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Banger racing


Fast and Fearless Britains Banger Racers Episode 2 b03ywxjs default

The best TV documentary I have ever seen about the best banger racing meeting I have ever seen...

my bus got destroyed || Arlington Stadium banger racing

School Bus Project website:

when I was 19 I bought a bus from my neighbour with dreams of building a radio studio in it (I know, I’m so predictable). but the bus lay neglected at the bottom of my parents’ garden for 7 years, until it got a new lease of life as a banger racing contestant. I was expecting it might gain international notoriety, but instead it lasted one short afternoon and then got totally smashed up into little bits. enjoy!

(oh by the way for banger racing nerds, this one's the Spedworth National Bangers Big Vans race at Arlington Stadium in Eastbourne, from 5th May 2018)

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Arlington National Bangers Micro Madness 4-a-side Teams - 28/05/2018

Highlights from a solid third bank holiday meeting of 2018 at Arlington.


Arlington Domestic Bangers 'Champions of Champions' 2018 - 17/02/2018

Highlights from the Champions of Champions meeting for the Domestic Bangers


July 21, 2012 banger racing xx


Buxton Raceway Bus Banger Race 17-4 -17

Buxton Raceway Bus Banger Race 17-4 -17
heat 1,2 final-DD

dont worry driver in 69 wasnt badly hurt just broke a thumb

The Big Bash – Banger Racing In The UK | Mobil 1 The Grid

Exemplified by a whole lot of contact and a face full of dirt, Mobil 1 The Grid takes a trip to the South West of England to find out more about the very British sport of Banger Racing.

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Arena Essex: Team Banger Racing - Chick Woodroffe Memorial

For The Chick Woodroffe Memorial trophy. Hot day, hot team banger racing. And it dont get much better than this.

1st Team Kent on 62 points
2nd Blue Team on 56 points
3rd TNW B on 18 points
Please give a thumbs up (or down) for the vid. Thanks

2012 Pri World Banger Final - After Race Interviews

The 42nd Pri World Banger Final won - for the second time - by number 49 Billy King

Mildenhall Pre 70 Dave 'Kingy' King Memorial - 14/07/2018

Highlights from a blinding first day of the Dave 'Kingy' King Memorial Weekend


north cornwall motor racing club two day banger meet

The white and blue cars
UNFORTUNATLY because chucklevision go out to please the crowd non of us made it into the final cause the cars were no lnger running after heat 3 and only 1 chuckle made heat 3

nuttscorner 2L banger racing 20/2/2011


Banger World Final 1992 race 1

caravan banger race buxton raceway 2015 in car with 69 ryan shaw

caravan banger race buxton raceway 2015
in car with 69 ryan shaw

Thanks to ryan shaw 69# for in car footage
filming outside : sarah butler
gopro in ryans car: luke carnwell

Arlington Unlimited Bangers 'Banger World Series' Finale - 13/09/2017

Highlights from a decent meeting for the Unlimiteds.


bus /Coach banger race buxton raceway 21st april 2014 (heat 2)

bus /Coach banger race buxton raceway 21st april 2014 (heat 2)

Arlington Unlimited 'Back 2 Basics' Bangers - 20/06/2018

Highlights from another Unlimited 'Back 2 Basics' session at Arlington.


wimbledon figure 8 1982

over the 8 at Wimbledon

Banger racing St. Day - Car flipped

St. Day 11/03/2012. Bangers at United Downs Raceway.

wscc 28-12-08 junior banger race heat 2

Second race with the kids.. 28-12-08



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