Baguazhang basics and applications

Hans Menck demonstrates some baguazhang (chinese martial art) footwork and basic palm applications in Sweden Nov 2014.

Ba Gua Zhang for Beginners, The Footwork!

Ba Gua Zhang for Beginners, The Footwork. Make your Bagua or Pakua circle and start walking! Follow my tips and I hope you enjoy my favorite style of Internal Chinese Kung Fu!

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Cheng Style BaguaZhang Mother palm(Eng sub)-Bát mẫu chưởng

The Eight Mother Palms constitute the core exercise of the Bagua system. Here is a well done presentation of the Cheng style version of the art with the core palms up which future skills will be built. The first full series is the Cheng Mother Palms which, in all styles of Bagua, is the foundational exercise to create the other, more complex variations. Mr. Sun also shows a complete version of the Swimming Body Eight Turning Palms. The instruction is good and clear for this crucial information about the Cheng style Bagua Zhang.

Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang

Former Beijing Wushu Team member and world champion, Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang at the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine 10 Anniversary Gala event.

八卦掌要訣應用法 Bagua Zhang Tips & Applications

彰化武術誠明會 總教練
陳林建一 Chen-Lin,Jian-Yi 教學

Ba Gua Zhang finger and palm conditioning

getting your fingers and palms strong

Baguazhang Applications Workshop An Jian Qiu

Some techniques from the Baguazhang applications Workshop with An Jian Qiu 2015 in Cologne

Wu Dang Ba Gua Zhang 武当八卦掌 Master Xu Wei Han

Wudang Xuan Wu Pai Tai Chi school, Xu Wei Han Master website:
mail:, meditation, Complete Taiji system, Pushing Hands, Ba Gua Zhang,sword and so on.

Bagua Zhang Application 龍形遊身八卦掌之應用 河北李存义八卦掌正脉承传

周中勲老師(形意八卦門 李孟雄宗師之入室弟子) 表演講解 龍形遊身八卦掌之應用

八卦掌傳承 董海川--李存義--李東園--李孟雄--周中勲 一脈嫡傳



一、 簡介






二、 掌式





三、 勁炁要求→首尾相應


1、 掩肘(龍頭):墬肘、肘位合跨位、屁股發勁(腰身相合)。


2、 按掌(龍頭下濳):濳於九淵


3、 按掌順勢前插掌(龍頭下濳):催肩胛、扣膀肩,插掌往下濳


4、 往前手肩腋下撞擠按往前穿出:後手擠按身體,全身隨之鑽穿而出 。

2013秋 中勲 筆於心齋


Wang Shujin Bagua Zhang: #1 "Walking the Circle"

Buy the new DVD at:
Kent Howard introduces the basics of Bagua Zhang in a series of videos focusing on Wang Shujin's Bagua. See the new book about Wang at:

Cheng Style BaguaZhang 8 turning palms(Eng sub)-Bát lão chưởng

The Eight Turning Palms set is also called the Eight Old Palms. Here is a very short and easily learned form based on the eight mother positions where you essentially walk a circle with holding each of the primary positions for Cheng style Bagua. Demosntrated by Li Chun Ling one of Sun's top student, she gives very clear and straight forward explanation for each position and movement. We strongly suggest that people who might be serious about Bagua pick up a set like this or the Old Palms of Kang Ge Wu. It adds a real foundation to the rest of the palms you will learn later.

팔괘장 八卦掌 all about Lu Shui-Tian Style Ba gua zhang 盧水田 八卦掌

팔괘장 정식 세미나를 합니다. 팔괘장만을 배워보는 시간입니다. 한국팔괘장 보존회 노세준 관장님을 모시고 진행 합니다.팔괘장은 掌(장)의 운용에 있어서 여타에 비교 할바가 없을 만치 독보적이며 독립적인 위치에 자리매김된 무술입니다.

