A 7-meter throw in team handball

Best Handball Penalties

The 6 Best Handball Penaltys ever!
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The Rules of Handball (Team Handball or Olympic Handball) - EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Rules of Handball. A beginner's explanation of Olympic Handball.
Watch this short tutorial video guide on how Team Handball in Europe is played.
Learn about goals, seven metre throws, passing, dribbling, passive play, hand ball and more.

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Salming Handball Penalty throw - Thumb screw

A variation of the penalty shot is the so called thumb screw, which accompanied with a flick of the wrist, can be very effective and spectacular.

A dummy move will make the goalkeeper cover the wrong corner, enabling the shooter to place the ball close to his standing leg.

Please note the flick and twist of the wrist and the effect it has on the trajectory of the ball...

Best Of Handball Penalty


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Handball - Handball 2016 - Handball
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Best Of Handball Penalty

Balonmano - Håndbold - Kézilabda - Handbolti - Pакомет - Piłka ręczna - лопта - Handball - Handbolti - Handbol - Handebol

Handball, Handebol, Balonmano, Håndbold, Kézilabda, Handbolti, Pакомет, Piłka ręczna, лопта - Handbolti - Handbol - Handebol

Pallamano Pilkareczna Kezilabda Rukomet Rokomet Rukomet Handbold

Handball Video

Credits by European Handball Federation
Images by European Handball Federation


Hentbol - Handboll

7-Meterwerfen SG FleHa - Barcelona / FINAL4 2014

EHF FINAL4 Halbfinale
FC Barcelona vs SG Flensburg-Handewitt
31. Mai 2014
LANXESS-Arena, Cologne

amazing handball 9m free throw goal

HC Viimsi player Priit Poks amazing free throw goal and goalkeeper error. (23.04.2014)

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How to Throw a Shot Put ft. Reese Hoffa | Olympians' Tips

Team USA's Olympic Bronze Medallist Reese Hoffa teaches the fundamentals of shot put techniques including footwork and grip.

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Salming Handball Penalty throw - Lob

If you are facing an offensive goalkeeper, a lob could be very effective.

As a shooter it is important that you try to get the Goalkeeper to make the first move.

Make a small body feint or go for a really powerful shot to get the Goalkeeper moving.

Once the Goalkeeper has started to move, preferably sideways, it is very difficult for him or her to reach a well balanced lob.

Please note the hand and wrist movement of the shooter...

Shooting 9 Meter

L13, Bukit Kuang Handball Team

Handball tricks - SPIN SHOTS

Handball spin shot is one of the most attractive but also most demanding tricky handball element.

Player gives the spin to the ball before it is dropped. After ball touches the floor, it changes direction.

Spin shots could be accomplished from all positions, but only from 6 meter line, and penalty line. From larger distances, goalkeeper has enough time to react properly.

It is hard to describe how to give initial spin to the ball. You must practice. This kind of shot is more technique than power. Trick is
to fool goalkeeper, pretend you are going to shot directly, and just after he prepares for that kind of shot to drop spin shot.

Spin shots are among the skillful handball shots. Very attractive, and addictive to watch and perform.


2nd handball spin shots video

Watch 3 types of wingman shots, explained

Handball freestyle
15 top handball plays, goals, saves and amazing moves

Handball feints 2

5 AMAZING Handball goals

Handball feints1

How to attack 3-2-1 defense

handball penalty goal but

handball penalty goal but

Maris Versakovs 360 degrees 7-meter handball penalty shot

Latvian handball player Maris Versakovs, playing for SV Beckdorf in German 3. league, scores 360 degrees 7-meter handball penalty shot.

Rutins amazing 7 meter penalty shot


Latvian handball player Lauris Rutins scored beautiful 7 meter penalty shot for Celtnieks Riga in Latvian handball championship game against HK Ogre/Miandum goalkeeper Lauris Rutins.

HK Ogre/Miandum - Celtnieks Riga 22:28

Video: Best4Sport TV

Double 7 meter handball penalty save

Latvian handball goalkeeper Raitis Purins (Celtnieks/LSPA) saves double 7 meter penalty from SKA Minsk.

Handball Throw 'Biomechanical Analysis High Speed Video

Great handball or great throw? - AFL

Looked like a brilliant handball from Sam Gray, until we saw the replay. For more video, head to

Handball 7-Meter

Handball 7 Meter mit teuschungsmannöver

Handball Long Shot\Throw Saves

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handball referee decision wmv

Decision for landing in the goal area

Handball: Penalty Saves Compilation

Handball: B-Juniors Goalkeeper David Herz saves 45% from the 7m-throws (in A-Juniors Bezirksliga)