Tony Wolf Bartitsu

A class taught at CombatCon

Bartitsu Basics - Pugilism 1.wmv

A few basic moves of the Pugilism section of Bartitsu: left and right lead-off to the head and their first defence.

Bartitsu Cane Freeplay at Alte Kampkunst

Some impressions from our Bartitsu Cane Freeplay

Bartitsu sparring compilation

A compilation of Bartitsu sparring clips from Italy, the UK and the USA.

Bartitsu - Sherlockon 2017 - Klub L'Extrême Est

27 maja 2017 roku, w warszawskich Hybrydach, Klub Savate L'Extrême Est dał pokaz Bartitsu - autentycznej sztuki walki, którą miał posługiwać się Sherlock Holmes.

Klub Savate L'Extrême Est

Sherlockon Polska


Zapraszamy na treningi - Boks Francuski (Savate), La Canne de Combat (walka laską spacerową), La Lutte Parisienne (walka w parterze).

Zajęcia odbywają się w szkole tańca SalsHall Ortodox - ul. Kleczewska 38/40, wtorki i czwartki: 20.00 - 21.30 (grupa mieszana, można dołączyć w każdej chwili).

1595 unarmed 2

Unarmed exercises and improvisations inspired by the opening actions of Saviolo's Long Ward sequence.
Music: The Hunter's Purse performed by The Chieftains - from the album Chieftains 3 (featuring Pat Kilduff).



Self defence walking sticks - an intro

MMA History: Bartitsu

Fight Network looks at the history of mixed martial arts, featuring Bartitsu the first form of MMA, which was created by Edward William Barton-Wright. Bartitsu combined Jiu-Jitsu, Savate, Fencing, Swiss Wrestling, and walking-stick fighting.

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Bartitsu stick sparring from Chile, Mexico, Germany and the USA

Full- and medium-contact Bartitsu stick sparring matches.

Bartitsu stick sparring

A short video showing some technical stick sparring from the 2012 Bartitsu School of Arms.

In this type of sparring, the mask, gloves, forearms, thighs and calves are all legal targets. Stick strikes and thrusts as well as unarmed strikes, weapon traps/disarms and standing grappling may all be employed.

Fighters are encouraged to experiment with variations on the standard high guards, for example by lowering the guards as positions of invitation. They may acknowledge hits verbally and/or gesturally, but the emphasis is on continual action.

The weapons are 3/4″ diameter, 36″ rattan sparring canes from Purpleheart Armory, equipped with solid rubber ball handles to simulate the steel ball handles of real Bartitsu canes. The asymmetrical balance of the cane is a key factor in Bartitsu stick fighting.

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Bartitsu Basics - Canne Vigny 1.wmv

The martial art of Bartitsu: Basic strikes of the Canne Vigny segment

Jentleman's Self-Defense

A small demonstration of techniques.
Self-Defense for Gentlemen.
Based on Judo, Goshin-jutsu & Taiho-jutsu. Inspired by Bartitsu.
...for fun!

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Bartitsu stick sparring

Bartitsu School of Arms 2012

The second Bartitsu School of Arms and Physical Culture will be hosted by the Bartitsu Club of Chicago between Sept. 8-9, 2012. Following the successful model established at the first School of Arms event in London last year, we will be concentrating on Bartitsu as a method of cross-training between diverse source arts via a team-teaching approach.

Highlights will include:

* an optional, but highly recommended field trip on Friday, Sept. 7 to visit the historic Hegeler Carus mansion in LaSalle, IL, which includes the oldest known private gymnasium in the US

* two full days of Bartitsu cross-training at Forteza Fitness and Martial Arts, a full-time historical Western martial arts training studio in the Ravenswood neighborhood

* the Saturday night dinner in the Victorian-themed side room at O'Shaughnessy's Public House, just a few minutes' walk from Forteza

* an Antagonisticathlon (Bartitsu-themed obstacle course challenge) on Sunday afternoon (spectators welcome!)

Full details and registration link via .

Combat Con 2014 Rapier Final (Lee Smith vs. Lance Kent) with Stacia Deering

Brought to you by the Bartitsu Society ( and Iron Gate Exhibition ( Rapier Finals from Combat Con 2014 in Las Vegas!

Lee Smith (Blood & Iron) vs. Lance Kent (SCA West Kingdom)

At 00:05:14, check out our awesome interview with Stacia Deering (Infinite Frequencies, and the finalists!

Bartitsu Sparring at WSG

Bartitsu cane sparring at Waterloo Sparring Group

Bartitsu cane practice - cuts & thrusts

Metropolitan Bartitsu Club practice in Battersea Park.
Bayonet strikes; vertical cut and left-handed thrust with passing step.

Old 1912 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Vintage Jujutsu demo by Takisaburo Tobari & Taro Miyake(1). This rare footage is from the same era as when Mitsuyo Maeda taught Japanese Jujutsu in Brazil and therefore may give an example what the progenitors of modern day BJJ studied.

Footage is from 1912 and is in Public Domain.


WMAW Grand Assault 6 Bartitsu

WMAW Grand Assault 6 Bartitsu