팔괘장은 기격 ,박격 ,자유대타등과 그 기법 -책략을 전투(戰鬪) 혹은
전투술이라 즐겨 부르곤 합니다 거기에는 싸워서 이기는 방법도 ,
이겨 놓고 싸우는 방법도 있습니다 전략 거점에 대한 선취및 사전제어 전술이
노파팔괘장에선 중요하게 생각하여 나름 심혈을 기울여서 관철하고자 노력하고 있습니다..
소위 中門에 대한 Tactics로 정리될것이며 이번에 그와 관련된 주효한 흐름과 수들을
같이 풀어 보는게 한 테마가 될것이고 선점이후의 향방과 흐름에 대한 통제 ,
그리고 힘쓰기 일부도 소개할까 합니다

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Baguazhang - He Jinbao Biomechanics Lecture

Yin Style Baguazhang Biomechanics and Cultural Heritage Lecture by He Jinbao, 2017. Courtesy of He Jinbao and the Beijing Cultural Development Research Institute. For more information on private sector Baguazhang training, please email

Ba Gua Zhang performed by Master Liu Deming

Durant 4 jours, du 14 au 17 mai 2015, Maître Liu Deming nous a fait l’honneur et le plaisir de partager sa connaissance immense du Ziran Qi Gong et de la culture taoïste lors d’un stage où les participants ont pu découvrir la profondeur de son enseignement, sa bienveillance et sa grande générosité.

Héritier de la tradition Ziran Men, Maitre Liu Deming, nous a offert cette démonstration de Ba Gua Zhang dans laquelle on peut admirer sa grande maitrise.

Pour en savoir plus sur les stages et formations pour enseignants que nous organisons à Paris et dans le sud de la France avec Maître LIU DEMING, suivez ce lien :
Organisation et Contact : Anne Augé


To learn more about Ziranmen follow this link :

Please check for more details of Ziran Qi Gong classes and seminars with Master Liu in Paris or South of France.

Master Liu Deming is the 5th generation inheritor of the Liu He Ziran Men lineage. He began his study of martial arts at the age of eight with Master Hong Zheng Fu and legendary Grandmaster Wan Lai Sheng.

After graduating from Beijing University Of Physical Education, Master Liu accepted a teaching post at the famous Shaolin Temple. Subsequently, he spent 12 years teaching at the Fujian Institute Of Physical Education. He has lived, taught and trained in Melbourne, and now Byron Bay, Australia since 1992.

Muay Thai vs Bagua Zhang

Style v Style Match

BaguaZhang Basic(Eng sub)-Bát quái chưởng Căn bản

Here are the basics of Bagua seen through the lens of the Cheng style. Though all styles are, ultimately, Bagua each branch has its special skills and requirements. In this DVD Sun himself shows basic hand positions, leg positions, locomotion and each, in the final section basics of the Bagua sword. The basics are, of course, essential but the bonus here is to listen to those little details informed by a lifetime of Bagua experience. These are the questions that you would ask an instructor over and over for exactness and structure. Of particular interest is the Cheng style of movement with a gliding steps and, in some instances, a very low to the ground leg position..

Master Zhang Du Gan about Ba Gua Zhang, health, heritage and fight - 2017 english subtitles

Master Zhang Du Gan, VI gen. of Ba Gua Zhang explains some aspects of this style of kung fu: wellness and health, authenticity and heritage, fighting.

Bagua Zhang 16 palm changes - Hans Menck

Hans Menck teaches martial arts in South Africa (Cape Town and Stellenbosch).
He demonstrates two sets if Cheng style bagua palm changes from the Liu Jingru lineage. Hans studied bagua with Liu Deming in Australia and Han Yanwu in Beijing.

BA GUA ZHANG - 8 Palms & Tutorial

BA GUA ZHANG - 8 Palms & Tutorial. This video show Ba gua zhang or pa kua chang 8 palms warm up, review of bagua section 1 and section 2, and full instruction for ba gua section 3. Bagua or Pakua is an internal style of Chinese Kung Fu Martial Arts that has roots in Daoism or Taoism and is known for it's cyclone energy, circle walking, footwork, throws, takedowns, redirecting, and 8 palms (heaven, lake, fire, thunder, wind, water, mountain, earth)


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"Women Masters of BaGua Zhang"

Women Masters of Ba Gua Zhang Observe the continues flowing movement power and grace of female warriors of the art of BaGua Zhang. The martial art of BaGua Zhang utilize in combat employ the practitioner whole body with smooth coiling and uncoiling actions, utilizing every part of the body and palm striking techniques, fast stepping and throwing tactics which are applied through quick transitions of changing of postures. Rapid-fire palm striking drawing energy from the center of the abdomen. The circular footwork develops centripetal force, allowing the practitioner to maneuver quickly around an opponent in combat.
Now available online downloadable instructional Jiang Rong Qiao BaGua video. change practice. Now teaching private lessons and adult classes in JRQ BaGua. If interested contact 718 297 4818
Ask for coach Novell/ Now available online downloadable instructional Jiang Rong Qiao BaGua video.