Artistic pool

2015 Ozone Billiards World Artistic Pool Championship - Final Round

Gabi Visoui, Florian Kohler and Andy Segal face off in the final round of the Ozone Billiards WPA World Artistic Pool Championship at Ozone Billiards in Kennesaw, GA.

World Artistic Pool Championship 2017 China

Semi Final Match: : Lukasz Szywala vs Florian Kohler
World Artistic Pool Championship 2017 China

Sebastian Giumelli vs Lukasz Szywala, World Artistic Pool Championship 2017 (FINAL)

Final of the WPA World Artistic Pool Championship 2017 (Xingcheng, China) between Sebastian Giumelli (Argentina) and Lukasz Szywala (Poland).

Artistic pool shots VII

So after a while no videos here it is my 7th video hope you enjoy!

I have a lot of older shots on my green cloth but i keep them for awhile because i want to share this video first!

Trickshot: Artistic Pool Trick Shots Pt 3 WOW

Trickshot: Artistic Pool Trick Shots Pt 3 is a MUST SEE. See more pool trick shots by subscribing to our channel. Venom (Florian Kohler), Eagletrickshots and Jop de Jang show off their skills. It help that Semih Sayginer is a billiards champion :)

World ARTISTIC POOL Championship 2007 (Russian language)

☑️ Artistic Billiards Pool Trick shots 2017 World Championship

World championship artistic billiards pool 2017 in chinese.
Venom Trick shots:

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Mike Massey & Venom, Artistic Billiard (Carom table)

This time a bigger surprise than usual...I just teamed up with one of the greatest trick shot artist on the earth and we did some awesome shots on a carom table. Mike and I actually did some of the hardest stroke shots from the artistic billiard program. We really hope you will enjoy the video!

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artistic pool shots

Finally a new video: Artistic pool shots by Jop de Jong, from Netherlands

Artistic pool shots IX

Artistic Pool 4


trick shots 10 by JMASEM ../Marie, artistic pool, billard

trick shots artistic pool, imagination JMASEM

Artistic Pool - Masse Insanity

Trickshot video of Masse shots by Trickshot warrior. Enjoy!

artistic pool shots 5

my newest and best video!!
artistic pool shot V or 5.
much better!! more mases and high jumps i hope you really enjoy

Artistic Pool Shots 2

Finally the second pool shots are ready! Enjoy

Artistic Pool Trick Shots Amazing!

A small collection of some of the better shots I have filmed in the last couple months... Enjoy!

Artistic pool shots VIII

So here it is: artistic pool shots 8!
I hope you enjoy!

artistic pool trickshots III

a new video i think my best yet.
i hope youre enjoyed!


artistic pool part 1

a guy who is really gd at pool

Amazing Pool Trick Shots - In Small Table (Artistic pool)

Trick Shots in small table by TrueSpirit...