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Ball hockey


The Godfather of Team India Ball Hockey: Street Legends

Street Legends is a three-part series that looks at athletes who dominate their niche sport while giving us a look at the duality of their lives. While they are hyped in the streets as legends, they still go through the mundane tasks of everyday life. We see the trials and tribulations of our athletes as they try to take their careers to the next level, push their niche stardom as far as possible or just use their sport as an escape from the ordinary nature of day-to-day living.

In this episode, we meet Smiter Kaila, the godfather of Team India Ball Hockey as the team of underdogs preps for the 2017 World Championships.

Street Legends: Canada's Best Streetballer -

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Switzerland vs Canada 2015 World Ball Hockey Championships June 21 2015 in Zug, Switzerland

2015 World Ball Hockey Championships in Zug, Switzerland. Switzerland vs Canada June 21, 2015. ISBHF

70 Year Old Floorball Man Dangles at Ball Hockey Game ft. Uncle Pav.

We've all seen the Uncle Drew videos, but we wanted to see how difficult it was to actually pull it off without staging it.

Spent over an hour doing my makeup, and put me in against stangers playing ball hockey with my floorball stick.

We ran into some troubles and complications, but in the end we surprised some people and had a lot of fun doing it.

HUGE Ottawa Ball hockey tourney with Mason and TheNASHER61

Big thanks to PlayOn for the invite to their ball hockey tournament.
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Music by: David Cutter Music - and APMmusic

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Slovakia vs Canada 2017 GOLD MEDAL GAME World Ball Hockey Championships Pardubice, Czech Republic

2017 World Ball Hockey Championships GOLD MEDAL GAME in Pardubice, Czech Rep. Slovakia vs Canada June 10, 2017. ISBHF
Period 1 4:00/ Period 2 45:00/ Period 3 1:23:28

Hokejbal 10-06-17 Slovakia vs Canada

GoPro Ball Hockey Game 6 | 4 GoPro's! | HD 60fps


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The 6th game of True North Strongs GoPro Ball Hockey Series. This video was Captured with 4 GoPro's. Two Hero 4 Black edition's and a GoPro Hero3+ Silver and Black edition. (4 Gopro's)

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Recorded by Matthew Hewitt, Daniel Marchione, Thierry Martin and Anthony D'Addona. Edited and Produced by Anthony D'Addona (@Anth_DAddona) & Matthew Hewitt (@HEWiTT_95). Music/sound effects produced by John D'Addona. Team logo's created and designed by Daniel Marchione. All edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects. Score board template Broadcast Design Sport ID can be found on videohive. A True North Strong Production.

Finland vs India 2015 World Ball Hockey Championships June 25 2015 in Zug, Switzerland

2015 World Ball Hockey Championships in Zug, Switzerland. Finland vs India June 25, 2015. ISBHF

Is PUCK or BALL Best for Roller Hockey?

I brought an ice hockey puck, a hockey ball and a roller hockey puck to the rink. Comparison you'll see in the video.

The inline hockey puck is by Tempish.

The ball is a hockey ball from Sports Direct. It's a UK store, so I guess hockey means some kind of land hockey. Anyway it's great for roller hockey.

Ball Hockey Player Nearly KILLS Opposing Player

The 2013 world ball hockey championships were held last weekend in St. John's, Newfoundland, and featured one of the most audacious attacks by a player on any hockey surface this year. Justin Pender, a player for the Canadian men's team and an ECHL veteran, lost his dang mind after the Czech Republic scored an empty net goal to clinch a 5-1 win. It begins with a cross-check to a Czech forward that's taunting him; it ended with a referee on a stretcher. -Y!
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SLOVAKIA - CANADA, hokejbal finále - World Championship 2017, Czech republic

posledných 5 dramatických minút zápasu a oslava po zápase + nižšie odkazy na prvé tretiny zápasu.

BALL HOCKEY - FINAL MATCH - last 5 dramatic minutes + celebrations

1. tretina záznam:
2. tretina:

How to pass and stop a hockey ball | ActiveSG Hockey 101

Team Singapore hockey player Laura Tan teaches presenter Gary Yang how to master the art of passing and stopping/trapping a ball with some basic tips for beginners.

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Country Day School Final Ball Hockey Allstar Game

On May 28th, 2014, the Final Ball Hockey Game of the Year took place at The Country Day School where the Prospects (Sammy Mitri, Zach Kalk, Liam Hallis, Joey Stipec, Anthony Rea, Daniel Benbassat, Mario Sardo, Mark D'Angelo) battled against the Best of the Rest (Chris Dimas, Josh Daiter, Lawrence Pessine, Will Stanton, Jack Lombardi, Nate Allen, Justin Cmunt)! It was also Commissioner Lukas Weese's last game at his post and an emotional commemoration ceremony took place after the game! It was one of the best ball hockey games I ever called! Filmography courtesy of Philip Moorlag!

Prospects 1- 0 Best of the Rest (OT)

Shooting - Wrist Shot

Portugal vs USA 2015 World Ball Hockey Championships June 22 2015 in Zug, Switzerland

2015 World Ball Hockey Championships in Zug, Switzerland. Portugal vs USA June 22, 2015. ISBHF

Canada vs USA 2011 World Ball Hockey Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia

2011 World Ball Hockey Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia. Canada vs USA June 25, 2011. ISBHF
Hokejbal 25-06-11 Kanada vs USA

"Ball Hockey Style" Creative Shootout Dangles! [Episode #51]

Growing up, Pavel played ball hockey religiously, instantly becoming one of his favourite sports.

Enjoy a special ball hockey edition of CSD!

Best Slap Shot - Herman Sunner - Ball Hockey Goals Best Slap Shots Best Slap Shot Slapshots Slapshot

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Ball Hockey Tricks - Ball Hockey Skills - Ball Hockey Dangles - Ball Hockey Dekes - Ball Hockey Moves - Ball Hockey Drills - Ball Hockey Goals - Ball Hockey Saves - Stickhandling Skills - Stick Handling Skills - Slapshots - Snapshots - Wrist Shots - Street Hockey

Ball Hockey Goals - What A Goal! (Slow Motion Video) Amazing Hat Tricks Goals By Herman Sunner Of Surrey Giants (Ball Hockey) - Goals In Slow Motion

Ball Hockey Goals - 4 Amazing ball hockey goals by Herman Sunner of Surrey Rangers!

Amazing Goals (Herman Sunner's Hat Trick Goals) - Surrey Rangers vs. B-Town Ballers (01/04/15) Ball Hockey

Ball Hockey Shootout - Ball Hockey Shootouts - Ball Hockey Shootout

Ball Hockey Shootout - Ball Hockey Shootouts - Ball Hockey Shootout - Ball Hockey Shootout - Best Shootout Saves - Top Shootout Saves - Top 10 Shootout Saves - Best Shootout Goals - Top 10 Shootout Goals - Best Shootout Moves - Ball Hockey Shootout Moves - Ball Hockey Shootout Tricks - Ball Hockey Shootout Moves & Tricks

King Gazoo vs. Blackhawks - Overtime + Shootout (06/14/11) Ball Hockey Videos

Ball Hockey Videos - King Gazoo vs. Blackhawks (June 14, 2011) - Premier Ball Hockey League. I created a Youtube Playlist for this game and added all the videos of this game in this Youtube Playlist. More ball hockey videos at

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Marc-Andre Fleury Plays Ball Hockey With Kids

Marc-Andre Fleury plays ball hockey with a bunch of kids.

CAN - CZE. Ball-hockey

World Championships 12-18.06.2018 2018, Russia-Dmitrov



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