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Baguazhang basics and applications

Hans Menck demonstrates some baguazhang (chinese martial art) footwork and basic palm applications in Sweden Nov 2014.

Baguazhang Kung Fu vs MMA - Another Fail?

Baguazhang Kung Fu vs MMA - Another Fail?

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This video shows and explains a challenge fight between an MMA guy and a Kung Fu guy. Watch and enjoy!

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BaguaZhang Basic(Eng sub)-Bát quái chưởng Căn bản

Here are the basics of Bagua seen through the lens of the Cheng style. Though all styles are, ultimately, Bagua each branch has its special skills and requirements. In this DVD Sun himself shows basic hand positions, leg positions, locomotion and each, in the final section basics of the Bagua sword. The basics are, of course, essential but the bonus here is to listen to those little details informed by a lifetime of Bagua experience. These are the questions that you would ask an instructor over and over for exactness and structure. Of particular interest is the Cheng style of movement with a gliding steps and, in some instances, a very low to the ground leg position..

Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang

Former Beijing Wushu Team member and world champion, Master Zhang Hong Mei demonstrates Bagua Zhang at the Kung Fu Tai Chi magazine 10 Anniversary Gala event.

Bagua Zhang 16 palm changes - Hans Menck

Hans Menck teaches martial arts in South Africa (Cape Town and Stellenbosch).
He demonstrates two sets if Cheng style bagua palm changes from the Liu Jingru lineage. Hans studied bagua with Liu Deming in Australia and Han Yanwu in Beijing.

Cheng Style BaguaZhang Mother palm(Eng sub)-Bát mẫu chưởng

The Eight Mother Palms constitute the core exercise of the Bagua system. Here is a well done presentation of the Cheng style version of the art with the core palms up which future skills will be built. The first full series is the Cheng Mother Palms which, in all styles of Bagua, is the foundational exercise to create the other, more complex variations. Mr. Sun also shows a complete version of the Swimming Body Eight Turning Palms. The instruction is good and clear for this crucial information about the Cheng style Bagua Zhang.

Zhang Junfeng, Gao Style Baguazhang

Ji Ben Shou Fa/Tian Gan
Xian Tian Palm Changes
Hou Tian Straight Line

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Pivots in Baguazhang Techniques

Clips from a class in Sweden on Baguazhang 'pivot points'.

Sun Lutang Baguazhang 八卦掌

Sun Lutang Baguazhang

八卦掌要訣應用法 Bagua Zhang Tips & Applications

彰化武術誠明會 總教練
陳林建一 Chen-Lin,Jian-Yi 教學

Sun Lutang Baguazhang

Sun Lutang Bagua

Wudang Baguazhang 武当八卦掌

Wudang Jiang Rongqiao's Baguazhang performed by Zī Xiǎo 资晓 (Alex Mieza). Wudang 2017.


BaguaZhang FootWork To Make Your Body Light

Baguazhang Pakua Bagua Circle Walking Footwork and techniques for correct stepping and effeciency of motion during combat and self defense.
The moving and stepping exercises is also very good for your health, weight loss. Weight maintenance while boosting your energy level to stay youthful and vibrant.

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Combat Bagua Zhang - THROWS! Real Pakua Chang Throws

Combat Ba Gua Zhang - Throws! Real Pakua Chang Throws. Known as Ba Gua, Bagua, Baguazhang, Ba Gua Zhang, Pa Kua, Pakua, Pa Kua Chang, and Pakuachang this internal fighting art of Chinese Kung Fu is beautiful to watch, fun and energizing to practice, and devastating to fight with! This video showcases Ba Gua Swimming and Combat Bagua using a throw or hip toss to perform Dragon Entwines the Body! Thanks to Master Matthew Lee for leading this lesson!

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Baguazhang Applications Workshop An Jian Qiu

Some techniques from the Baguazhang applications Workshop with An Jian Qiu 2015 in Cologne

Baguazhang - IRFS Fairbairn Gutter Fighting

-IRFS thanks, Mark and Paladin Press for the support. Their noble efforts in restoring the lost Gutter Fighting Films has revived the memory and importance of William E. Fairbairn in modern times. Please support their mission at Paladin Press, the gatekeepers of the original Gutter Fighting Films:

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Multiple Attacker Strategy - Intro to Clear's Bagua Lesson 1

Bagua specializes in dealing with multiple attackers. In this lesson, Sigung Richard Clear covers the fundamental strategy and principles necessary for surviving an attack by multiple assailants.

If you are going to survive a situation where several people are attacking you, there are some smart strategies, and there are things you simply cannot afford to do. One thing you can never do is get locked up or engaged with any one of the attackers. That means you can't grapple or wrestle, and you can't let them grab onto you. It also means you can't go toe-to-toe with anyone.

The first thing you have to do is get moving. The next thing is keep moving. This sounds easy to do, but in practice it will require some training. In the video, Sigung Clear demonstrates how pausing for even a split second could be enough for the multiple assailants to get to you. If that happens, the rest of the fight is unlikely to go in your favor.

Understanding and training these skills is critical because everything we do in future lessons will build on top of this.

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八卦擒拿及反擒拿 Bagua Zhang Qin Na Applications and anti-Qin Na

彰化武術誠明會 總教練:陳林建一 教學. 許宏鑫 陪練

Muay Thai vs Bagua Zhang

Style v Style Match

Internal Kung Fu - BAGUA ZHANG - Fighting Philosophy, Standing, History - Lesson 1

Internal Kung Fu - BAGUA ZHANG - Fighting Philosophy, Standing, History - Lesson 1 -
Thank you to my friend Thad Wong for the amazing and thorough Liang Style Bagua Zhang Lesson! Instagram Thad @Thadly_Wong

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