The Golden Rules of Backpacking

In this episode of Backpacking TV, Eric Hanson explains the Golden Rules of Backpacking - a set of rules that will make your time on the trail as enjoyable, comfortable, and as safe as possible.

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The 7 Things You Need to Start Backpacking

Having a better backpacking trip starts with bringing the right essentials. Columnist Bryan Rogala walks us through the items he has on every adventure.

REI Trailheads: You should really try backpacking!

Getting out for your first backpacking adventure can feel daunting, but it is easier than it looks. Learn about the Ten Essentials, Leave No Trace, and other backpacking basics with Anna and Colin.

Learn more backpacking and camping skills!
Beginner's Guide:

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Lightweight Spring Backpacking Gear List - 22 Pounds w/ Food and Water

Every backpacking trip you go on is bound to have variations in gear that make each load out different. That is the case with this weekend headed to Southern Utah to hike the Boulder Mail Trail and Sand Creek in Escalante, Utah. This time I have the ability to share gear like my stove, cook pot, tent, and more. This allows for a lighter overall pack weight and makes it so necessary amounts of gear aren't taken as well.
Key items in this lightweight backpacking gear load out are:
- Hammock Gear Burrow Econ 40 degree
- Paria Outdoor Products Zion 2p
- Exped Synmat UL sleeping pad
- Waymark Gear Co Thru 40L Pack
- MSR Whisperlite Stove
- Arcteryx Cerium Jacket
- Hydroblu Versa Flow Filter

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Some of my outdoor and camera gear:
Paria Outdoor Products Quilt:
Hydroblu Water Filter:
Black Diamond Iota Headlamp:
Toaks 700ml Pot:
Canon G7x Mark II:
Little Mini Tripod:
Lavalier Microphone:


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Backpacking Tip | How to Prepare for a 3 Day Backpacking Trip

In this backpacking tip, Eric Hanson explains how to prepare for a 3 day backpacking trip. Starting with a trip to the grocery store, Eric shows you some of his favorite meals and snacks before loading everything into his pack and heading off to Coyote Gulch in Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.


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No Plans, Just A Backpack - Indian Interrail

My friend Jonty and I decided to spontaneously book a flight to India, this was the result of our three week journey.
Instagram: @costa_alex

Locations that appear on the video are Delhi, Chenai, Varanasi, Jaipur, Pushkar, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer.

Special thank you to Soham and his family and friends for taking good care of us and making us feel at home!

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You can spend as much as you want building a backpacking cook kit. Just by checking out what stores such as Target, Gander Mountain, Walmart and others have to offer you can put together an awesome cook kit tailored to your specific needs for little money. AND have fun doing it!

BRS Stove review:

Backpacking: How to Make a Great Campfire

In this episode of Backpacking TV, Eric Hanson demonstrates and explains how to make a campfire in the backcountry.

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Hosted by Eric Hanson

Packing for your Backpacking Trip - Yamnuska Mountain Adventures

Yamnuska guide Tamara shows you what to bring and how to pack for your backpacking trip with Yamnuska Mountain Adventures.

Our full gear list can be found here:

And some more tips on what to bring here:

Ultralight Backpacking Tips

Backpacking is more enjoyable when you’re carrying less weight. In this REI Expert Advice Video you’ll learn how to lighten your load so you can hike faster, further and more comfortably. From being conscious about The Big 4 (backpack, shelter, sleeping bag and sleeping pad) to using a scale to judge each item and make good choices, this short video will help you cut pounds from your pack.

For more information go to or visit your local REI store.

Making bread while backpacking by FLAT CAT GEAR

Some people think that baking bread on the trail is difficult and takes a lot of work. The truth of the matter is that yeast bread is pretty easy to make. It takes more time than baking soda breads (Bisquick) but taste a whole lot better. Watch how we make a loaf of bread on a Bobcat Cooking System using the Epicurean Titanium UL15 stove. Best regards - Jon

Backpacking in the North Cascades - Feature Version

A video of our backpacking trip to Washington St. in the North Cascades. Most of our trip was spent in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area. This trip was grueling but was worth it for the spectacular views. We climbed up Asgard Pass which is where we saw the mountain goats. This is a 2300 ft. climb in less than a mile which is insane. We hiked to high alpine lakes which made for spectacular camping. I felt like I was living a backpacker magazine cover. We also spent a couple of nights on Mount Rainier. Check out this link to our Mt. Rainier hike.

Dehydrating Food for Backpacking

I'll show how my gourmet wife dehydrates food for backpacking.

Backpacking 01: Gear List (Semi-Ultralight)

- Backpacking Basics - What's in my backpack i.e. my system for overnight backpacking.
- Skip to about 3:15 to get right to the list.
- Core items I usually always have in my pack for overnight backpacking adventures.
- I'm not an extreme gram counter but I do like to travel as light as possible in hopes of enjoying more of the experience and continue to mess with my gear based on experience and what works well for me. As noted, this does not include clothing, food, and water.
- I also have a hammock, which could replace the tent, but I'm usually out with my dog and he likes to sleep in the tent. This list also does not include any dog related items.

Backpacking 101 | Motion

Greg breaks down his favorite gear and shows how he preps, packs and pulls off successful backpacking trips. if you're a 'gear-geek' like Greg, you'll love this episode!

Backpack Basics || REI

The experts at REI explain the basic features of hiking backpacks. Check out REI’s backpack selection at

The Golden Ticket: Backpacking the John Muir Trail

From the Happy Isles Trailhead in Yosemite Valley to the windswept summit of Mt. Whitney is America's premier middle distance hiking trail. Come along with us as we backpack the 221 mile John Muir Trail, including the most famous hike in Yosemite, the Cables Route on Half Dome.

Filmed on location during the summer of 2016.

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Best Backpacking Food | 5 Day Ultralight Meal Plan

5 Day Backpacking Meal Plan from the Appalachain Trail. 3,500 calories and under 2 lbs of food per day. Aim for food that is lightweight, easy to prepare and high in nutrition. Also see:

a) List of Backpacking Food Ideas:

b) List of Simple Backpacking Meal Recipes:

The Basic Breakdown...

1. BREAKFAST: Cookie Mix + Oats + Milk + Coffee

2. SNACKS: Seaweed, Trail Mix, Gatorade, Crackers, Peanut Butter, Pork Rinds

3. LUNCH: Greenbelly Meal

4. DINNER: Noodles + Beef Jerky, Rice + Beef Jerky

5. DESSERT: Candy + Tea + Whiskey

What to Wear Backpacking and Camping

No matter what the weather or the season, your basic backpacking clothing choices stay the same. Watch this REI Expert Advice Video to find out just what to wear and what to pack so you’re always prepared in the back- or front-country. Bring your base layer, mid layer and shell, and you’ll be ready to go.

Visit your local REI store to ask questions, purchase your gear or find an Outdoor School course that is perfect for you.

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Backpacking Camera Gear Switch

I've made a switch in camera gear from my Canon 7D to a much lighter and compact Sony RX100 III for my backpacking trips. Watch as I explain why and take it for a trial run in the Eastern Sierras.