are passionate and everyone comes here bringing what they're best at. We're independent and our sport isn't yet federated. We do everything ourselves, with the help of sponsors, and it creates events that are bit homemade but what is important is the atmosphere and (the fact) that more and more people come and watch.

Bike polo, a sport with urban roots, saw the light of the day in the American city of Seattle in 1998, when members of the city's bike messenger community started it up.

Today, the sport attracts youngsters from other communities as well who are inspired by the do-it-yourself approach.

[Domenico Natoli, Australian Bike Polo Player]:
Playing bike polo is the hardest thing. I guess, you learn everything gradually, we've only been playing for a couple of years, and there are other teams here who have just brought everything together. We're slowly learning all the ball control and the bike control and everything, it's just a very gradual thing, but there isn't one aspect that is harder than others.

Though some players would like to see bike polo become an official Olympic discipline, Australian player Stephen Chamont thinks the fun and informality of the sport make bike polo so attractive.

[Stephen Chamont, Australian Bike Polo Player]:
Here it's all about fun, it's like everyone here is having such a great time, and if we weren't having fun - it's great - it's an anti-sport, that's the best thing about bike polo, it's an anti-sport.

The World Championship of Bike Polo ends on Saturday in Geneva.

A team from the sports' birthplace, Seattle, is among the favourites to win the global title.

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Fixed gear bicycle polo

This was fun to watch, not for wussies. This was taken in the West end of Ottawa in June 2009

Hell's Belles Ladies Bike Polo Tournament - Oct. 15th + 16th, 2011 - London

Hell's Belles, the first European Ladies Bike Polo tournament, will take place in London, Oct. 15th and 16th 2011 at Newington Gardens, Harper Road SE1.

bicycle polo ireland

Bicycle polo tournament held in the phoenix park in april 2006

BIKE POLO in vancouver

Bycycle Polo.( In Canada) hence the spelling of bike.