Beginner Acro Yoga Class (Free) with Dylan Werner Yoga & Ashley Galvin

This is just a preview AcroYoga class! Get the full AcroYoga video class series by Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin here:

This beginner AcroYoga plan gives you and your partner everything you need to learn AcroYoga. It’s a perfect plan for beginners to not only learn step-by-step instruction from Dylan Werner and Ashley Galvin of the basic Acro poses and transitions, but to take everything the two of you have learned and apply it to a full 4-minute AcroYoga flow.

You can learn more about this beginner AcroYoga plan here:

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acroyoga with chelsey korus and matt giordano

acro yoga with chelsey korus and matt giordano.

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Fantastic AcroYoga Dance - Cute couple / Yoga motivation

Incredible Acro Yoga dance - ACRO YOGA CHALLENGE.
Duo Lotos
#kafatour music Calm Silent Partner by youtube library


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AcroYoga - Beginner/Intermediate sequence

This is my first acroyoga video! We're going through an acroyoga sequence with a mix of beginner and intermediate poses. If you listen closely, you can hear the names of them called out before we do them.

During class at Bay Acro/Bay Jiu Jitsu, San Francisco.

Free Bird
Stag, one knee on foot (no arms)
Folded leaf
Straddle Bat
Floating Paschi
Back Bird
Back Bow
High Flying Whale
Arms out in cross, feet in armpits, pike legs
Knees in toward sacrum, wrap feet over shoulders, hold legs at knee pits (flyer relax)
Low Flying Whale
Base move forearms together, use legs to tip flyer up to sitting.
Flyer stand up.

AcroYoga Solar Asana | the warm up

Begin your acrobatic AcroYoga practice right here! This warmup prepares you for waking the body and preparing for flight. This video is the first part of the 120+ minute AcroYoga Solar Acrobatic Practices educational video set, available for download at, or copy and paste this link:

AYI's best-selling Solar Practices Digital Download, drawn from the DVD version, features 120 minutes of foundational and active AcroYoga practice.

By understanding and practicing the Solar Asana you explore the foundational movements and forms that bridge yoga and acrobatics. The Inversions Pyramids is a step by step method for harnessing your potential in handstands. Spotting techniques emphasize safety and refinement with the support of others. Hosted by AYI founder, Jason Nemer.
This digital download experience includes: Solar Asana Warm Up, Inversions & Spotting, Acrobatics & Spotting, and you'll get these flying transitions: Front Plank to Shoulderstand, Mounts & Dismounts, Intermediate, Flying Progressions, Washing Machines & Advanced Flying Variations.

AcroYoga For Beginners #3 - Basic Inversions Part 1

Inversions are a big part of the AcroYoga training.
In this video you will find 2 reachable versions of inversions for beginners: candle stick and shoulder stand.

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The goofballs are back in full force! This time we decided to take on this whole growing trend of #acroyoga haha! We have watched so many videos and seen so many people make it look so easy and let me just tell you... It's not! After many face plants and awkward butt shots, we hope you all enjoy our version of this crazy sport.

CHALLENGE: IF you all are crazy enough to take on this challenge as well... Please take videos or pictures and tag us in them on Instagram or Twitter! The good, the bad, and the ugly... We want to see them all! ;) Reminder: It's @ShawnJohnson or @AndrewDEast on it all! Can't wait to see!

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Сute couple workout motivation - Amazing acroyoga.

Street workout motivating video. Kiev city hidropark 2014 (Duo Lotos). Motivating couples out in the world to get fit together with each other!!! Атлетичные супруги Анастасия и Вячеслав показали свою совместную тренировку на природе, выполняя элименты AcroYoga , акробатики и силового тренинга. Я случайно встретил ребят на территории Гидропарка и предложил снять их на видео. Получился такой мотивационный ролик, который надеюсь сподвигнет хотя бы одного человека к занятиям спортом.

