V-CUBE 7x7x7: 4:39.96

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I hope someone may be interested in Speedcubing :)

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Yu Nakajima (Japanese)
World Champion of Speedsolving the Rubik's Cube in 2007

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Member of online puzzle shop tribox

7x7x7 cube solve 3:03.36

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea


Rutina tono muscular 7x7x7

Haremos esta rutina AMRAP para marcarte con el estilo 7 x 7 x 7 #keijismo:

7 ejercicios
7 ó 14 repeticiones de cada uno
durante 7 minutos.

Un round dura 7 minutos y debes lograr hacer el circuito de 7 ejercicios la mayor cantidad de veces que peudas en ese tiempo.
Al terminar el minuto 7 ¡descansas 1 ó 2 minutos!
Empiezas con el ejercicio en el que terminaste el round anterior.

La meta es hacer entre 2 y 3 rounds, 5 días por semana.

Bottom burpee 7
Bicicletas 14 cada lado
Lagartija con avance lateral 14
Squat jacks 14
Lagartija enfoque un brazo 7 cada lado 
Gusanos inchworm walk 7
Desplantes 7 cada pierna
Cada round 7min descansar 2min
Repetir 3 veces.

7x7x7 Bld fail 38:01 [26:28]

Cube: WU JI

Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge

QiYi Mofangge :

6 Year Old Solves 7x7x7 Cube 9:51.60

seoul korea

7 years old solves 7x7x7 cube in 8:16.31 seconds

seoul korea

Feliks Zemdegs - 7x7x7 Single - 2:14.09 (Former WR)

London Open - 9th July 2017

Sorry but I missed the first 30% of the solve.

The video starts just as he's finishing his centres.

6 Year Old Solves 7x7x7 Cube 11:24.xx 1/2

5 days to learn.
seoul korea

7x7x7 cube solve 2:46.54

Cube : Wu Ji

QiYi MoFangGe




7x7x7 Former World Record: 2:34.64 single.

Getting another world record after 4 years from the last one.
Part of ER mean as well.
Cube - White ShengShou Mini with my stickers.
Done at Kraśnik Speed Days 2015.

7 years old solves 7x7x7 cube in 8:45.51

seoul korea

7x7x7 Solved in 4:24

Solving a 7x7x7 in 4:24.781 on IsoCubeSim (v1.3). 540 moves at 2.04 moves/sec, with the reduction method.

My best time is 4:23.77.

You can find this program (IsoCubeSim) at .

One Handed Relay 2x2x2-7x7x7

One Handed Relay 2x2x2-7x7x7

Not Fast?
Who cares?
at least I'm the first :)

you have try it before? at least i'm first on video ^^

7x7x7 Kettlebell Workout

7x7x7 2:39.72

first solve of round 1

mo3: 2:39.70

2:39.72 2:40.17 2:39.22

Cube: Magnetic wuji

Feliks: nice!

7x7x7 WR by Michael Gottlieb, 4:16.47

7x7x7 WR by Michael Gottlieb, 4:16.47

【2017春おすすめの6x6x6, 7x7x7】triboxビデオレビュー

6x6x6: MoYu WeiShi GTS
7x7x7: QiYi WuJi

7x7x7 Blindfolded in 1:22:38.50 (with Pop)

Pop is at 4:44

Memorization time: 46:20
Total time: 1:22:38.50

7th Attempt. I finally got it!

Centers: U2
Wings: r2
Midges: M2
Corners: OP

Order of memorization (same as execution):
1) Left obliques
2) Right obliques
3) inner x-centers
4) inner +-centers
5) outer x-centers
6) outer +centers
7) inner wings
8) outer wings
9) midges
10) corners


2U 2D2 2L D2 2L 3B' 3F 2U' 2F' 2D' 2F2 3D 2L 2U' 2L2 2D 2F2 3F' D2 3L F' B' 2R2 R' F 2B 2F2 3D B' 3B' L 2D 3L 2D 3L2 2F2 F D2 B' 2D' 2L F' 2F' 2D 3D' L' R U2 3B' 2F2 D2 2F' U 3D 2R' 3U' 2D' B2 2L' 2F' 2B' 3R L 3F2 3L' 2U2 2F 3L2 2L 3F' U L' R2 2F 2L2 3L' F' D 3L' U 2R' 3D' 3F 2L 3R U 2U2 3R' 2D2 2F2 3F U 2U' 2D D2 3L2 3R 2U L 2F'

7x7x7 HEART!!

i enjoy and made a heart from 7x7x7 to ur friends or family!! :)

shane rowland
famous deaf rubiks