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Beach tennis


ITF World Team Championships, Beach Tennis - 2015

Best of FINAL POINTS, victory of Russian Men & Victory of Italian Mix Doubles. INFOS HERE:

Beach Tennis Basics by the ITF

An introduction to beach tennis: High resolution version

Cappelletti/Carli Vs Alessi/Stuto | Full Match | Finale Campionati Italiani Indoor 2018

Cappelletti/Carli Vs Alessi/Stuto | Full Match | Finale Campionati Italiani Indoor 2018
Faenza,Beach Park (RA)

Beach Tennis ITF G2 Mallorca 2015 - Highlights

ITF G2 Playa de muro 2015 - best rally shots Mens double

Cappelletti/Samardzic Vs Beccaccioli/Benussi | Full Match | Finale ITF CAGLIARI 15000$

Cappelletti/Samardzic Vs Beccaccioli/Benussi
Full Match
Finale ITF CAGLIARI 15000$
05/06 2018

2014 IFBT Beach Tennis, Women's Finals, Pompano Beach Florida


Federer And Murray Play Beach Tennis At Dubai 2017

Roger Federer and Andy Murray continue their rivalry on a brand new surface during a fun beach tennis game at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships. Photo: Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships



Beach Tennis - A Combination Of Tennis And Volleyball

Tennis varies, and Beach Tennis is an exciting form of it.
Beach Tennis - A Combination Of Tennis And Volleyball

In other countries beach tennis is called beach paddle ball or nation-specific names like matkot in Israel, racchettoni in Italy, and frescobol in Brazil. In Israel it has been played at least since the 1920s[5], and in Brazil since the Second World War. In Italy, it was first played in Romagna near Ravenna and Rimini in 1978.[4] In 1996, it was formalized by Italian Gianni Bellettini,[6] president of International Federation Beach Tennis-IFBT.[6] The best players in the world are from Ravenna Italy: Alex Mingozzi and Matteo Marighella, two-time USA National Champions and four-time world champions.[6]

On a trip to the USA by Paul Mapley in 2008, he and Marc Altheim met in a restaurant in Soho, New York, for lunch. Paul urged Marc to put together a US team and travel to Ravenna and try and win the World Championships of IFBT Beach Tennis.

Altheim was reluctant at first as he had already spent time on the development of the racquet game which he had imported from Aruba. Jim Lorenzo, Alex Querna and a bunch of young American sporting pioneers boarded a plane for Italy to have a crack at the Italian players, who were undoubtedly regarded as the world leaders in the paddle style of the sport.

Jim's party also packed their tennis rackets as they considered themselves the world champions of the string specialty; however they were met by a very strong opposition by some Italian players, also very proficient in the specialty. They met their match in both disciplines of the game, so like everyone else before developed respect for the Italian players and became supportive of this form of beach tennis. At this time Alex Mingozzi, Matteo Marighella, Alan Maldini and Nicola Gambi were considered top players, along with several female players led by the Meloni sisters. These players did not necessarily have a tennis background, but their skill with the paddle was second to none.


Which is the Best for you???

1) ITF Gandoli - Petrucci/Cramarossa Vs Carli/Cappelletti
2) ITF Cervia - Calbucci/Meliconi Vs Tazzari/Garavini
3) Viareggio Cup - Calbucci/Meliconi Vs Sarti/Barbieri
4) ITF Aruba - Calbucci/Cappelletti Vs Marighella/Meliconi
5) ITF Toulouse - Penza/Tronci Vs Rodriguez/Bourse
6) ITF Cervia - Calbucci/Meliconi Vs Tazzari/Garavini
7) ITF Aruba - Calbucci/Cappelletti Vs Marighella/Meliconi
8) ITF Cervia - Calbucci/Meliconi Vs Tazzari/Garavini

Beach Tennis - exercises for training - serve return, defense, serve (Gran Canaria)

Please read carefully all instruction:

PURPOSE: In order to have a faster ball you can easily accelerate it by the Crossminton (Speed Badminton) racket or tennis racket. Especially you need to do that if on training you have different player's levels.

For watching more videos like this please click here (SUBSCRIBE):

Why Crossminton racket fits the best? Because is the shortest, lightest, and also strong. You can easy manipulate with it in any exercise where you need to accelerate the ball, in the same time you can shorten or extend grip. Tennis racket is heavier, longer, and not perfect for manipulating.

IMPORTANT: You have to be careful with the starting distance between the players. To avoid any injuries always start with longer distance between the players that the players can feel safe and have full control of the ball speed. You are doing this exercise on your own risk.

Recorded on: 6.05.2014.
At: Las Canteras beach
In: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
Compilation by: Shark Sport

Open des Brisants 2018 ITF REUNION 15k$ Final Men

Cappelletti / Carli Vs Cramarossa/ Garavini

Treino de beach tennis em janeiro de 2018

Treino de beach tennis em janeiro de 2018

ITF Beach Tennis World Championships 2017 - Highlights

Beach Tennis - Dicas infalíveis

Saiba mais sobre o esporte que vem crescendo no Brasil e no Mundo.


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Beach Tennis HOT SHOTS 2013 - Vote NOW!!

BEST POINT of season 2013!!! VOTE NOW!!!!! AND SUBSCRIBE!!

1° Godio/Penza Vs Ramos/Ramirez
2° Mingozzi/Gambi Vs Tronci/Penza
3° Meliconi/Marighella Vs Carli/Cappelletti
4° Mingozzi/Cramarossa Vs Penza/Courtouis
5° Carli/Cappelletti Vs Mingozzi/Gambi
6° Gambi/Cramarossa Vs Meliconi/Marighella
7° Calbucci/Garavini Vs Carli/Cappelletti
8° Antonelli/Foschi Vs Mingozzi/Gambi
9° Calbucci/Garavini Vs Carli/Cappelletti
10°Forcellini/Prata Vs Ramos/Ramirez
11°Antonelli/Foschi Vs Mingozzi/Gambi
12°Mingozzi/Cramarossa Vs Meliconi/Marighella
13°Gambi/Cramarossa Vs Meliconi/Marighella
14°Godio/Penza Vs Ramos/Ramirez
15°Mingozzi/Cramarossa Vs Meliconi/Marighella
16°Strano/Marighella Vs Calbucci/Garavini


Beach Tennis 2016 - WorldCup Toulouse [Best point]

Dans le cadre de la 6ème édition du tournois international de Beach Tennis à Toulouse (WorldCup), les meilleurs joueurs de la discipline se sont affrontés sur le sable de la Prairie des Filtres le temps d'un week end.
L'occasion de faire découvrir ce sport au grand public.
Teaser de Damien Dubois et Jérémie Beaucoud

Beach tennis best point - Beach Tennis 2016 - Beach Tennis Best point

Beach Tennis The "Block Rule"

The International ITF Supervisor Massimo Morelli talk about Beach tennis Block Rule

BEACH TENNIS - VÍDEO AULA 1 - 5 dicas fundamentais para arrebentar nas quadras

5 dicas para o seu pontapé inicial e melhor desenvolvimento no beach tennis!
Fique por dentro desse esporte com nossas vídeo aulas.

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Beach Tennis 2015 ITF G1 Povoa de Varzim - Mens Report

Best points ITF G1 portugal 2015
0.05 Quarter Final Calbucci/Garavini vs Penza Ramos
4.23 Semi Final Faccini/Casadei vs Cappelletti/Marighella
5.35 Semi Final Calbucci/Garavini vs Meliconi/Carli
9.00 Final Match Calbucci/Garavini vs Faccini/Casadei



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