4x4x4 BLD

4x4x4 BLD 5:07.68

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea

4x4x4 bld 3:25.33

Yu da hyun

Cube: Wuque

Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge

QiYi Mofangge :

4x4x4 bld 3:14.43 [1:53]

Cube :

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QiYi MoFangGe




4x4x4 bld 5:59.62

Korean Championship 2017

Cube: Wuque

Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge

QiYi Mofangge :

Speedcubing: 4x4x4 BLD in 24:32.12 Minutes [Single]

Memorization: 13:00 minutes
Execution: 11:32 minutes (starts at 2:13)

Hell yeah! I did it!

My first attempt was a DNF because of 3 switched edges. This solve was my second attempt and it was already a success!

Memorization-method: Centers and edges with letter-pairs, corners with visual memo.
Execution-method: At first, I solve the centers with the U2-method. After that, I solve the corners with Old Pochmann and at the end, I solve the edges with the r2-method.

Scramble: U' L' R Uw2 L U2 B2 Uw2 U Rw2 B' Uw' Fw F2 Rw2 R B Fw2 U' B F' Rw D2 U' B' L Rw R' Fw2 F' L R B2 Fw Rw2 R' Fw2 F2 Uw' B2

Maskow: 4x4x4 BLD, 2:50.01

2:50.01 L2 U2 B2 R Uw U B Fw2 F' D Uw U R' Uw L B2 F2 L' D Uw' B F U' R D' F2 U' Rw B' Fw2 F2 U L' R' F' D2 B L Fw' F2

Look at this scramble, pure luck of course because you can easily see tham I am still very slow xD

It wat also a part of avg5 3:44.54
[DNF, 2:50.01, 3:43.84, 3:54.53, 3:35.25]

Rubik's 4x4x4 Blindfolded - part 1

YAY! Finally got it!
After about 8 tries.
Scramble: U L2 r' R f2 L2 r' D2 u' R2 U2 F L' D2 R u B2 L2 F2 U2 B2 L' r' R' D L2 r R2 D2 f2 u' B2 R f L B' f2 F2 u2 r (from speedsolving.com week competition)

This first part includes memorisation(sped up) and half of solving
The rest is on part 2

4x4x4 BLD

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea

4x4x4 bld 3:35.38

Female Unofficial World Record (Yu da hyun)

Cube: Wuque

Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge

4x4x4 BLD 24:10.00

I succeeded in 444bld completion for the first time. Memorization took about 15:00 minutes.

How to Solve a 4x4x4 Blindfolded (4BLD) Using U2/r2/OP - Part 1: Introduction

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:

Noah's M2/OP Tutorial:

Official 4x4x4 BLD: 15:35

My 26th official attempt:
(I have 27 attempts in the records, but #2 and #3 were actually DNS.)

Didn't place, though. :-(

1 Year Delayed 4x4x4 Blindfolded Solve (02-01-2016)

R u' D' B u' U r D2 f' D' L B2 f' u2 B' R r B' R2 u' f r F L2 f2 D u' F' f2 u r D F2 U' L2 f R D' U' R2

A very half-arsed attempt with music, apologies.

[Oliver Frost] 4x4x4 Blindfolded (Former) World Record 2:02.75

Done at Irish Championships 2015

4x4x4 BLD - 9:20.09 NR

2012 Taiwan Summer Open

4x4x4 Blindfolded 8:02.19

The solve starts at 3:55. This was my pb for 4x4x4BLD. My pb now is 3:2x. My world record solve of 3:26 is on my channel


What cube do you use? It's the 4x4x4 speedcube from

What method do you use? I use commutators for centres, r2 for edges, and 3OP for corners.

What memo system do you use? I assign letters to the pieces, and then make stories out of the letters (first letter of each word in the story). Then I imagine the stories happening around various (pre-decided) rooms. So when I'm solving, I think of the room that I need, then I can easily recall the story, and then I know what pieces need to go where. Sorry if that was confusing.

Why do you sometimes look to the side? Read above description of my memo system. I look to the side because some of my sotries take place in the room I'm in, so it helps to look to the place where the story is taking place.

Why do you tap pieces sometimes? That's me decoding my stories back into pieces. Tapping the pieces helps me to make me more aware of where the piece exactly is.

Why are you wearing earmuffs? They are just ear defenders (the sort of thing ballistics testers might use) so that any outside noise is cut out.

What's the World Record? It is currently 4:42.34 by Ville Seppänen from Finland

What is your World Ranking? My official 4x4x4bld time is 18:51 which puts me 35th. The solve on video would put me 6th if I did it in an official competition

4x4x4 BLD 6:36.06

Yu Da Hyun
Seoul Korea

[Oliver Frost] 4x4x4 Blindfolded (Former) World Record 2:10.47

Done at Edinburgh Spring 2015

Beaucoup de thanks to James and Chudge :)

Rubik's 4x4x4 blindfolded - 9:39.41

Yay! A success after a long time
My personal best. Done using my eastsheen which arrived today.

4x4x4 BLD: 8:41 DNF

Off by 2 edges: about as disappointing as my attempts in comp yesterday.
Scramble #2 in this week's BCC4: