Australian football

What is AFL? Aussie Rules Explained

What is AFL?

Australian Football, also known as AFL, Aussie Rules or Footy, is a fast, skilful and tough game played by some of the fittest professional athletes on the planet. And AFL fans are as passionate as any sports fans in the world.

With an American and Canadian competing against each other in the AFL for the first time, here’s a 5 minute AFL lesson for those in North America and all around the world.

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This is Australian Rules Football

Long live AFL.

Edited by Paul Thomas


Battle by Steve Jablonsky
Unstoppable by E.S. Posthumus

2016 AFL Grand Final Highlights

The Swans and Bulldogs clash in Saturday's decider.

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#The10AFL- Top ten tackles of 2014

Relive the ten greatest tackles from the 2014 season. For more video, head to

The Rules of Australian (Aussie Rules) Football - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Australian Rules Football. A beginner's explanation of AFL Aussie Rules Football.
Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Australian Football or Aussie Rules Football is played.
Learn about goals, behinds, speckies, marks, ball-ups, interchanges, tackles and more.

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RIVALS: The Wild World of Aussie Rules Football - VICE World of Sports

The only rule in Aussie Rules football is pain… lots of pain.

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Best & Worst Hits, Bumps & Fights AFL 2017

Best & Worst Hits, Bumps & Fights AFL 2016:

Passion Of Australian Football Fans

The Hyundai A-League is forever growing, as are the fans. This short film highlights the extent of which Australian football has grown, and how the fans of various supporter groups have unified together to show their power and passion for the sport. Teams from Western Sydney Wanderers, Sydney FC, Melbourne Victory, Melbourne City and Adelaide United has some of the most lively fans in the country, as is shown in the video. I hope through this people can realise the progress made in the league, as well as be inspired to forever improve the sport in the stands.

Australian Football League Germany 1. Matchday 2018

Die Rheinland Lions stehen nach dem ersten Spieltag der Australian Football League Germany (AFLG) auf dem ersten Platz. Die Kölner setzten sich sowohl gegen die Dresden Wolves als auch gegen die Gastgeber Württemberg Giants durch - die bei ihrem Debüt aber immerhin einen Sieg einfahren konnten.

Australian Football, auch als Australian Rules Football, Aussie Rules oder einfach „Football“ oder „Footy“ bezeichnet, ist eine Footballvariante, die mit einem ellipsoidförmigen Ball auf einem großen, elliptischen Spielfeld mit vier (Tor-)Pfosten an jedem Ende gespielt wird. Das Ziel des Spiels ist es, durch Schüsse zwischen die Pfosten zu punkten.
Quelle: Wikipedia

Der Spielball und die Tackles erinnern an Rugby und American Football, die Laufintensität sowie der Spielfluss an Fußball und das Spielfeld an Cricket. Australian Rules Football vereint viele vertraute Elemente zu einem einzigartigen und spektakulären Teamsport. Aber was wird hier eigentlich gespielt?
Das Spielprinzip ist simpel: Der Ball wird mit Hilfe von Schüssen, Handpässen oder laufend über das Spielfeld getragen, mit dem Ziel, ihn durch das gegnerische Tor zu schießen, welches mit hohen Pfosten gekennzeichnet ist. Das gegnerische Team versucht natürlich, dies zu verhindern, indem es das Pass-Spiel stört oder ballführende SpielerInnen durch Tackles stoppt.
Ursprünglich zur Überbrückung der Winterpause im Cricket eingesetzt, ist Australian Rules Football – Aussie Rules oder auch einfach Footy – mittlerweile der Nationalsport in Down Under. Vor 15 Jahren wurde der Sport nach Deutschland exportiert, wo er in den Großstädten eine enthusiastische und stetig wachsende Fan- und Spielerbasis aufgebaut hat, einschließlich Ligabetrieb und Nationalmannschaft.
Ein Blick auf die Profis lässt die Vielseitigkeit des Sports erahnen: Egal, ob man eher klein oder groß, schmal oder breit gebaut ist, beim Footy kann jeder seine Stärken ausspielen.
Wer Footy spielt, trainiert Ausdauer, Agilität, Sprungkraft, Ballgefühl, Augen-Hand-Koordination und „mit Köpfchen zu spielen“, selbst, wenn einem die GegnerInnen schon am Trikot hängt.


What's inside an Australian Football?

We EXPLODED an Australian football to see the inside!!!! Footy is an AWESOME sport and this was DANGEROUS!!! Don't know what Footy is? We will explain it a little.

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Australian Football player trying to choke opponent to death

Hawthorn Football player Brian Lake freaked out friday night during the game against an opponent playing for North Melbourne in Australia. Watch as it takes the whole team to drag Brian Lake off opponent Drew Petrie after literally trying to choke him to death.

The Day Australia Became a Football Nation | November 16th 2005

Copa90's Eli Mengem meets some of his biggest heroes in this look at the moment Australia truly embraced the beautiful game, featuring interviews with Fox Sports' Adam Peacock and penalty taking legend John Aloisi amongst other amazing Socceroos. Subscribe to Copa90:

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The Australian Bringing Former NFLers to Aussie Rules

Australian Rules Football brings in thousands of fans for each match, millions in revenue and virtually zero attention from the US. Miro Gladovic is trying to change that by bringing former NCAA and NFL football stars to Australia to play the game. We followed the journey of former New York Giant Ramses Barden as he tried to break through into the AFL and create a new overlap between the two sports.

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Scouting American Giants for Aussie Rules Football

Every year, the Australian Football League comes to the United States to scout college basketball seniors who are at least 6 feet 7 inches tall. In Aussie rules football, it helps to be tall and athletic, so former basketball players have a distinct advantage. The catch? Most American recruits have never heard of this sport from Down Under. Sport ball!


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AMERICAN Football Player reacts to Australian Football

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AFL - Australia v Ireland International Rules Highlights 2015

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AFL Carlton vs Richmond Round 2 2014 (Full Match)

AFL Carlton vs Richmond, Round 2 2014, MCG
Full Game

India vs Australia: AFC Asian Cup 2011 (Full Match)

India 0-4 Australia, full match.
11' T. Cahill
25' H. Kewell
45'+2 B. Holman
65' T. Cahill


Best & Worst Hits, Bumps & Fights AFL 2016

Best Hits, Bumps & Fights AFL season 2016