Bartitsu - The Art of Gentleman

Bartitsu - The Art of Gentleman

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Bartitsu Basics - Pugilism 1.wmv

A few basic moves of the Pugilism section of Bartitsu: left and right lead-off to the head and their first defence.

Tony Wolf Bartitsu

A class taught at CombatCon

Bartitsu Cane Freeplay at Alte Kampkunst

Some impressions from our Bartitsu Cane Freeplay

Bartitsu cane practice - cuts & thrusts

Metropolitan Bartitsu Club practice in Battersea Park.
Bayonet strikes; vertical cut and left-handed thrust with passing step.

Bartitsu sparring compilation

A compilation of Bartitsu sparring clips from Italy, the UK and the USA.

Bartitsu Sparring at WSG

Bartitsu cane sparring at Waterloo Sparring Group

Krav Maga - The Art of Aggression

Krav Maga - The Art of Aggression

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WMAW 2011 - Bartitsu Demo

Tony Wolf and Mister X demonstrate Bartitsu on WMAW 2011

Self defence walking sticks - an intro

Bartitsu stick sparring

Old 1912 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Vintage Jujutsu demo by Takisaburo Tobari & Taro Miyake(1). This rare footage is from the same era as when Mitsuyo Maeda taught Japanese Jujutsu in Brazil and therefore may give an example what the progenitors of modern day BJJ studied.

Footage is from 1912 and is in Public Domain.


Hutton Infantry Sabre Sheffield PUMA Bartitsu

Tamlin McPherson fights 2 opponents at once using Hutton's Military Sabre.

Hutton Infantry Sabre Sheffield PUMA Bartitsu

Demonstrating Hutton Infantry Sabre

Escena de Combate en la Película "Sherlock Holmes" (en español)

Escena de Combate en la Película Sherlock Holmes, con Robert Downey Jr. (en español).

Gabriel Flores Rozas

Soluciones Informáticas en Mac, Windows, iPhone y iPad

Artes Marciales, Medicina Tradicional China, Tai Chi, Chi Kung y Yoga


Bartitsu Basics - Canne Vigny 1.wmv

The martial art of Bartitsu: Basic strikes of the Canne Vigny segment

CANE - The 1595. Club

The science of Saviolo applied to the gentlemanly art of the walking stick.

Music - 'Arthur Mcbride and the Sergeant' by Martin Carthy and Dave Swarbrick, from the album' Prince Heathen'

Bartitsu~playing with techniques from "Self-defence with a Walking-stick"(1901)

We're using 3 stick fighting stances: Left guard (also called the back guard), Left guard - stick lowered, Right guard (also called the front guard.) (full description on p.184-5, Bartitsu Compendium vol.I, ed. Tony Wolf.) We've tried to spar techniques which were designed for Self Defence , the following are all on the video somewhere (page refs are for Bartitsu compendium vol I): the Guard by Distance (p.226), shin hit (p.232, Mr. Barton - Wright has this as an attempt to hit the knee to disable which misses, we can't do that in sparring,but cane on shin bone is still effective), p.234 circling guard we use it not against a kick as in the book but here against low backhand cane strike flipping the wrist over to block and counter strike as in p.245 (the middle picture is incorrect , it's reused from another sequence), p.239 bayonet strike from left guard stick lowered (to be strictly accurate left arm is forward, but left foot is back, in the original weapon in crowd scenario.) We're on facebook, as Battersea Bartitsu Club, or you can write to us at BM Battersea Bartitsu, London, WC1N 3XX, England.

Bartitsu stick sparring from Chile, Mexico, Germany and the USA

Full- and medium-contact Bartitsu stick sparring matches.

Open House at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts

A short video impression of the Open House day held at Forteza Fitness, Physical Culture and Martial Arts ( on March 3rd, 2012, featuring demonstrations by the Chicago Swordplay Guild, the Bartitsu Club of Chicago and the Asylum Stunt Team.

Music: Kevin MacLeod