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Pursuit of a Polo Player

Giulia Bartolini - Water Polo Player

POLO by Dhruvpal Godara

One of India's finest Polo players, Dhruvpal started playing Polo at the age of 15. He has represented India in more than 40 International matches, and scored over 5000 goals! He has played 3 World Cups for Team India and gives you a glimpse into the glorious game that he plays!
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The Rules of Polo - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Polo – an ancient game played on horseback between two teams of 4 players each.

Specific to US and International Polo Rules - watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Polo is played, Polo rules and guidelines, and how to play Polo.
Learn about goals, penalty, chukka, chukker, mallet, free hit, penalty goal and more..

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Professional Polo Play with Forward Players

When you get to the ball, you have to decide what to do? Lots of examples to move the Ball with the forward players. Simple and effective play. Easy for all levels. Understand to enjoy. Successful Polo. Let's see examples. Easy polo to play better. You can play better! Learn Polo easily.
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a gorgeous French waterpolo player

more female athlete

Top lady polo players play at Ascot Park! | PONY Magazine

Ascot Park host a tournament each year and the UKs top female players get together and play polo all day!

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Copenhagen Polo Club - The Player

Polo is all about those moments...

Winston Churchill once said: ”No hour of life is wasted, that is spent in the saddle”.

Every minute I’m out there. Every single swing. I feel truly alive.

It’s physical. But also a game of the mind. Such a powerful feeling.

It’s all about those moments…

When everything just falls into place.

That’s when I feel like a polo player.

Polo is not for everyone. I guess that's why the call it The Sport of Kings...

Music by: The Shaking Sensations

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Voice-Over: Oliver Jackson

Manipuri women polo players compete with international counterparts: Manipur News

Imphal (Manipur), Jan 13 (ANI): To motivate women players to take up polo, long considered a men’s sport, the northeastern state is hosting the 13th state level Manipur Women Polo Tournament. Organized by All Manipur Polo Association, the tournament seeks to promote women’s participation in the sport.

TPB 0005 - Alberto ¨Pepe¨Heguy / Jugador y Criador de caballos de Polo / Player and horse breeder

Descubre el mundo del polo argentino a través de sus protagonistas. Entrevistas exclusivas a jugadores, equipos, clubes, medios, criadores, asociaciones, torneos y personajes del ambiente.
Discover the world of Argentine polo through its protagonists. Exclusive interviews with players, teams, clubs , media, breeders , associations , tournaments and friendly characters .

England vs New Zealand Polo Match

Young England vs New Zealand Colts at Ham Polo Club, London for the Toast New Zealand festival 2010.

16 Polo Players Who Made Headline in 2016 |Teaser

Polo, one of the oldest, fastest and dangerous games in the world constitutes the best of talents and brings forth its diversity as one congealed sport. The game of kings as it is fondly called has come a long way. We bring you the 16 best players from the Polo world and their career highlights of 2016.

Highest Ranked Ladies Polo Player Nina Clarkin and Hurlingham Polo 1875

The highest ranked ladies polo player Nina Clarkin joins forces with Hurlingham Polo 1875 as a brand ambassador for the Authentically British, Absolutely International polo clothing brand. Diana Jensen from PoloPeoplePlaces interviews her at the Grand Champions Polo Club in Wellington, Florida.

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Stories of Power and Grace: The Polo Player & The Horse Whisperer -

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What it is Like to Become a Polo Player

Charlotte Skaggs The Polo Lady Interviews new polo player and friend Greg Schretter about his experience as a beginner polo player while not being a millionaire.

IPC Professional Polo highlights, winter 2012

High goal action highlights from the International Polo Club's 2012 season. The season featured a talented field of professional polo players and horses from around the world.

Polo Players included:
Nacho Novillo-Astrada, Miguel Novillo-Astrada, Juan Martin Nero, Adolfo Cambiaso, Javier Novillo-Astrada, Sapo Caset, Sebastian Merlos, Agustin Merlos, Facundo Pieres, Alejandro Novillo-Astrada, Polito Pieres, Pelon Stirling, Alejo Taranco, Hilario Ulloa, Facundo Obregon, Mike Azzaro, Mariano Gonzalez, Lucas Criado, among other gifted players...

Music by We Were Promised Jet Packs - Act on Impulse

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo match

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo match.

Prince Harry playing in a charity polo game whilst on his trip to Brazil.

A Big-Wave Riding, Polo-Playing Hero From Maui - Need We Say More? | EpicTV Fresh Catch

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A beautiful short film by Royal Salute, exploring the exceptional life of polo-player and big-wave surfer, Nakoa Decoite. The film tells the unique story of Nakoa’s journey from the saddle of a polo horse to conquering the world’s most awe-inspiring wave – JAWS.

A Big-Wave Riding, Polo-Playing Hero From Maui - Need We Say More? | EpicTV Fresh Catch
Director: Royal Salute
Producer: Royal Salute
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The Sport of Horse Polo: History and Tips

Women Polo Players

Jeanne and Elisa running for the ball at a Polo benefit in Atlanta.
Great game!