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Maskow: 3x3x3 Blindfolded, Former World Record 21.17

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PLS Szczecin 2014, 29-30 XI
Final round: 32.32, 21.17, 29.04 = WR average 27.51
Cube: Moyu weilong
Mask: Gnar XD

Gan Air Stickerless 3x3x3 -Edurubiks

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Let's race 3x3x3 Rubik's cube (5 cubes) - Jadon Quah Song Yee

Scramble 1
Up: White , Front: Blue
F2 D B' U' R2 , L2 F' F B R
L' D' F' B' L' , D' R D L2 U
R U' F' U' L

Scramble 2
Up: Blue , Front: Orange
R2 B U F' R , F' R L' D2 L2
F R2 B' U R , F' R U F D
B' L D1 R2 L'

Scramble 3
Up: Yellow , Front: Orange
F L B' F R2 , D' R2 F2 B2 L
R U' R' D R , D2 L' R2 B R'
B2 R L' U2 L

Scramble 4
Up: Orange , Front: Yellow
D2 R' U2 B' D2 , R' D2 U B L2
U' D2 L' F2 B , D2 U2 R2 F' D2
F R2 F D2 R'

Scramble 5
Up: Yellow , Front: Orange
U2 D2 L2 R' B' , R' U F R2 L'
U L R D2 R2 , L B' L R2 U'
F2 R' U2 F' U2

Unboxing 3x3x3 mirror cube and 3x3x3 carbon fiber sticker cube

Mirror cube is easy to solve I have solved it at least 10 times and they are both awesome cubes.

3x3x3 Fighting Techniques Series: Striking Self Defense

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The first episode of the 3x3x3 Fighting Techniques for Self Defense / Hand to Hand Combat explores how to defend against punches and punch combination attacks.

The 3 Punch Defense Fighting Techniques in this episode are:

The Fence: the fence is your distance creating, self defense bubble protection and your fighting stance to defend against punches, grabs, etc.

Framing: TRITAC Frames are a fighting technique to defend and attack against punches, grabs, kicks, knees, etc. Frames allow you to Smash and Enter against your opponents attack. They create opportunities for counter punching, are perfect for setting up self-defense throws and takedowns.

Head Movement: Boxers use head movement like slips and weaves to defend against punches such as jabs, crosses, hooks, etc. Head movement is an important skill-set for self defense. When you are surprised and your hands are down, you need to be able to avoid those punches and attacks.

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How to Solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube: Easiest Tutorial (High Quality)

How To Solve Rubik's Cube In 3 Seconds by Toddler
How to Solve a 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube: Easiest Tutorial (High Quality)

Easiest way and very simple technique's to solve any scrambled Rubik's Cube! And it's easy to remember!

No Algorithms to remember!!!

Simple tips and tricks. There is no special 'trick' or lazy guys method for solving a Rubik's Cube.

Baby Rithvika found a very easy way of solving the 3x3 Rubik's Cube and I hope you are able to follow along and solve the cube yourself!

It is just for fun, please don't mind :)

With Love
You Babies

DaYan 3x3x3 XiangYun Review En Español -Edurubiks

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3X3X3 cube single 7.16

Korean Championship 2017

cube : valk 3

Sponsored by QiYi Mofangge
QiYi Mofangge :

EPIC 3x3x3 CUBE FINALS | Bogor Open 2018

Final round of 3x3x3 Cube @ Bogor Open 2018
13-14 January 2018
Bogor Trade World Mall, Bogor

Thanks to :


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Enjoy Cubing :)

Maskow: 3x3x3 Blindfolded 17.08, UWR

First BLD solve of the day, lel, Merry Christmas! ^ _ ^

D' U L' R2 D' R F D' L' R D B' F2 D2 U' B F2 L2 R' D U L2 R B

x' U' R U' L2 U R' U' L2 U2 x
z L U2 L D L' U2 L D' L2 z'

x U' M2 U' M U2 M' U' M2 U x'
y' L U M' U2 M U L' y
x' D' M' U' M D M' U M x
U' M U' M' U2 M U' M' U
M U' M' U' M U' M' U'

Moves: 76
Solve time ~10.40
TPS ~7.31
also 0.96 RPS [regrips per second XD]

Solving a 3x3x3 Mirror Cube Silver

That's me solving a 3x3x3 Mirror Cube Silver. I just got this cube as a Christmas present from my friends and thought I could make a video...
The Mirror Cube has to be solved as any other 3x3x3 cube.
Sorry for the bad video!
Hope you enjoy!