Контакты ребят: Duo Lotos

Tykhonov Viacheslav & Berzina Anastasiia

music by Xylom Music

Acrogasm! Advanced AcroYoga Tour! with YogaSlackers

Here it is guys - the full 15-16 hours of the Acrogasm content compressed into a 14 minute video! Have fun and play hard! We hope to see you all again sometime soon!
Chelsey, Jason and Lux

AcroYoga - the flow of many weapons - presented by YogaSlackers Jason and Chelsey

It took a large portion of our acro asana arsenal to get through this one. We taught many of the pieces of this nearly 10-minute sequence at the May Advanced Acro Intensive in Tucson. This is the 4th in an ongoing series of workshops designed to challenge and unite serious AcroYogi's from around the country. This video was shot the night after the end of the workshop. For more information or future dates visit or find join the YogaSlackers facebook page or blog!

AcroYoga: 5 Rules for a good base

Being a good base means making your flyer feeling comfy and safe. Watch this video and learn what you need to do in order to be a good base. Watch in HD :)



Videographer: Aviv Zidkiya
Acrobat: Alon Iny
Video editing: Noga Schwartz Cayron
Music: IncontroL - Indian Chief

(ACRO.YOGA.THAI). Lucas & Maria (Barcelona) sequence 5.

Secuencia 5, grabada el 13 de Julio de 2014 en diferentes localizaciones de Barcelona. Al final hemos compartido la secuencia completa sin cortes ni cambios.
Mil gracias a Alan!!!

Para compartir :)
Sequence 5, filmed on July 13th 2014 in different Barcelona locations. At the end we share the full sequence with no cuts or changes.
Special thanks to Alan!!

To be shared :)

#2ABT: AcroYoga Beginner Tutorial - Throne

This is the ultimate AcroYoga tutorial for beginners.
In this video you'll find a super detailed explanation about each foot and hand position and every stage of the pose.

Today we'll learn 4 ways to go into throne position.

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Acro yoga tutorial Ninja Star, Acroyoga learning

Ninja Star, tutorial... Just watch it!

AcroYoga - Barrel Roll Tutorial

Step by step we will move between the 2 acro poses - bird and straddle bat.
In the video you will find 4 levels of barrel roll, from the most basic version to the hardest. I added subtitles to help you with little tips.

Have fun!

AcroYogi - Alon Iny
Photographer: Aviv Zidkiya
Music: AN-2 - Lazy Sun
Editing: Me! :)
Studio: Myoga -


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AcroYoga Solar Asana | en Espanol

Comience su práctica AcroYoga acrobática aquí! Este calentamiento se prepara para despertar el cuerpo y la preparación para el vuelo. Este video es la primera parte de la 120+ minutos AcroYoga Solar juego de video educativo prácticas acrobáticas, disponible para su descarga en, o copiar y pegar este enlace:

más vendido Descargar Prácticas Solar Digital de AYI, elaborado a partir de la versión en DVD, cuenta con 120 minutos de práctica AcroYoga fundamental y activo.

Mediante la comprensión y la práctica de la Asana solar que explora los movimientos y las formas de ese puente yoga y acrobacia fundamentales. Las Inversiones de las pirámides es un método paso a paso para el aprovechamiento de su potencial en el pino. Detectar las técnicas hacen hincapié en la seguridad y el refinamiento con el apoyo de los demás. Alojado por el fundador AYI, Jason Nemer.
Esta experiencia de descarga digital incluye: Asana Calentamiento solar, inversiones y Spotting, Acrobacia y Spotting, y obtendrá estas transiciones que vuelan: Frente a Plank shoulderstand, soportes y desmonta, Intermedio, progresiones Volar, Lavadoras y avanzada Flying variaciones.

Duo Dance Acro - Nici & Wladi - (AcroYoga)

Alternative Link:
Music: Lana Del Rey - Ride
Camera: Wolfgang Resch
Produced by: Wladimir Media

ACRO YOGA in Malibu - Briohny Smyth & Dice Iida-Klein

Video and Music by Tiziano Lugli IG:
Yoga by Briohny Smyth and Dice Iida-Klein
Makeup & hair by Ady Sanchez-macarty - Clothing by Koral Active Wear

You can download the song here:

#5ABT: AcroYoga Beginner Tutorial - Therapeutic Flying

Therapeutic flying is the art of Thai massage in the air.
This video will show you how to give a massage to someone you love in a very unique way.

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