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Top 10 Fastest Goals In Football ● Official Matches HD

Top 10 Fastest Goals In Football ● Official Matches HD

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American Football Fans vs European Football Fans

Who has the better fans?
Part 2: South American Fans vs European Fans:

Does Ross Barkley need special treatment to succeed? | Roberto Martinez & Thierry Henry |Twitter Q&A

Roberto Martinez and Thierry Henry answer YOUR Twitter questions. What does it take to form a management philosophy? Does Ross Barkley need special treatment to succeed? And what qualities does Thierry Henry possess as an assistant manager?

The Top 20 Most Liked Goals By Football Fans - Part 1

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The Top 20 Most Liked Goals By Football Fans

The Football Association's Founding Fathers

The Football Association has today announced that its search to find living descendants of the eight men that created the sport 150 years ago has been hugely successful, uncovering relatives in places such as Washington DC (USA), Chicago (USA), Auckland (New Zealand), Rossendale (Lancashire, UK) as well as London.

A total of 16 relatives of the Founding Fathers of football will attend a special ceremony at Wembley Stadium on the 21st October where a Blue Plaque will be unveiled that pays tribute to the historical significance of their work in creating a game that is now enjoyed by billions of people around the world. The event is the start of a week of celebrations for The FA's 150th birthday, which will culminate in a Gala Dinner on the anniversary date itself this Saturday (26 October).

Hailing from across England, surprisingly little was known about Ebenezer Cobb Morley, Arthur Pember, Charles William Alcock, Francis Maule Campbell, John Forster Alcock, Herbert Thomas Steward, George Twizell Wawn and James Turner -- the men that gathered to form The FA and draft the original 13 laws of association football.

From that point, football has grown imeasureably and The FA now helps to support seven million people playing the game at grassroots level across the country, right the way through to the elite level.

Following a four month search led by cultural historian Dr. Jane Clayton from the International Football Institute, University of Central Lancashire, and with the help of the general public, living descendants for six of the founding fathers have been identified.

Jane Sleight, the great-great-granddaughter of Arthur Pember, and Tom Steward, a relation of Herbert Thomas Steward, are the two relatives living furthest from where The FA was formed in 1863, hailing from Washington DC, USA, and Auckland, New Zealand, respectively.

In the UK, it was discovered that the family tree of Arthur Pember also crossed with that of another figure of huge historical and cultural significance, Charles Darwin. In 1925, Pember's great-niece married Charles Galton Darwin, the grandson of Charles Darwin and thus the current Darwin dynasty is also related to one of football's Founding Fathers.

A number of George Twizell Wawn's family have been located in Rossendale, Lancashire and Oxford whilst John Forster Alcock and Francis Maule Campbell have descendants living in London, Cambridge, Oxford and Peterborough.

Following the research it has been discovered that the family tree of Ebenezer Cobb Morley ended upon his death in 1924 as neither he, nor his siblings, had any children. The search for information on James Turner and further descendants for the other six Founding Fathers continues with The FA and Dr. Jane Clayton investigating leads across the UK as well as in Japan, Denmark and Canada.

Dr. Jane Clayton from the International Football Institute, University of Central Lancashire, said:
For the search to have been so successful is incredibly pleasing as, from a historical perspective, we now know a lot more about a number of the men that created the most popular sport in the world one hundred and fifty years ago.

The research carried out to date has been extensive but the work continues in the hope of discovering more descendants across the world.

Alex Horne, General Secretaty of The FA, said:
In terms of historical significance, the eight Founding Fathers of football should be placed alongside other great pioneers of this nation. The game has become a focal point of the lives of nearly every household in England since it was formed, so to now understand more about the history of these men is incredibly important.

The FA is delighted that in its 150th year we have been able to identify living descendants and honour their forefathers at what is now the home of English football, Wembley.

Broadcaster Mike Read, Honorary Chairman of The British Plaque Trust, and a lifelong Bury FC fan has been in discussion with The FA about the commemoration for several months. He said:

The Founding Fathers of football helped give the world a sport which down the generations has inspired many billions. We wanted to ensure that the momentous moment was marked in the appropriate manner.

To find out more about the search for living descendants of the Founding Fathers, please visit and if you have any information that can assist, please email

The Founding Fathers of football are:
1. Ebenezer Cobb Morley (1831-1924)
2. Arthur Pember (1835-1886)
3. Charles William Alcock (1842-1907)
4. Francis Maule Campbell (1843-1920)
5. John Forster Alcock (1841-1910)
6. Herbert Thomas Steward (1839-1915)
7. George Twizell Wawn (1840-1914)
8. James Turner (dates unknown)

The Complete History Of Football

In this video I'm talking about the history of football, from the very beginning up to now, using England as the main point of source since most major changes seem to be from there.

It has some facts but is not a super serious video, so please don't take it as such!

Any comments, thoughts or suggestions pop them below and let me know which part of the video you liked or found interesting, if any!

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Premier League Team Of The Season XI!


PFA have done their team of the season. So here's the alternative FD Premier League team of the season!

Valanchery Football Association ( VFA ) Inaguration 2018 Promo

Valanchery Football Association (VFA) Inaguration FIFA MANJERI Vs TOP MOST THALASSER

Klopp urges Liverpool fans not to repeat Man City bus incident against Roma

Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp has released a video message to fans of the club urging them to receive Champions League semi-final opponents Roma as guests and show 'our very best to the world'. The message follows the incident in which the Manchester City bus was damaged before the quarter-final tie at Anfield.
Jürgen Klopp implores Liverpool to ‘show their very best’ for Roma visit

Roma Manager Jokes About Jurgen Klopp Comparisons

Roma boss Eusebio Di Francesco made light of comparisons with Jurgen Klopp; the Liverpool manager who he has a lot of respect for.

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8 vs 3 possession game soccer drill (football) association football futebol 8vs3 rondo

This is a 8v3 rondo possession game in football that's played on a futsal court. The players are allowed two touches on the ball and a goal is scored if the outside 8 players passes a through ball in-between the three defending players.
The indoor soccer court has been brought to Kaela by Urban5occer.
This specific drill is often used by the Spanish National team when they demonstrate tiki-taka. FC Barcelona also use this drill during their warm-ups for competitive matches.
The participants age group ranges from u11 - maximum age U/15s

The Top 20 Most Liked Goals By Football Fans - Part 2

Presented By: Only Football HD
The Top 20 Most Liked Goals By Football Fans


Women's World Football Games | NFL Films Presents

More than 200 athletes from 17 different countries convene for the Women's World Football Games, hosted by USA Football.

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Knockout Tournament | Match 1 | Football Association of Ranga Reddy District |

Knockout Tournament | Football Association of Ranga Reddy District Telangana |

Watch the exciting match between JJ Nagar and R.K Puram which ended in a draw with both the teams scoring 5 goals each final scores 5-5

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TRANSFER NEWS: Shock new Arsenal manager, Stones to leave Man City + Liverpool vs Roma ► Daily News

All the latest transfer news and football rumours with Onefootball Daily News, including Arsene Wenger's replacement at Arsenal, Manchester City and Chelsea transfer rumours, Liverpool and Roma in the Champions League semi final and much more!

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TRANSFER NEWS: Shock new Arsenal manager, Stones to leave Man City + Liverpool vs Roma ► Daily News

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Erreà x KSÍ – the Football Association of Iceland2018 World Cup Official Kit


A land covered in ice with an immense wealth of water and a heart of fire thanks to the huge number of volcanoes and geysers.

All of this can be found harmonized in the new kits which Erreà Sport has designed for KSÍ – the Football Association of Iceland and its first ever history making appearance in the FIFA World Cup. After the amazing adventure which saw them participating in France in the 2016 European Championships, a new strip, original but strongly linked to the identity of this nation, will accompany them to the 2018 World Cup in Russia.


Liverpool players train ahead of their match against Roma - Daily Mail

MARTIN SAMUEL - CHIEF SPORTS WRITER: The problem with Jurgen Klopp is he hasn't got a Plan B. No, scratch that, it's the problem with every manager these days. Pep Guardiola, Antonio Conte, Jose Mourinho, Arsene Wenger. It's as if having spent a rough £200million or more assembling a squad of footballers to execute a specific style of play, they end up married to it. Not having a Plan B is the reason almost every football match is lost, according to social media. It used to be losing the dressing room that was to blame. If a manager was sacked, it could almost be guaranteed that he had lost the dressing room. Indeed, some clubs still cling to this logic. At Leicester, for instance, the dressing room is lost so frequently, it would make sense to stop buying players and invest in coastguards, or those dogs with the brandy that find avalanche victims in Switzerland.

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Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC become largest PlayerTek user in Australia

Australian soccer club Gladesville Hornsby Football Association Spirit FC took their pursuit of innovation and world-class development initiatives to new levels by becoming the largest PlayerTek user in the country.



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Is The Football Association Racist? | Eni Aluko vs Mark Sampson

The Football Association (FA) this week apologised to Eni Aluko for racial abuse towards her by England manager Mark Sampson who has since been fired. Here's my reaction!

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Is the Football Association racist? Do they care about racism?

We've seen a number of cases now involving racism and the victims are often blamed, called liars or put through the ringer by the media - why is this culture so prevalent and why do the FA seem so scared to stand up and take action against racism?

Why did they defend and clear Mark Sampson despite evidence suggesting otherwise? Why did they then sack him for a report they had years ago? Was it an easy excuse? An easy way out?

What is going on at the Football Association? Do Kick It Out actually do anything? Why was Eni Aluko treated so badly and what needs to change?

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