LED-Cube 4x4x4 + 3x3x3 Atmel ATmega 16/8

Hey Leute,
hier mal ein kleines Schulprojekt nebenbei, welches ich mit einem Kumpel entwickelt habe.
Ihr seht einen 4x4x4 LED Cube mit einem ATmega 16 von Atmel.
Programmierung ist natürlich aus eigenen Händen enstanden, sowie Schaltplan etc!
Daneben ist ein 3x3x3 wo wir erstmal die Funktion getestet haben.
Dazu kam noch ein LCD Display + einen Encoder damit man auf dem Display eine Art Menü hat.

Cebu Masters 2018 Final Round 3x3x3

(Camera phone view. GoPro angle to follow)

Average: 7.15 (NR)
Times:8.85, 7.99, 5.89, 6.71, 6.75
Cube: GAN 354 M

Thank you to my sponsors:
Gan Cube
Merzci - Best Bacolod Pasalubong

Cubo Led 3x3x3 PIC16F84A

Cubo led 3x3x3 con micro controlador PIC16F84A, programado en assembler con IC-Prog.
El cubo esta realizado con diodos led rojos difusos de 5mm, El cubo se realizó uniendo los catodos (-) de los led de un piso para asi formar tres pisos; los anodos (+) se unen formando las columnas del cubo, asi tenemos entonces nueve (9) columnas y tres pisos.
Estas columnas se encuentran numeradas desde el 1 al 9 y los pisos del superior (1), medio (2) inferior (3).
Las columnas del 1 al 8 estan controladas por la puerta B del microcontrolador y la columna faltante, la nueve (9) esta controlada por el bit 0 (cero) de la puerta A del microcontrolador.
Los piso estan controlados por los bit 1, bit 2 y bit 3 de la puerta A.
El video se realizó usando una camara panasonic FZ40 en modo manual, quizas piensen que esta un poco oscuro, en realidad es la idea, para poder apreciar mejor el brillo y las secuencias de los leds.
Se programaron 24 secuencia de movimientos y se combinaron 3 al final, para hacer un total de 27 secuencias de movimientos

Del PIC16F84A se usaron 981 instrucciones de programa; quedando solo disponibles 43 de las 1024 en total que tiene el pic.

Algun dato adicional, requerimiento, critica y/o aporte pueden gustosamente hacermelo llegar a traves de un comentario:

Gracias por ver mi video...

BoinxTV Test: 3x3x3 BLD

Only one attempt, so it was slow, and technically +2. My head's also resting on the zoom bubble. :-P

Using a timer overlay, and zoom on the cube. The effects were rendered in real-time.
Made using

Test Rubik's Cube Dayan 3x3x3 par Rayan

Résoudre le fameux Rubik's Cube Dayan 3x3x3,,,,
A vous de jouer....


Cornelius Dieckmann 3x3x3 7.96 Single NR

Cornelius Dieckmann (2009DIEC01) solving the 3x3x3 Rubik's Cube in 7.96 seconds in the final round of Dutch Open 2010 (Dutch Cube Day). This was, at the time, the national record for Germany.

PLL skip saves the day :-)

Scramble (white/green): D2 L B2 U2 R' U2 R D2 L U' L D L' B' U2 L R2 U2 B2

Solution (CFOP method):
Cross: y2 U' L' R U' x' F R2 x' D'
1st pair: y' U' R U' R' R' U' R
2nd pair: d R' U' R U2 R' U R
3rd pair: U R U R' y' R U R'
4th pair: U2 R' U' R
OLL: R' U' R U' R' U2 R F R U R' U' F'
PLL: skipped
(thanks to Jonathan Leistner for reconstructing this)

JRCO 2010 3x3x3 One Handed 26.72sec

sucky A-perm ,so bad=(

8 year old speed cubing: 1 minute 3x3x3?

Michael is getting really fast with the beginner's method. His 10 solve averages are down to the 1:20 range.

Review En Español CycloneBoys 3x3x3 Magnetic FeiJue-Edurubiks

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