Winter Flyfishing Shaker - Uncut Angling - January 31, 2013

Justin Petracek and Aaron do some river fly fishing in winter, and catch a few different species, including a giant foul-hooked Carp!!!

Angling Times Where to Fish series - Nigel Truman on Polser Brook, Notts

At just 2ft deep and 6ft wide in places, the tiny muddy ditch at the back of the fishery complex hardly merits a second look - except to those in the know.

It's one of the best kept secrets in Nottinghamshire, a prime example of similar streams at the back of commercial carp complexes up and down the country.

Angling Times meets up with Nigel Truman at Polser Brook as he reveals the hidden potential of small waterways.


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Epic Manitoba Smallmouth Bass 1v1 - FTMW vs. Uncut Angling

We put fly fishing against conventional gear tactics in a head-to-head challenge between Aaron and Jon B. ( in the Northern Region of Manitoba. None of us have been on Rocky Lake before so unpacking the water is a larger consideration than the techniques employed. MOST Smallmouth Bass caught wins EVERYTHING.
...For more information on Manitoba fishing opportunities:

...Equipment used:
Jon was using a variety of craws and straight 4 worms on a light shaky head jig. Aaron was using bunny leech streamers and then a Hare's Ear Nymph.
G. Loomis 10 weight Pro4X Rod
G. Loomis Bronzeback 7'7 SMR913SP
Shimano Stradic 3000 Ci4+ Reel
Power Pro 10 pound braid
Alumacraft 185 Competitor Boat
Yamaha F90hp Motor
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"Plan C - Carp, Corn, Clayton" Full Length (TV Show 7) - Uncut Angling - March 25, 2013

Full show 7, as aired on Wild TV the week of March 18, 2013 -
Clayton Schick takes us on a spring Carp tour, with a basic approach to catching the biggest species of fish swimming in most large midwest lakes.

"Casting Super Shallow Lake Trout" Full Length (TV Show 8) - Uncut Angling - April 1, 2013

Full show 8, as aired on Wild TV the week of March 25, 2013 -
Fanatical Lake Trout guide, Tim Matheson, from Kenanow Lodge, unloads expert advice and monster fish on his debut appearance on the show.

Sea angling fishing Dartmouth - Whiting, Turbot & Pollack

A good day fishing in the company of friends on a Private boat out of Dartmouth, Devon, UK

A Passion For Angling - 'Redmire Legends'

From the classic 1993 series with Chris Yates and Bob James, beautifully filmed by Hugh Miles

Burbot Brothers - Uncut Angling - January 17, 2013

We are on peak season, technique, time of day, and guides for an IGFA line class record attempt at Burbot... the Konrad brothers hold claim to multiple of these titles, including the far and away all tackle world record of 25 pounds 2 ounces. We are in good company in this segment....

Sightfishing a big Musky on a Jerkbait - Uncut Angling

Cari goes toe to fin in shallow clear water with her first Musky ever, during an interlude from prefish for the past Bassin' for Bucks tournament in Sioux Narrows, Lake of the Woods.
...Equipment used:
Alumacraft 185 Competitor Boat
Yamaha F90hp Motor
Shimano Calcutta 201D Reel
G.Loomis IMX 915C Rod
Power Pro 50 pound braided line
Squad Minnow 115 Jerkbait
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Giant Tip-up Laker - iTrout (Part 2 of 3) - Uncut Angling - January 3, 2013

Part 2 of 3. Lake Trout action on jigging lures and large dead baits. What this lacks in burbot semen, it makes up for with burbot flavored slobber frothing from the mouth of a huge, gluttonous laker.

A Passion For Angling 3 - Midwinter Madness & Monster Myths

Midwinter Madness.

The true angler's favourite season. Venturing out on a cold winter's day Chris and Bob find that the legend of the River Kennet is not one fish, but two.

Monster Myths.

Inspired by the stories of a record carp that swims in an ancient estate lake, Bob and Chris set out on their ultimate challenge; to capture the monster of the myth.

The complete series as seen on TV now available on DVD
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50+ POUND LAKE TROUT!!!!! - Uncut Angling - June 14, 2012

Uncut Angling's Jay Siemens boats a second 50 pound Lake Trout within 3 days. Epic.

Stinger Sauger - Uncut Angling - April 1, 2015

We spend the day searching for open water around the Red River and Lake Winnipeg to float a boat and catch a fish on the final day of the general fishing season in Manitoba...
...Equipment used:
Alumacraft V16 Boat
Yamaha F25hp Motor
Frabill F4 Cyclone Rainsuit
Shimano Stradic 2500 Reel
G.Loomis WJR 751S Rod
Power Pro 10pound braided line
Humminbird 1199 Fishfinder
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GOT TEETH?? Alligator Gar: Trinity River, Texas - Northwoods Angling

Jakob Hals and Brett Bibeau of Northwoods Angling show you what it is like to chase an Alligator Gar from start to finish. Join them on the Trinity River as they tangle with a prehistoric fish that takes them on a tour of the Texas countryside.

Gear used:
Line: 80lb PowerPro Braid with 120 Steel Leader
Reel: Okuma Avenger ABF 65
Hooks: Eagle Claw Treble Hook
Rods: Tomcat Custom 7'10'' Heavy action rod

View Tomcat Rods on Facebook to check out their custom rod selections. These are the same rod Northwoods used in the show to land this alligator gar.

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We are a few regular guys with regular 8-5 day jobs that stop at nothing to chase big fish anywhere this may take us. This passion occupies our minds constantly and propels us to chase our dreams, usually up and down a river.

Fishing has always been something each of us has been passionate about. So passionate that we find ourselves juggling 50 hour work weeks, families and the sport we love in order to put out great content. Our sole purpose is to catch big fish and have a great time doing it. We will document each step of the way as best we can to capture the beauty of the places we go and the raw emotion tied to catching these big fish!


Main Camera:
B Camera:
Photo Camera:
Photo Camera:
Audio Recorder:
Lavalier Micophones:
Camera Rig:
Camera Rig Phone Mount:
Camera Rig Mini Ball Head:
DJI Extension Arm:
Memory Cards:


My Life In Angling - Steve Ringer's exclusive interview

Steve Ringer is one of the most decorated and well-respected match anglers in recent times.
He's been crowned Fish O' Mania champion, won countless big-money festivals and celebrated both team and individual gold at the 2014 World Feeder Championships in Ireland.
Angling Times caught up with Steve at his home in Northamptonshire to talk about his incredible career.

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Ridiculous Rip Jigging Banana Walleye - Uncut Angling - October 28, 2013

Superstitious anyone? Clayton Schick takes us for some smashing action on fall Saskatchewan Walleyes. We use large jigging spoons and rattle baits to contact big aggressive fish spread through varied depths and water column. We believe the only thing that can hurt your success is a poor attitude - and just being plain bad at fishing, of course!

Equipment used in this segment:
Jackall TN/60 Rattlebait - Purple Chartreuse
PK Flutterfish Spoon - 3/4 oz. - Pearl Chartreuse
Power Pro 10pound Braided Line
G Loomis GL2 852S JWR Rod
Shimano Stradic Ci4 3000 Reel
Frabill Conservation Series #9522 Landing Net
Humminbird 1198c SI Fishfinder
Alumacraft Competitor 185 Boat
Yamaha F90hp Motor

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Trophy Pike — Angling Edge TV

Jeremy Smith and Mike Hehner hunt trophy pike out of Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge and Outposts in Northern Manitoba.



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Soft Bait Magic - Lindner's Angling Edge 2013 S2

Pop jigging flats for shallow walleyes. Plus swimming minnow-shaped soft baits for postspawn smallmouth bass.

Fishing RISKY Backwaters for Catfish (Ft. Northwoods Angling)

I joined the Northwoods Angling crew for some epic backwaters fishing. Our targeted species was channel catfish. We had a hard time getting the catfish to bite, so we did some carp fishing and caught some nice ones. We then anchored up on a current seam and landed a nice 13 lb channel catfish.

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When: October 9, 2017
Where: Mississippi Minnesota Rivers near St. Paul, Minnesota
Time: 2:30pm - 5:30pm
Water Temperature: 57°
Bait: Cut gizzard shad, cut sucker, and live nightcrawlers
Tackle: 7'11 Medium heavy Tomcat rod spooled with 80 lb braided line on a Penn Fathom lw20 carolina carolina rigged with an 80 lb leader and a Shakespeare Ugly Stik rod spooled with 30 lb braided line on an Abu Garcia reel carolina rigged with a 30 lb leader
Method: Anchor fishing


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Niagara Steelhead Trout 101 - Uncut Angling - March 12, 2015

Paul Castellano tackles extremely difficult river conditions with his friend Taro Murata for Rainbow and Brown Trout on the Lower Niagara River bordering Canada and New York. They outline the equipment and technique to successfully target these fish throughout the Winter and Spring. Paul and Taro are both top notch multi-species year-round guides in Southern Ontario.
- Paul Castellano
- Taro Murata Youtube:
- Paul & Taro & crew
...Equipment used:
Alumacraft 185 Competitor LE Boat
Yamaha F90hp Motor
Shimano Symetre 2500
Minn Kota 80# Terrova Trolling Motor
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