Axe throwing

Lumberjack Championship, St. Stephen, New Brunswick, Part 1

Hosted by Bill Deba. Episode 1 / Section 3 of this competition features the Axe Throw. After a field of over 30 competitors throw in the preliminaries, the finalists are featured in this event.

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Axe Throwing (Hand Axe / Hawk)

A little fun with hand axes. If you've never had the pleasure, let me give you some basics, but I'm no expert either, not yet! :-) I'm working on it, though. I'm not familiar with all the cool hand forged axes out there, but I know that H&B and Beaver Bill make some really nice ones. As mentioned, the Cold Steel is a nice hand axe, as well.
Actually, since making this video, I discovered the Beaver Bill Axes, and they are a bit lighter and easier to throw well for me. They are by far my favorites and HAVE been for several years:
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HOW TO THROW a- Knife / AXE / Tomahawk

In this video we show you the steps on how to throw ANY type of Knife, AXE, or Tomahawk style weapon....and THROW IT WITH POWER!
Follow the instructions in this video, practice, exercise extreme caution, and have FUN!
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Meisha Tate's Impressive Axe-Throwing

Via Meisha Tate's Instagram, be sure to follow her there:

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The Hosts of Rated Red Square Off in an Axe Throwing Competition

Who do you have your money on?
We're taking Alabama Boss. But Amanda Mertz is a dark horse. Here's how it went down.
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Will It Kill You? THROWING Knives & Tomahawks vs. GEL/RIBS [GY6 Ballistic Test #30]

What will a Throwing Knife, Axe, or Tomahawk do to you if thrown at your chest?
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Tomahawk Throwing - Epic Blade Time

tomahawk throwing, as far as i know the biggest collection of tomahawk throwing smashed into one video throwing tomahawks in real life not call of duty junk... Great tomahawk throwing footage Tomahawk throwing, Axe Throwing, Hawk Throwing or what ever you wanna call it :-)

2011 Clarkson Lumberjack Competition Part 1 Section

This section features the Axe Throw competition at the NYSLA event in Clarkson, NY.

How To Throw an Axe: Advanced Lessons & Tips

In this video, our Chief Axe Thrower gives advance lessons on how to throw an axe. For more info, please visit us on
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Ax, Meet Target: Throwing Blades for Sport

In Canada, you don’t need to be a lumberjack to be an ax-thrower. But you do have to be accurate, careful and ready to master a new sport. Matt Wilson, founder and CEO of the Toronto-based Backyard Axe Throwing League (BATL), explains how casual competition among friends became an organized sport that’s gaining popularity in North America and elsewhere. Sharpen your axes for a thrilling new game.

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Urban Axe Throwing on Trans World Sport

Competitive Axe Throwing is the latest craze sweeping the underground sports scene in Great Britain. Conceived in the backyards of Canada, this game originated from lumberjacks slinging axes at wooden planks for fun. Word soon spread and the recreational activity became a tool for bringing communities together. For over 10 years, Axe Throwing has remained a well-kept secret amongst the Canadians, but not anymore.

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Gränsfors axe throwing

Lancer de hache entre frères, à Bazien.

Long Distance Tomahawk Throw 114 Feet

Long Distance Tomahawk Throw 114 feet

Axe Throwing Skills Competition Winter 2017 | BATL


People are awesome trickshots
The Hatchets we used:

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Hatchet Throwing Trick Shots

How to Draw Axe Throwing Targets | Bad Axe Throwing

Bad Axe coach Cody, shows us how to draw axe throwing targets according to WATL (World Axe Throwing League) standards.

WATL Certified stencils are now available online for purchase.
The stencils are made from aluminum which will ensure long term durability and standardized sizes for axe throwing enthusiasts and venues.

You can purchase the stencils on the Bad Axe Throwing website:

The Swedish national axe throwing championship in Kolsva Aug 9th 2014

The Swedish national axe throwing championship in Kolsva August 9th 2014.

Whistle Punks Urban Axe Throwing

Come on down to Whistle Punks and have a go at Urban Axe Throwing.

Practicing axe throwing with the SOG Fasthawk

Axe / tomahawk throwing is a lot of fun for sure, and nice exercise in the woods.

Once you get the distance right it's not too hard to get that satisfying thunk when the axe blade sticks at a good angle.

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Folk Round by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

BATL- Axe Throwing Events Promo

Film by Shaan Sunder
Editing by Meika Henry